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8 May 2016
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But there is a catch! They have to reach 100K followers on Twitter before they do it! If you have Twitter but are not following please go follow so we can help them get to 100K! Source: GMWWriters on Twitter Q&A100K — Girl Meets Writers (@GMWWriters) May 8, 2016

11 March 2016
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Linda posted part 2 (to read part 1 go here) of her interview with Michael Jacobs, he talks about what is to come in Season 3, Josh’s return, and more.  To read the rest of the interview go here: Uriah Shelton was in a bad accident and had to be written out of a couple of episodes this season. How did losing the character of Josh from certain storylines

10 March 2016
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Michael Jacobs did an interview with The Wrap’s Linda Ge where he talked about the on going story-line between Riley, Maya, and Lucas.  Part 2 of the interview comes out tomorrow after the season finale. We have quoted some of the interview below. Also we found this tweet interesting: My editor, who doesn't watch the show, came to the same conclusion after reading the interview. #GirlMeetsWorld — Linda Ge

16 February 2016
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  Linda Ge who is a reporter from, is going to be interviewing Michael Jacobs (Creator of Boy / Girl Meets World) this week. Make sure you tweet her any questions that you may have before Thursday February, 18th. Her Twitter handle is: Source: Lindazge’s Twitter #GirlMeetsWorld fans I'm gonna be talking to Michael Jacobs this week. I know you have burning questions so send them my way

26 December 2015
Filed under Uncategorized   No Comments interviewed Disney/ABC executives, showrunners and cast members about TGIF which was a big thing back in the 90’s for ABC’s television nights on Fridays.  We copy and pasted the part where Ben and Michael were interviewed about Boy Meets World. You can read the rest of this great article by going here: JACOBS: Teddy [Harbert] called me twice, both TGIF-related. Once, he said, “Over my dead body are

3 December 2015
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Congrats to Mark Blutman, Michael Jacobs, the other writers, and the cast of Girl Meets World on their nomination for the WGA TV Writing Awards. Girl Meets World was also voted hottest kids show by the readers for ADweek. Source: and

1 December 2015
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Michael tweeted some new things about Season 3. He said that they will be bringing on Mackenzie Yeager as a writer, that there will be a plot twist 7 episodes in, and then teased this morning about what would be coming our way in the new season. If you are interested in seeing what shows or movies Mackenzie has written you can check out her IMDb by going here:

14 October 2015
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Picture Credit: August Maturo’s Twitter account Follow @ShefDrake1 The writers have done an astounding job with Girl Meets World. It’s nice to be able to watch a show with real lessons, issues, and morals. They also have recaptured Boy Meets World’s magic for the newer generation. Check out the tweets below. Source: Auggie, Mark, Rowan, and the @GMWWriters  on Twitter. Season 2 complete. Congratulations to our magnificent cast, staff and crew.

1 October 2015
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Back in June when Rowan, Sabrina and Boy / Girl Meets World creator Michael Jacobs went to the ATX Festival, they were asked by E! News what advice they would give to those working on Fuller House. Here is what each of them had to say: Michael’s advice: “My words of advice and I love that cast and the people who ran the show, write what’s real,” he shared. “If