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14 January 2017
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In case you all missed it Michael Jacobs (the creator of the show) is in talks to save Girl Meets World. He sat down in an interview with The Wrap and confirmed the fan efforts are working and that other platforms are taking notice of the love the fans have for this show. He says the show outgrew Disney Channel and definitely wants more seasons. One of the things that

12 January 2017
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Several articles just came out where Michael Jacobs talks about Girl Meets Word possibly continuing on other platforms. He says there has been interest due to the fan reaction. He also talks about how they were supposed to have 4 seasons of the show on Disney per contact but that Disney didn’t follow through with it. We have quoted some of the articles below. He also says everyone in the

5 December 2016
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Congratulations to the cast, crew and writer on their nomination for a Writers Guild Award. This is the third time in a row that they have been nominated for this award! This is just another reason Disney should keep this show going. Source: Michael’s Twitter Girl Meets World has been nominated for its third WGA Award in three seasons. We are grateful, honored and proud. — Girl Meets Writers (@GMWWriters)

1 July 2016
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Thank you to tumblr fan analyticalinsights for putting all this together on their blog. If you’d like to read the Twitter Q and A you can read all of it below. The answers are in bold! Source: 1. Will Cory and Topanga ever have another baby? A:  No, we like these two. 2. Will we ever see more of eric? What about Jack? Angela? I want to see more of

28 June 2016
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Photo Credit: Ben’s Instagram Michael we hope you have a fantastic birthday! Thank you so much for creating to wonderful shows and many others for us to watch! You and the writers do such a fantastic job with Girl Meets World. We can’t wait to see what new and fun things you guys have in store for us viewers.

27 June 2016
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Michael will be doing a twitter Q and A on Friday July 1st at 3PM EST/12PM PST. Make sure you tweet him your questions! Source: @GMWWriters Twitter Q&A Friday Noon PST. — Girl Meets Writers (@GMWWriters) June 27, 2016

26 June 2016
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In May Michael tweeted that if he hit 100K on Twitter that he’d do another Q and A with fans. He finally has reached that goal and will be doing a Q and A this week. If you have Twitter make sure you tweet your questions to @GMWWriters! 100K Q&A. This week. I'll let you know what day and when. We're looking forward. — Girl Meets Writers (@GMWWriters) June 26,

5 June 2016
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Michael put out a few tweets today regarding upcoming episodes of Girl Meets World. Before we go into what the July episodes are make sure you tune into Girl Meets High School Part 2 TONIGHT at 8:30PM EST on Disney Channel! Below episodes we can expect to see in July. Please note there are no air-dates out yet for these episodes. Source: @GMWWriters Twitter Upcoming in June: Girl Meets Jexcia

8 May 2016
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But there is a catch! They have to reach 100K followers on Twitter before they do it! If you have Twitter but are not following please go follow so we can help them get to 100K! Source: GMWWriters on Twitter Q&A100K — Girl Meets Writers (@GMWWriters) May 8, 2016