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Girl Meets World / March 26th, 2015

Clip from Girl Meets First Date

In this exclusive clip from Girl Meets First Date, Cory is freaking out about Riley possibly going on her first date. Farkle calls Cory out on being scared that Lucas will ask Riley out on her first date. He tells Cory that he will give him 4 oxen and his best milking cow if Cory agrees to let him take Riley out instead of Lucas. Cory actually thinks about it for a second and Riley says “Are you actually thinking about this?” and Cory says it’s a good deal. Riley says that she will decide who she goes out on her first date with when the time comes that someone asks her. Lucas raises his hand and the look on Maya’s face is priceless.

Girl Meets First Date premieres tomorrow, Friday, March 27th at 8:30PM on the Disney Channel.

Check out the video over at TVLine by going here: http://tvline.com/2015/03/26/girl-meets-world-season-finale-video-riley-lucas-first-date

Girl Meets World / March 26th, 2015

Rider Strong first look at directing


EOnline.com shared an exclusive first look at Rider directing the season finale. Rider expressed how he relates to Rowan and Sabrina since he acted at their age on Boy Meets World.


“I sort of know exactly what it’s like to be a 13-year-old acting on a TV show for the Disney Channel because I did it for seven years,” he says with a laugh. “So the kids and I really connected.”

There was also a short clip of Ben talking about how he loved having Rider direct them. Rider said that it’s a dream to direct Ben and Danielle because they know each other so well and are great actors.

Source: EOnline.com

Girl Meets World / March 25th, 2015


We received an email from ATX Festival that showrunner Michael Jacobs (Creator of Boy Meets World and Girls Meets World) is attending this year’s ATX Festival with cast members Ben, Rowan and Sabrina. The event is at Austin, Texas. We’re not sure when they will be there but once we find out, we’ll let you know (all we know right now is that the event is from June 4-7 so it’s between there. Once we get a confirmed day/date/time, we’ll let you know). 

Also, if you would like to subscribe their mailing list, you can do so by going here.

Quoted from the email:

The panel “Boy Meets Girl Meets World,” will feature a wide-ranging discussion, which will delve into many facets of tween series, including the differences and challenges of creating a teen-focused show in the 1990s vs. 2010s.

Here is the image from our email:

Boy Meets Girl Meets World ATX Festival

Mar / March 14th, 2015



Sabrina shared a behind-the-scenes video of “We’ll Be The Stars” on Twitter. You can check it out below.

Source: Sabrina’s Twitter 

Girl Meets World / March 13th, 2015


Popstar  posted this picture of Rowan and Sabrina on their Instagram today.

Source: Popstar! Instagram’s account


Girl Meets World / March 7th, 2015

Girls Life Magazine Sabrina Carpenter


Sabrina shared another exclusive photo from Girl’s Life Magazine today on her Twitter account which you’ll see in April/May Girl Life’s music issue (you can see her other respective exclusive photo in our previous post here).

She’s also having a Q & A today on Twitter at 3PM EST.  Tweet your questions to Girl’s Life Magazine Twitter account here for Sabrina’s Q & A: https://twitter.com/girlslifemag/status/574254105192964097. Make sure you use the hashtag #GLsabrina for your questions and you can also win a signed copy!

Source: Sabrina’s Twitter account

Girl Meets World / March 7th, 2015


Sabrina shared a small behind-the-scenes-video from the “We’ll Be The Stars” shoot. It was made by her friend, Fallon Smythe. You can follow their Twitter account here: https://twitter.com/FallonSmythe

Check it out below!

Girl Meets World / March 6th, 2015

Girls' Life Magazine

Sabrina shared a photo on Instagram of her from when she did a photo shoot with Girls Life Mag! She also mentioned that she will be doing a Q & A on Twitter tomorrow at 3PM Eastern. You can join in on the Q & A by using the hashtag #GLsabrina.  There is also a chance that you possibly win a signed a copy of the magazine!

 Source: Sabrina’s Instagram

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