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21 November 2015
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Photo Credit: Trina’s Twitter Trina McGee and Maitland Ward were reunited on November 6th at the red carpet for a fashion show at Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, CA. They were interviewed separately. Trina said it was natural for the new generation to be with the old generation as they’re passing on lessons to the kids. Source: ChristyReports’s YouTube account

16 October 2015
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Photo Credit: Maitland’s Twitter account Follow @ShefDrake1 interviewed Maitland (Rachel) about what she’s been up to, projects, and she talks about Boy/Girl Meets World , and if she’s returning to Girl Meets World for a guest spot. “Boy Meets World” had a steady fan base during its seven-year run, and it has only grown in popularity since the show went into syndication. With spinoff “Girl Meets World” in its

16 August 2015
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Picture Credit: Maitland’s Twitter For newcomers, Maitland Ward played “Rachel McGuire” on Boy Meets World and was college roommates with Eric and Jack. They lived in the same apartment. Maitland tweeted two days ago on Twitter that she cannot wait to see Eric and Jack in Girl Meets Semi-Formal.  She teased about a future appearance on Girl Meets World. She also watched the episode. Source 1 and Source 2 Can't

5 June 2015
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Michael Jacobs talked to TVLine yesterday at the ATX Festival and he teased some details on who Farkle’s mom is. She is someone from Boy Meets World who will be returning in Season 2 of Girl Meets World. “You have seen her a number of times [on BMW],” Jacobs told TVLine on Thursday at the ATX Television Festival. “She’s the last person you would believe is married to Minkus. She will

3 February 2015
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We at would like to wish Maitland Ward (Rachel) a very happy birthday! Have a fantastic day!

26 March 2014
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Maitland Ward Dishes on Girl Meets World

3 February 2014
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We here at would like to wish the beautiful Maitland a very Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a fantastic day!

26 January 2014
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Maitland Ward, who played Rachel on Boy Meets World, says the positive environment on set influenced the show’s impact on its audience. Live Starring You interviewed Maitland Ward. Maitland Ward said after 10 years, people still come up to her and tell her how much BMW meant to them: “People always want to tell me how much the show meant to them, which is really special, she said. “And it’s

6 November 2013
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  YAH: I know you were at the ATX Festival. There were so many great show reunions there! How was that for you? Ryder brought it to our attention and Michael Jacobs, the creator for Boy Meets World, were approached about doing the reunion so they gathered us all up to go to the festival. I was really excited to be able to see everyone all together at one time.