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Girl Meets World / June 9th, 2015


According to ET Online, Sabrina and many other Disney stars will be performing at D23 Expo Friday August 14 – Sunday August 16 in Anaheim Convention Center in Ahaheim, California.  The line up includes Sabrina, Olivia Holt, Dove Cameron, Bea Miller, Sofia Carson and several other stars. There will also be a dance party with the cast of Teen Beach 2! Check out D23.com for  Expo tickets and more by going here: D23.com

More information on the line up check out the article on  ETOnline.com


Girl Meets World / June 9th, 2015


Sabrina was interviewed at Fox & Friends today. She talked about Girl Meets World, singing, her Sweet 16 and more.

A huge congratulations to Sabrina for her album “Eyes Wide Open” ranking on top of the charts and selling 12,000 album copies in the first week since it debuted!

Sabrina said they’ll be addressing topics such as autism, religion and belief.

Source: FoxNews.com  and  Source: FoxNews.com

Mar / June 8th, 2015


Sabrina is going to be doing a Q & A with Vevo as well as doing a livestream with AOLBUILD.com. The livestream starts at 4PM ET and you can submit your questions for her right now on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/sabrinaannlynn

We aren’t sure when the Q & A starts.

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Girl Meets World / June 7th, 2015


Picture Credit: PlanetHollywood on Twitter

As we previously posted, Sabrina is going to be in New York City at Planet Hollywood today! She’ll be performing, doing meet and greets, and signing autographs at Planet Hollywood in Times Square.

Source: @PlanetHollywood and @popstarmagazine

Girl Meets World / June 5th, 2015

CGwl0nWUgAEsuTd.jpg large

Picture Credit: @Naangel55 on Twitter

We have gathered a bunch of tweets from people who were live tweeting during the Boy Meets Girl Meets World panel at the ATX Festival. You can read them all below! There are some good Girl Meets World scoops.

Source: @TalkNerdyWithUs @GirlCalledRach @hollz_says @MeBeDiabetical @christinelemchi @late_reviews @Naangel55, @Thejasminealyce, @Emilylongeretta , @Hijean and @Daniellenuss

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Girl Meets World / June 5th, 2015

Michael Jacobs, Rowan and Sabrina ATX Festival

Yesterday, ATX Festival shared a photo of Michael Jacobs, Sabrina and Rowan on the red carpet for the ATX Festival. The three of them and Ben will be doing a panel later on today for the festival. Below is a description of the panel of what they’ll be doing. We’ll bring you updates and coverage as they come in!

A look at tween series from 1990s (before we were using the word “tween”) to the 2010’s, how Michael Jacobs sees the genre changing, looking at a male best friends vs. female best friends, and the landscape of TV in general.

Panelists: Michael Jacobs (Writer/Creator), Cast: Ben Savage, Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter

Moderator: Robyn Ross

Source: ATXFestival.com and ATXFestival’s Facebook account

Girl Meets World / June 4th, 2015

CGrhQe5UYAACeZ-.jpg large

Michael Jacobs, Ben, Rowan and Sabrina are doing a panel at the ATX Festival tomorrow. Niki Kazakos who’s the Head of publicity for Access Hollywood and Access Hollywood live tweeted the above picture of Rowan and Sabrina on the plane.

Source: @darlingnikik on Twitter

Mar / June 4th, 2015

Sabrina's new album Eyes Wide Open

Sabrina just shared on Twitter that her video for Eyes Wide Open will be premiering on the Disney Channel later this month on June 14th!

Source: Sabrina’s Twitter 

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