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Mar / September 19th, 2016


Peyton nominated the TJ Martell Foundation as his favorite Charity (aka as his pilotpurpose) we need to help his charity win. If you are on Twitter please go RT and hit like on the following tweets below so that we can get Peyton some votes! If he wins his charity will get a 5K donation! Lets help Peyton out here I know how powerful this fandom is. He is one of the sweetest kids I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. 🙂

Source and Photo Credit: Peyton’s Twitter  and PilotPenUSA Twitter

Mar / August 23rd, 2016

14039996_859759567456858_4262504529160917714_nPhoto Credit: Peyton’s Twitter

Check out this small interview Peyton did interview while in attendance at the Say No To Bullying Festival. It’s a short but very cute interview! Check it out below.

Mar / August 12th, 2016


Check out this cute interview that Peyton did with Disney Australia! Looks like he took some fan questions!

Source and Photo Credit: Disney AUS Youtube

Kendra / June 9th, 2016

11159966_635302289902588_7914479724438230715_nAttention GMW Fandom!! Girl Meets World, Peyton Meyer and Rowan Blanchard have been nominated in the 2nd wave of Teen Choice awards!! Let’s show our love and get to clicking away!

Click here to VOTE

Mar / June 3rd, 2016


Young Hollywood went behind the scenes of Girl Meets World with Ben, Rowan, Sabrina. Corey, and Peyton in a new interview! Make sure to check it out! They give you a set tour of the new High School set etc! 🙂

Mar / May 30th, 2016

CjqH5p9UoAI2KNFPhoto Credit: Peyton’s Twitter

Sidney, AU Premiere Program is one of the worlds largest international performing arts programs for actors, singers, models, and dancers. Peyton was able to work with some of these young kids. Below is a tweet that included some pictures of Peyton from the event.

Source: PremiereBird’s Twitter

Kendra / May 12th, 2016


The Teen Choice Awards are coming up Sunday July 31st and it’s nomination time!  Pick from a variety of categories to nominate our favorite cast and show. You can even nominate GMW Fans as Choice Fandom!!  Nominations close this Sunday May 15th at 3pm Eastern/12pm Pacific.



RP and tweet the hashtags #TeenChoice #ChoiceFandom #GirlMeetsWorld #FeenysFamily pic.twitter.com/AhO1WH3TFv

— MEBBS (@MEBBS5) May 10, 2016


Sources: teenchoice.comMEBBS  Twitter

Kendra / May 1st, 2016


It’s finally here!!! Season 3 of Girl Meets World premieres with a big 2 part episode airing in June. Check out the promo for Girl Meets High School below!

Source: RileyandAuggie on Youtube/ Disney Channel

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