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Girl Meets World / May 7th, 2015

Shine On Media interview

Shine On Media interviewed Rowan, Sabrina, Peyton and Corey on the set of Girl Meets World. They talked about season 2, Will Friedle’s return (he’s writing a few episodes and he’s in a couple of episodes), characters maturing, Maya has quite a change and more in season 2!

Source: Shine On Media’s YouTube account

Girl Meets World / May 4th, 2015

Fanlala interview with Rowan

Fanlala interviewed Rowan on what the difference is between a movie set and TV set. Rowan said that being on a TV Set is much more fast as you only have 22 minutes to get a whole episode in, while being on a movie set, you can kind of take things down a notch and it’s not as fast.  She spent two months filming the Disney Channel Original Movie “Invisible Sister“.

Source: Fanlalatv’s YouTube account

Girl Meets World / May 1st, 2015

Rowan and August

Rowan posted an adorable Instagram video today of her and August saying “Hi Auggie”, “Hi”, “Love you”, “Love you, too.” Isn’t this so cute?!

Source: Rowan Blanchard’s Instagram account

Girl Meets World / April 30th, 2015

CDnObqrWIAAnRcY.jpg large

August’s mom tweeted a picture of him with Rowan at the RDMA’s! Isn’t this picture adorable?

Source: @AugustMaturo on Twitter


Girl Meets World / April 29th, 2015



Ben and Rowan teased in an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the Radio Disney Music Awards about Mr. Feeny, Eric and Angela’s return. Check out the quotes below on what Ben and Rowan said.

“Uncle Eric hasn’t changed much in 15 years but he’s definitely joining us this season as are a lot of old guest stars and stars from Boy Meets World

“Uncle Eric and [Riley] have the funniest relationship because she doesn’t quite understand him,” Blanchard explains. “She just knows how hilarious and loving he is and there’s not a scene where I’m not laughing.”

“She’s back to tie up some loose ends and that’s all I’ll say,” Savage teases. “It’s nice, I think this season people are going to be very happy with a lot of the people they see.”

Blanchard dishes, “She’s coming back for an episode where we kind of address the whole Shawn situation and that’s definitely, probably my favorite episode.” The Girl Meets World star also confirmed that fans will be seeing a lot more from Shawn Hunter this season as he tries to find his own “Topanga” to love.

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Mar / April 28th, 2015

Rowan Blanchard

It sounds like they are going with Shawn and Katy instead of Shawn and Angela. Rowan says her favorite arc is the Shawn, Maya and Katy Hart storyline relationship that they are setting up because Girl Meets World likes to play match maker. She also says that season 2 is touching on much more mature topics and situations. Another thing she said was that they are going to touch on the whole Riley and Lucas relationship and that Riley is going to be put the test with her dad and Maya. There will also be storylines where the characters are put in more mature situations.

Source: Celebified’s YouTube’s account

Girl Meets World / April 20th, 2015

Radio Disney Music Awards

The Radio Disney Music Awards Twitter account has announced that Ben, Rowan, Olivia Holt and Dove Cameron will be presenting at the Radio Disney Music Awards this Saturday! It will air on the Disney Channel this Sunday, April 26th at 8/7c.

Source: Radio Disney’s Twitter Account

Girl Meets World / April 15th, 2015

Disney California

Remember that mistake a while back when we said Girl Meets World was filming at Disneyland which was absolutely incorrect (we found links from what people tweeted of pictures/videos of them filming so we assumed that, sorry cast/crew/fans!)? Well, Rowan, Sabrina, Sarah and Corey were at Disneyland filming taking their besties to rides and racing at Disney’s California Adventure. You can see the awesome video below!

Source: Rowan’s Twitter account via Teen Vogue’s YouTube account

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