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Mar / October 19th, 2016

rowanPhoto Credit: Disney’s Youtube

Rowan, Sabrina. Auggie, and Ocean have joined in on the #ChooseKindness campaign that supports National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. Wear Orange or Purple to support along with them and always choose kindness! We love that they are doing this.

Source: Auggie’s Twitter, Sabrina’s Twitter, and Disney’s Youtube

Mar / October 14th, 2016


Dear Rowan,

First of all HAPPY BIRTHdAY! I can’t believe you are 15. I feel like you’ve grown before my eyes. I’m so beyond proud of you for all that you have accomplished in your young life. You have evolved into such a wonderful, inspiring, young girl that this generation can idolize and look up to you. You’re character on Girl Meets World is inspiring to young girls as well and I’m glad that young teens have Riley whom they can relate to and you’re so lucky to be the one portraying and playing that character. This world needs more people like you in it. I admire your strength and who you are as a person. I honestly couldn’t be more proud. I love you, babe! It’s been a pleasure to meet you both times I’ve come to set.  Happy Birthday again and I hope you enjoy all these messages for your birthday.


Happy Birthday!!!! miss Sarah & Rowan!!!!…hope both of you have a
fantastic day and enjoy the love from one of your biggest
fans 💞💟💞💟💞💟💞 – Lyythos


We just wanted to say Happy Birthday to you. I grew
up on Boy Meets World and still watch it. Got my kids hooked on it. Just
wanna say you girls are amazing and having continued the legacy
beautifully. We love Girl Meets World and your quirky personalities.
Whenever a new episode comes on we watch it together. Always! Have a
fantastic birthday and to many more!

Jason, Jacob and Katy Wallace

Happy birthday Rowan
You are a incredible person and already changing the world.Thank you for being who
you are.
From Belgium.
Jada kennedy ❤

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Mar / October 13th, 2016


The New York times featured Rowan in an article and today she shared a picture of that article that is in their news paper. We made a post yesterday on the wonderful article they wrote about her so if anyone is curious about you can go here: http://bmwsequel.com/2016/10/12/ny-times-wrote-a-wonderful-article-about-rowan/

Below is a picture that Rowan shared from the newspaper. We are so beyond proud of this girl for all she’s accomplishing. She is such an amazing role model.

Source and Photo Credit: Rowan’s Instagram


A photo posted by Rowan Blanchard (@rowanblanchard) on

Mar / October 12th, 2016

14134609_334955436845717_517467506_nPhoto Credit: Rowan’s Instagram

NY Times wrote a wonderful article on Rowan about all the amazing things she has been doing as of late. She’s had a movie “Realest Real”, attended NY Fashion Week where she did a presentation during the opening ceremony, how she went to a Beyonce concert, and more. You can read this awesome amazing article about Rowan by going here:


Mar / October 11th, 2016


Today is “International Day of the Girl” which is a movement that fights for gender justice and youth rights. Rowan attended an event for this in Washington D.C where she as well as many other inspirational woman attended. She got to meet First Lady Michelle Obama. We couldn’t be more proud of you Rowan! You are such an incredible role model as well as the woman/girls you are working with.  We have included some of the pictures that Rowan took while there in D.C as well as included the video of Michelle Obama speaking at the event. In the video you see Rowan among those in the audience. For more information on Day of The Girl go here: http://www.dayofthegirl.org/about

Source and Photo Credit: Rowan’s Facebook , Maybelline’s Twitter and Glamour’s Facebook 

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Mar / October 1st, 2016

sarah-rowanPhoto Credit: Sarah and Rowan’s Instagram

Hello everyone,

Sarah Carpenter and Rowan Blanchard both have birthdays coming up in October. Sarah’s is on October 10th and Rowan’s is 4 days after on the 14th. We are taking messages for both girls. If you would like to wish them a Happy Birthday and then a little message feel free to email us at: birthdays@bmwsequel.com  MAKE SURE YOU PUT “ROWAN” OR “SARAH” in the subject so that we know who the messages are for.


Mar / September 13th, 2016

13687139_1084841171596192_820836319_nPhoto Credit: Rowan’s Instagram

Rowans new movie is now up online for anyone who wants to watch it! I’m going to check out it soon. You can watch it below:

Source: https://www.kenzo.com/en/m-thereal.html

Mar / September 10th, 2016


Photo Credit: Rowan’s Instagram

In case you haven’t seen it yet Rowan’s trailer is out for the Fall/Winter move that she starred in called “The Realest Real”. The movie is directed by Carrie Brownstein!

Source: Kenzo FB Page

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