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Girl Meets World / January 17th, 2015


Picture Credit: JustJaredJr and Disney

This was the best episode of the season yet. It was a heartwarming episode with serious tone. There were Boy Meets World references and foreshadowing. I did not expect an argument to occur on Disney between Shawn and Katy, so I was very surprised (in a good way that is).

It was Maya’s 14th birthday and Katy was working at the diner. Maya thought her mom forgot her birthday. Shawn was at the Matthews apartment (he was there doing a photo essay “Weekends in New York for under $100” and wanted to stay at the Matthews.) Shawn wasn’t aware that it was Maya’s birthday until Riley had mentioned that it was. Cory and Topanga arrived shortly after with Maya’s birthday cake. Cory didn’t realize that Shawn and Maya had arrived and put his foot in his mouth as he rambled on to Topanga about how Maya’s mom probably forgot her birthday and how at least she wasn’t like Shawn’s mom who would leave them all the time.

Riley asked who the key to Shawn’s heart was and Maya agreed that she wanted to know who it was as well. He answered with Angela and then Cory chimed in and asked them “Do you want to know how they fell in love?” and right away Topanga answered with “He went through her purse” which surprised the girls. Shawn went on to explain how they dated in high school, and how he kept trying to make their relationship work but Angela left him.

After they got done talking about Angela, Riley said that she wanted to Cory and Topanga in her room. Once there, she went onto tell them how she wanted Shawn to be Maya’s dad which wowed both Cory and Topanga. Topanga spoke up and said that if anyone could do it was her dad.  As they were all talking Maya and Shawn were having conversation in the living room about the similarities with their parents.  Maya was curious about Shawn’s mom and he told her a little bit about that. She also told him that her mom forgot her birthday. There was also a funny appearance by both Farkle and Lucas when they showed up while Cory, Topanga and Riley were talking. Farkle had recorded Maya and Riley’s voices on his watch.

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Girl Meets World / January 13th, 2015


Picture Credit: JustJaredJr.com and Disney

Wow, finally. It’s been over a month since a new Girl Meets World episode premiered. This episode was about Cory wanting the family to have a game night (his favorite night of the month) and not having Riley’s friends over. Cory didn’t want that to happen and kept acting like a baby (haha) when Riley’s friends came over. They had flashbacks of them in class going back and fourth between the classroom scenes and them having game night. Cory was teaching them about American Revolution. The lesson was tied with his teaching in class and with game night (there is always a lesson every episode of course which is great).

They revealed in this episode that Topanga barely gets to spend time with Riley and Riley is always with her dad. Riley wanted to beat Topanga at the game as she wanted her mom to be proud of her. She told Topanga she wants to be like her. Riley told her “A killer shark who always wins” and Topanga smiled and hugged Riley. Also during the episode, Maya wanted Riley to bring her parents with them if they were going to Europe (Riley landed on a “Take a friend to Europe” spot) since she mentions that game night is their favorite night of the month for Cory and the family. Not only that but Maya’s mom isn’t always with her and her dad is with another family and she really wants to have her parents with her.

Cory decided at the end of the episode that Riley’s friends can come over anytime to play game night with them.

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Girl Meets World / December 6th, 2014

Girl Meets Home for the Holidays

Picture Credit: Watch Disney

Shawn, Alan, Amy and Joshua return!

This was the episode that every Boy Meets World fan was waiting for since they filmed it back in March. It was the Boy Meets World reunion with Shawn, Alan, Amy and Joshua coming over to Cory and Topanga’s house to celebrate the Holidays with them. Cory was so excited to see Shawn as he hadn’t seen him in a while. It was awesome seeing Alan, Amy and Joshua come through the door then a minute or two later, we see Shawn do the same which was awesome as well.  It was great seeing Cory’s reaction when Shawn returned because it was as if we the time hadn’t changed at all. Shawn didn’t really interact much with the kids and that made Riley feels as if Shawn didn’t like her. She would ask him when her birthday was but he wouldn’t answer. Later on in the episode Shawn brought Riley and Maya to the bakery and finally answered the question that she’d been repeatedly asking him. He told  Riley when she was born, how tall she was, how much  she weighed, and that he was at the hospital all night waiting for Riley to be born.  Before leaving the bakery Riley told Shawn to look her. Once he did he said  “You’re Cory with Topanga’s hair. You got lucky.” which was a fantastic line.

During dinner Shawn and Maya got to talking to each other and they learned that they have some things in common. Shawn told her that he is a writer and a photographer who likes to travel, and Maya told him that she likes to draw. After this episode it seems that Shawn could quite possibly be a father type figure to Maya just like Mr. Turner was to Shawn in Boy Meets World.

I loved that in this episode Shawn and Cory passed the friendship torch down to Maya and Riley by telling them that they are the new “Cory and Shawn” for this generation.

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Girl Meets World / December 2nd, 2014

Girl Meets Brother

Picture Credit: Watch Disney Channel App<

As always, these episodes keep getting better and better. Cory and Topanga moments, Riley babysitting Auggie, great family scenes, and two flashbacks from Boy Meets World.

Cory and Topanga decided to give Riley the responsibility of babysitting Auggie, but then Maya came over so Riley was with Maya instead of Riley babysitting Auggie. Auggie was upset so he went to his room and tore down the “Auggie and Riley’s pirate adventure best nite ever!” banner that was hanging in his room and then laid down onto his bed. He was obviously upset because he wanted to be with his sister especially that he said to the girls “You know what Maya, you can have Riley. She’d rather be with you anyways. She’s your sister now”. Near the end of the episode, Riley and Maya talked in Riley’s room and then they made it up for Auggie by turning Auggie’s room into a pirate room and then Riley went into the living room and brought Auggie into his room to surprise him so all 3 of them can play pirates.

The funny parts were when Farkle said to Riley and Maya “But I feel like when we don’t got school I’m not even part of the story” and when Farkle fainted after Topanga kissed him on the cheek.

The family scenes were fantastic and I hope we see more of these. Also, the egg lesson was great since it was Riley’s first time babysitting and Cory and Topanga wanted to show her how important it is to babysit.

The Cory and Topanga moments were beautiful. Great two flash backs from Boy Meets World while they were out celebrating their anniversary, Cory and Topanga kisses, and one of the funniest moments was when Cory told the child in the subway station: “Excuse me, um, it’s our anniversary, and we’re weird, can I borrow your horsey for a minute”

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Girl Meets World / November 25th, 2014

Girl Meets Friendship Discussion

Picture Credit: Watch Disney

This episode was very cute and funny. Cory wanted the kids to learn about running in elections and told them that they could run for any kind of government that they wanted to. Farkle wanted to run for class dictator, Lucas wanted to run for class president and Riley wanted to be a princess. Maya chose not to run for anything and instead help Riley by being her campaign manager.

The campaign started to go in Farkle’s favor after he showed a video that he sneakily took when Riley and Maya had the horse in her bedroom. Lucas told Riley and Maya to not attack Farkle since they’re friends and not to make the campaign tear them apart. Maya decided that her and Riley should go after Lucas instead of Farkle. Riley didn’t want to, but Maya told her that there was a secret about him that they didn’t know and how she wanted to sue that secret against him.

The next day Riley and Maya overheard Lucas talking on the phone with his dad about how he wanted to go home for the weekend. Lucas was upset because he didn’t understand why they couldn’t go home when his dad had told him before they moved that he could see his friends on the weekend if he wanted to. He told his Dad that he had friends at John Quincy Adams but they were all destroying each other. At the end of the conversation Lucas told his dad that he didn’t want to come to the school in the first place. After saying that he realized that Riley and Maya had overheard the entire conversation and asked them if they were going to use it against him. Maya told him that she was going to and Riley told him not to worry that it was Maya’s word against his. Maya then proceed to pull her phone out of her pocket and play a recording that she took of the conversation.

The next day was election day and Cory was about to announce the winner but Riley and Maya interrupted him. They told him to hold on because they had a very important campaign commercial that everyone needs to say. Cory said that everyone had already seen the campaign commercials and that the votes were in so the video wouldn’t change anything. Riley argued that it would and that it wasn’t about the votes that it was about Lucas. Cory turned and asked Lucas if he had known about this and if it was okay with him. Lucas said yes he knew about it and that if this was the kind of friends Maya and Riley wanted to be then it was fine with him. The video was of two of Lucas’s friends from Texas who had nothing but good things to say about him. It turned out that not only did it cheer Lucas up to see that video but Maya and Riley actually helped Lucas win the election.

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Girl Meets World / October 21st, 2014

Girl Meets Flaws

Picture Credit: Watch Disney

This episode was the strongest and best episode out of all the episodes that have aired so far. This episode was about Farkle being bullied by Billy who is a friend of Lucas. Billy told Farkle that he was weird, he’s the biggest nothing in the school, and that he has no right to walk around acting all confident.

Riley, Maya and Lucas were trying to find out who was bullying Farkle and when they were in the gym, Billy came and told them Farkle was “A nothing”. It was then that they realized it was Billy who was bullying Farkle. Lucas lost his temper and pushed Billy onto the wall and he explained to him that Farkle is loyal, dependable, and his best friend. It was fantastic seeing Lucas stand up for Farkle.

They did an amazing job with Harley Keiner as well. We’re glad that his back-story was mentioned to the new generation and he also isn’t proud of his bullying days. He said “No, I was the other one. The picker-oner. I’m so ashamed. Just look away”.

Harley tells Billy that he used to be a bully as well. He explained to Billy by using himself as an example that he pretty much got no where in life and ended up as a janitor thanks to Cory getting him the job. Near the ending of the episode was fantastic when Harley went to Cory and turned around to the class and said “This is Mr. Matthews” which was full circle as Harley was the bully. Once he left the classroom, Cory went “Yeah, people change”. That gave me the chills. I also loved when Harley called Cory “Johnny Baboon” especially in front of the kids in the janitors closet.

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