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Sef / February 16th, 2016



Linda Ge who is a reporter from TheWrap.com, is going to be interviewing Michael Jacobs (Creator of Boy / Girl Meets World) this week. Make sure you tweet her any questions that you may have before Thursday February, 18th. Her Twitter handle is: https://twitter.com/lindazge

Source: Lindazge’s Twitter

Sef / December 26th, 2015


EW.com interviewed Disney/ABC executives, showrunners and cast members about TGIF which was a big thing back in the 90’s for ABC’s television nights on Fridays.  We copy and pasted the part where Ben and Michael were interviewed about Boy Meets World. You can read the rest of this great article by going here: http://www.ew.com/article/2015/12/23/tgif-oral-history-abc

JACOBS: Teddy [Harbert] called me twice, both TGIF-related. Once, he said, “Over my dead body are you killing that baby dinosaur.” I said, “Ted, they went extinct. I didn’t do it. If you’re going to cancel the show, I’m going to cancel the dinosaurs.” The second time he called with that tone in his voice, he said, “Over my dead body am I going to allow you to marry two 19-year-old kids.” I said, “Why don’t we try running the question on ABC.com: Should Cory and Topanga be married?” He said, “We’ll get 10,000 hits and no one will be interested.” They put up the question at 8 o’clock and in 20 minutes we had over a quarter-million hits and the thing broke. Out of 250,000 hits, 250,000 answers were positive. Teddy called me the next morning and said, “Could you please marry them in Sweeps?”

JACOBS: Dinosaurs was going to leave the air, and I’m walking through the hallways of Disney and they’re saying, “What’s your next show?” They wanted something for TGIF. So I’m walking and this fellow grabs me and brings me into his office and shows me some charts. … I came out with his advice being that my next show should be very influential to the youngest demographic, which was 2 to 11. I thought of Family Ties and Growing Pains, where you had stories about the oldest male child, and his younger sister would be the comic irritant. I thought, what if I turned it around? What if we did a family show that didn’t focus on the oldest child as a series lead? What if we got off it and attracted both sides of the demo because we had a middle child? The story was argued over. The network had never seen something like that before.

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Mar / December 3rd, 2015


Congrats to Mark Blutman, Michael Jacobs, the other writers, and the cast of Girl Meets World on their nomination for the WGA TV Writing Awards. Girl Meets World was also voted hottest kids show by the readers for ADweek.

Source: pastemagazine.com and Adweek.com

Mar / December 1st, 2015


Michael tweeted some new things about Season 3. He said that they will be bringing on Mackenzie Yeager as a writer, that there will be a plot twist 7 episodes in, and then teased this morning about what would be coming our way in the new season.

If you are interested in seeing what shows or movies Mackenzie has written you can check out her IMDb by going here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4351487/

Source: @GMWWriters Twitter

Sef / October 14th, 2015

Season 2 wrapped

Picture Credit: August Maturo’s Twitter account

The writers have done an astounding job with Girl Meets World. It’s nice to be able to watch a show with real lessons, issues, and morals. They also have recaptured Boy Meets World’s magic for the newer generation. Check out the tweets below.

Source: Auggie, Mark, Rowan, and the @GMWWriters  on Twitter.

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Sef / October 1st, 2015


Back in June when Rowan, Sabrina and Boy / Girl Meets World creator Michael Jacobs went to the ATX Festival, they were asked by E! News what advice they would give to those working on Fuller House. Here is what each of them had to say:

Michael’s advice:

“My words of advice and I love that cast and the people who ran the show, write what’s real,” he shared. “If you think here’s the old show and it dictates what happens in the new show, I think you run into these walls creatively whereas what happened in life, what happened in your life, write what’s real. They know that though, they’re very good at what they do. I think if you give the audience exactly what they want and expect, the audience becomes fast bored with you. They’ll never be bored with this show.”

Rowan’s advice:

“You do have to please two demographics, which I’ve learned is difficult,” Blanchard said. “You want to please these kids and you also want to please the adults, so I think Fuller House will have that down for sure. Other than that, I think just go with it because you’re going to get a lot of negative hate, but you’re also going to get a lot of goodness.”

Sabrina’s advice:

“You have to learn. It’s always learning process. You’re going to start season one, you’re not really going to get there until the end of the show. So we’re always learning every single day,” she said. “I think that’s the thing you have to keep in mind, just learn from obviously the people are them, they’re going to have some of the original cast, which is so great. Just learn from them and  take a lot pf pointers.”

Source: E! Online

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Girl Meets World / August 19th, 2015


Photo Credit: Peyton’s Instagram

KSiteTV.com interviewed Michael Jacobs (creator of both Boy and Girl Meets World ). The questions ranged from If Morgan is returning this season, whether or not the bringing in the Boy Meets World cast members is intentional,  what is Season’s 3 theme if we get a Season 3, why some characters left Boy Meets World, a little tease of Girl Meets Cory and Topanga, what to expect from Riley and Lucas’ story and more.


In addition to being educational and entertaining at the same time, in addition to appealing to young people, the show is appealing to adults who might have watched Boy Meets World. Have you been building that intentionally? Season 2 seems like every episode has something that I, in my thirties, would enjoy.

It is intentional. This is a continuation of a particular story, but it’s in a different world. The original series was in the 90’s and you would think that this was an extraordinarily advanced time, technologically, but it wasn’t. There were no cell phones yet. (trimmed this. )

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Girl Meets World / July 24th, 2015

ATX Festival uploaded the video of the Boy Meets Girl Meets World Panel.

A description of the panel from ATX Festival’s YouTube account:

A look at tween series from 1990s (before we were using the word “tween”) to the 2010’s, how Michael Jacobs sees the genre changing, looking at a male best friends vs. female best friends, and the landscape of TV in general.

Source: ATX Festival’s YouTube account

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