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Girl Meets World / March 11th, 2015

Dannon Danimals Squeezeface TV Commerical

Rowan is looking all grown up in her new commercial for Dannon’s yogurt. She’s in the commercial with Jake Short from “Mighty Med”. They did a great job on it!

Check out the commercial below:


SOURCE: DannonsDanimals’s YouTube account via Dis411.net

Girl Meets World / March 10th, 2015



Rowan tweeted yesterday that for every 15 minutes spent without using your phone, UNICEF will provide clean water for children in need.  There are three ways that you can help provide clean water for the children. You can use the application, volunteer, or donate to UNICEF. If you would like to take part in this and help these children, you can do so by going here: http://tap.unicefusa.org. Once you get on the website, at the top, it will say “How you can help”. Click on that and will give you the three options. You can choose from any of the three options which will count as a donation.

Source: Rowan’s Tweet and tap.unicef.org



Mar / March 7th, 2015


Rowan uploaded a video onto her Instagram and in it, she thanks all of her fans for getting involved in the #HeForSheMovement. If you would like to get involved in this movement to help raise awareness to gender equality, you can do so by going to  HeForShe.org.

Source: Rowan’s Instagram.

Here is the video:

Mar / March 7th, 2015


Rowan has joined the #HeforShe movement which was started by Emma Watson as a campaign for gender equality. Join Rowan and help take action to bring more awareness to this amazing campaign.

Go here to join #HeForShe campaign.

Girl Meets World / March 3rd, 2015


TvLine.com has posted the first look of Girl Meets First Date which is the Girl Meets World season finale. They also posted new respective stills for the other Disney Shows.

Episode description:

Girl Meets First Date

Lucas asks for Cory’s permission to go on a date with Riley, to which he agrees as long as Maya and Farkle go with them.

Girl Meets First Date premieres on Friday, March 27 at 8:30PM EST on the Disney Channel.

Source: TVLine.com

Mar / February 21st, 2015


Rowan is going to be on the cover of Afterglow Magazine. Here are some behind-the-scenes pictures of her photoshoot.

Source: Afterglow’s Instagram and Rowan’s Tumblr






Girl Meets World / February 21st, 2015

Rowan Blanchard

Teen Collective did a photoshoot of Rowan and there is also an old interview that they did with her. You can see the old interview here.

One of our favorite Rowan quotes from the interview is:

“I think the most powerful thing a woman can have is confidence”  

Source: Teencollective.me via Rowan’s tweet

Rowan Blanchard2

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Mar / February 20th, 2015


There were different tweets saying that the show was filming in Disneyland. According to Rowan, it is something unrelated. We apologize for putting out the wrong info.


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