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Girl Meets World / June 28th, 2015


Picture Credit: August Maturo’s Twitter account

Thank you for all the wonderful shows you have brought us. Many that people grew up with. All the storylines, lessons, entertainment, emotion, drama, and humor. You have such a talent for writing shows and it’s wonderful to watch them. Last but not least, thank you for bringing us Girl Meets World. It not only allows us to see where the Boy Meets World cast members ended up, but we get to see Cory and Topanga back and we’re introduced to an amazing new cast. We can’t wait to see more episodes!

Happy Birthday and we hope you have a wonderful day!

Source: @AugustMaturo on Twitter

Girl Meets World / June 12th, 2015



Picture Credit: FanBolt.com and Disney Channel

FanBolt.com interviewed Michael and Rowan at the ATX Festival held last weekend in Austin.  Here is what they had to say on Riley and Lucas relationship:

Michael Jacobs told us that he has thought out Riley and Lucas’ relationship and where it will lead in the future, but when we asked him for a hint of what that future would look like, he simply said, “They are not Cory and Topanga.”

Rowan then gave her opinion in addition to what Michael said:

“At the end of the day, there are only one Cory and Topanga. Just like there’s only one Shawn, just like there’s only one Minkus, there’s only one of all of these characters,” she explained. “I think it was organic for Cory and Topanga to end up together and have this perfect, perfect relationship but I don’t think, I don’t see-and I don’t want to speak too soon- Riley and Lucas being that perfect relationship. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I do know that at the end of the day, there is only one Cory and Topanga and there’s only one Riley and Lucas. So if their relationship is different than Cory and Topanga’s it doesn’t devalue it, it’s just a different kind of relationship.”

“I read about this everyday [on Twitter],” Jacobs revealed. “[Fans] took votes! Who does Lucas belong with? Does Lucas belong with Riley or does Lucas belong with Maya? What the overriding concern that I have, the writers have, is ‘what’s real?’. ‘What would happen today and why?’. If the series is called Girl Meets World, what’s the difference between this world and the last? What would that do to relationships? Are Cory and Topanga possible?” A VERY interesting question that Riley and Lucas will answer for us in time.

Read the rest of the interview here: FanBolt.com

Source: FanBolt.com


Girl Meets World / June 12th, 2015


Michael Jacobs, Rowan and Sabrina attended the Boy Meets Girl Meets World Panel at the ATX Festival that was held last weekend in Austin. Check out these adorable pictures of Rowan and Sabrina on the red carpet along with a picture of showrunner, Michael Jacobs with the girls.

Source: Beautifulballad.org






Girl Meets World / June 12th, 2015

Photo-Credit-Tammy-Perez FanBolt.com posted many great pictures from the Boy Meets Girl Meets World Panel which was held at the ATX Festival last weekend. Check them out below!

Source: FanBolt.com


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Girl Meets World / June 11th, 2015


Picture Credit: FanBolt.com

There were several things that Michael Jacobs, Ben, Rowan and Sabrina said at the Boy/Girl Meets World Panel which was held at the ATX Festival last weekend.  FanBolt did an article which touched on some things that they felt were good things from the panel.

  –  Michael Jacobs told fans that they definitely won’t be happy with Shawn and Angela’s reunion. “You guys are going to kill me for what I did to Shawn and Angela.”

–  We learned that this season the mystery of Maya’s father will be solved. He’ll be making an appearance in ‘Girl Meets Forgiveness’ when Corey teaches the class a lesson on (you guessed it) forgiveness. Fans will find out who Maya’s father is and why he left. Let the theories roll in!

– If you wanted more Minkus you’re in for a treat! Lee Norris will return 3 times during the show’s second season and we’ll get to meet his wife/Farkle’s mother!

–  Rowan and Sabrina are just as cute in real life as you’d want them to be. When they talked about casting Sabrina, Rowan admitted she knew her bff would be cast immediately after auditioning. “When we read together our hearts clicked…She got cast 3 days after she read and I knew she’d get cast.”

–  Michael Jacobs has the entire series mapped out already! “I have a plan and it is through to the end of the series,” revealed the creator.

– Boy Meets World fans are in for a treat! A Cory and Topanga-centric episode is coming 🙂

Read the rest of the fantastic post here: http://www.fanbolt.com/63104/atx-festival-2015-boy-meets-girl-meets-world-panel-recap

Source: FanBolt.com


Girl Meets World / June 11th, 2015

CHPkrrQVAAE7I7l.jpg large

Ben tweeted a picture of him with showrunner Michael Jacobs, Will, Matt, Anthony and Rusty on the set of Girl Meets World. We think this picture is from the episode they were filming which was “Girl Meets Semi-Formal” since it seems Will and Matt are wearing similar outfits. If this is the case, then most likely Anthony was visiting them. Rusty is a part of the production team.

Source: Ben’s Twitter account



Girl Meets World / June 11th, 2015

Michael Jacobs, Rowan and Sabrina

Michael Jacobs, Sabrina and Rowan attended the red carpet at the ATX Festival last weekend. They talked about season 2 and how the characters are all growing. They said that with the Boy Meets World cast members being there, it’s helping them improve with the humor, etc.

Source: Celebified’s YouTube account

Girl Meets World / June 9th, 2015



FanBolt.com talked with Michael Jacobs, Ben, Rowan and Sabrina at the ATX Festival over the weekend. Michael talked about why Shawn and Angela didn’t end up being married and it seems like he reveals the outcome of Riley and Lucas (which we have in bold).

“…Let’s go to Shawn and Angela. Am I supposed to have them get married and have a perfect happy TV ending? Am I really supposed to do that? Would I be grossly irresponsible if I did and diminish the rare and precious relationship that Cory and Topanga have. I have one set of friends, one, who met in high school and married. One. If I had 2, it would diminish it for me.

Now, but there’s another issue. We had the most beautiful New York Times article about Boy Meets World having…the first relationship that never spoke of it [being interracial]. Never mentioned it! Because there were plenty of relationships on television across the board, we never mentioned it! We didn’t want to exploit that.

Shawn found Angela from a purse that contained items that he loved and so he fell in love with this girl in high school. The relationship lasted into college. But it could not have been more clearly defined that Angela had a choice. That Shawn wanted to ask Angela to marry him, which would have been wrong. When they were sitting in the apartment with the dog…and they had the New York Times and a cup of coffee and the sun streaming in, and they realized that [the situation] was Cory and Topanga, who were living in that horrible college dorm. [Shawn and Angela] were artificial. It wasn’t so!

So the question is “what are we doing?” And I say to the writing staff “if Shawn and Angela do not end up together, we’re going to get tremendous heat and backlash. Why?” and the answer is because Boy Meets World is still on the air. You are re-living a romance 6 hours a day!…Let’s pretend it wasn’t on. Let’s pretend it’s gone for 15 years. Shawn and Angela clearly haven’t seen each other for 15 years. Shawn and Angela weren’t together for 15 years. Angela went on a life with her father and it was a military existence. Shawn tried, and failed, to do so.

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