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Girl Meets World / June 22nd, 2015

Shawn and Angela

Picture Credit: Watch Disney Channel

Girl Meets Hurricane.. the anticipated episode that we had all been waiting for has finally aired! This episode included the return of Shawn Hunter, Shawn Hunter’s dad, and Angela!

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Mar / June 8th, 2015

Tale Tot

Girl Meets the Tell Tale Tot is about Maya and Riley sneaking out to NYU to a party that Josh plans on going to if he gets accepted to the college. The episode opens up with Maya entering the Matthews before school. She knows that Josh is coming over and refers to him as “Uncle Boing.”. She mentions the 3 year age difference between them and then Riley is surprised to find out that Cory and Topanga are the same age. When Josh gets there, he has a letter that he got from NYU that states whether or not he was accepted. Maya jumps on his back and takes he letter out of his hands. She reads it in her own way saying that he will be staying in NYC with Maya all summer. Josh was very excited that he got in. Cory, Topanga, Riley and Auggie give Josh a big group hug. Auggie doesn’t really understand what is going on. Josh says if he got accepted that he would be going to the dorms at 10PM to see some friends. Maya decides that she wants to go too and talks Riley into sneaking out.

At school Cory is giving a lesson about “The Tell Tale Heart”. He talks about telling a lie and how your conscience can get the best of you. The next scene is at dinner at the Matthew’s apartment and everyone is there including Maya. They’re eating dinner and Cory is counting his tater tots and wants a tater tot from Auggie’s plate. Riley looks at her dinner plate and thinks that she’s seeing a tater to talking to her when really it’s just her conscience feeling guilty for planning on sneaking out. She freaks out and Maya puts it in her mouth.

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Girl Meets World / May 16th, 2015

Written by Sef

It’s kind of hard to recap this episode as it was mainly about Eric being back and there were so much humor that we’ll summarize the episode. Will Friedle hasn’t lost a beat. He is such a comedic genius, we laughed throughout the episode which was fantastic. Thank you for returning, Will Friedle!

Riley and Maya were in a fight because of Lucas calling Maya a “short stack of pancakes”. Riley didn’t defend Maya and didn’t disagree with Lucas which made Maya frustrated. Maya then said “When being right is more important than being friends, then that’s the end of being friends.” They go to class. Cory tells them that he has someone with an unique set of skills who can fix this. That person is Eric who is called in by Cory to help fix things between the four friends. Eric is scratching at the door (LOL) and Riley goes to the door. She opens the door and it’s Eric in the Plays with Squirrels costume! Of course the audience went absolutely crazy. Eric licks his lollipop and goes “I have been summoned”. and Riley yells “STRRRAANGGERRRR!” and blows her whistle. Eric blows his whistle after her and then he dances (LOL). She closes the door afterwards, Cory and Topanga comes in to see what Riley is making a fuss about. She tells them “Caveman!”. Topanga corrects her and goes “Honey, it’s not a caveman, it’s your Uncle Eric. Okay, it’s a caveman.” They open the door and Eric comes in.

Eric greets them all and says “Niche” to Riley (Boy Meets World reference to “Plays with Squirrels”). Riley tells Eric that she’s in a fight with her best friend and Eric tells her “There will be no losing friends. Lose one friend, lose all friends, lose yourself.” We found out Eric was elected as a Mayor and he’s running for US Senate.

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Girl Meets World / May 14th, 2015

Girl Meets the Secret of Life

Written by Sef

The lesson of this episode:

People change people.

It starts off with Riley and Maya in the school hallway wanting to sing a happy song. They go to class and Cory asks the class if they finally want to learn what actually happened in Belgium, 1831. Farkle gets annoyed as someone or something always interrupts Cory while he teaches so he asks the gang if anything happened to them first before Cory can actually teach. All of them said no except for Maya who had fallen asleep during the class. Farkle is happy when everyone says that they don’t have anything to share because that means no more class interruptions. Cory starts off the lesson when the new comes to class and interrupts. Turns out he is someone who knew Lucas. Farkle annoyed by another interruption tells the kid to get out.

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Girl Meets World / May 13th, 2015

Girl Meets The New World promo

Written by Mar

The lesson of this episode:

Stay young while you can, and don’t fall into peer pressure at a young age when it comes to dating.

The episode started off with Riley and Maya sitting in the bay window in Riley’s room. In an attempt to get Riley to talk about the kiss she shared with Lucas, Maya started making fun of her that was until Farkle showed up in the window saying he needed to make a decision on who to take with him to a concert. He decides on Riley because he liked the way she hugged him. After Farkle left Maya started in again and tried to get her to talk again but Cory and Topanga decided to come to her room to tell her that they needed her to babysit Auggie. Riley was thankful they asked her to babysit because that meant it would be another day where they wouldn’t have time to talk about the kiss. Cory and Topanga told her that they didn’t need her until tomorrow. After they left, Maya continued to try and get Riley to talk about the kiss but was once again interrupted – this time by Auggie. Riley thankful for another interruption quickly went over to Auggie, picked him up and brought him to the Bay window to talk to him. He told his sister that his friend Dewey was coming over to play and was worried about Topanga ruining the fun like she has in the past with Ava. After, Auggie left Maya tried one last time to get Riley to talk about the kiss. This time she finally broke and asked Maya “What happens now?”.

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Girl Meets World / April 20th, 2015


Season 2 premieres on Monday, May 11th and there will be a new episode everyday during the week from May 11-May 15th at 8:30PM on the Disney Channel!

Girl Meets Demolition was such a great episode. It was a bonus episode to bridge season 1 and season 2. The writing was great and it was hilarious. I thought that Debby Ryan was fantastic and really hope that we will see her again. The episode started off with Topanga telling the girls to get out of the house because they had been sitting on their bay window all day. Maya and Riley decide that they are going to make some extra cash and take their clothes along with a credit card that Topanga gave Riley for emergencies to the Demolition shop. It is there that we are introduced to the store clerk “Aubrey” played by Debby Ryan. While there, Riley sees a dress that she falls for and of course Aubrey manipulates her and Maya into purchasing the dress and Riley paid for it with Topanga’s credit card. Riley and Maya go to Riley’s house and they tell Cory about this. They fear that Topanga is going to find out about this so they sucked up to Cory. Cory went with Riley and Maya to the Demolition shop to confront Aubrey on the manipulation she used on the girls. Aubrey used flirty tactics on Cory telling him that he has the body of Justin Timberlake as a way to manipulate him as well. Cory of course falls for it as he loved that compliment and ended up purchasing the clothes. He comes home and as you can see in the gif below, he’s bringing sexy back (reference to Justin Timberlake’s song). This was a hilarious moment.

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Girl Meets World / March 27th, 2015


Written by Mar.

Since Girl Meets First Date was added to the WATCH Disney application, I had the pleasure of being able to watch it this morning. I’ve watched it four times already so that goes to say how good the episode is. First off, the episode was directed by Rider Strong and he did a fantastic job with it. Secondly, I don’t know if anyone noticed, but this episode was written by Susan Estelle Jensen who was a writer from Boy Meets World. Amazing writing job to her as well. Now onto the episode. I think it is one of the best this season so you definitely don’t want to miss it! This episode is about Riley wanting to go on her first date and Cory realizing that his little girl is not so little anymore. This episode paralleled “Boy Meets World” in the way that Shawn got the ball rolling when it came to Cory asking Topanga out. Maya got the ball rolling by asking Lucas to go out with her which in turn confused Riley who later realizes that Maya did that to help her out. She realizes later that Maya did it to help push her and Lucas together. Lucas being the gentleman that he is, comes over to the Matthews house to ask Cory for permission to take Riley out on her first date. Cory agrees to it as long as it is a double date with Farkle and Maya. Josh is in this episode as well. He is going to be taking summer classes at NYU which makes Maya very happy. Maya hits on him and he tells her that she’s 3 years younger than him so it won’t work. There was also a very funny scene with Cory when he said to Lucas “Do I look like a man who would let his child go out on a date this young?” and then out walk Ava and Auggie. I actually laughed out loud at that. It was perfect. Ava told Topanga that Auggie proposed to her and she shows Topanga her ring. Topanga realizes the ring Ava is wearing is actually hers that her Grandmother gave her.

There is a scene with Maya and Riley in the bakery. Josh is there with his campus adviser who is telling him all about NYU. Riley notices that he is there and tries to leave before Maya sees them. She knows that Maya really likes Josh and doesn’t want her to be upset by seeing that he is with another girl. However, Maya being Maya, turns around anyway and is clearly upset that because she thinks they are on a date. The next scene is Riley and Maya before their date. Before Maya shows up there is a scene with Riley and Topanga. Topanga tells her that she looks beautiful and Cory probably won’t let her leave the house. Riley asks her about her first date with Cory so Topanga tells her about it. Shortly after that Maya shows up. She and Riley comment to each other about how good they look. Maya says she’s giving Farkle 84% because she knows it means more to him than it does her. The next scene is with Cory, Auggie and Ava. They have a fake wedding and it’s another cute moment where I laughed. Topanga says she is going to be the first to take Ava over the threshold. She basically kicks Ava out. Really funny scene.

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Girl Meets World / February 7th, 2015


Boy Meets World references:

The introduction, it seemed like it was Cory and Shawn doing a radio show but also when Topanga was an anchor for the news at school. Both of those seemed as a mix for me.

When Topanga said “well-rehearsed” it reminded me of Mr. Feeny saying that about Eric making Morgan trained when Mr. Feeny’s niece was at his house.


Girl Meets Farkle’s choice opened up with Riley and Maya doing the morning announcements for school. Maya kept laughing at Riley who was messing everything up. Farkle ending up joining them and show them that he had two tickets to the Buggy Awards. He told said that he wanted to take one of them as his date. The next scene is them in the classroom. Cory asks the class who the United States ally is and then ask Farkle if he knows the answer. Farkle seemingly not himself replies telling Cory that it’s Canada and that he’s not himself because has to make the hard decision on who he is taking to the awards – either Maya or Riley.

The next scene is with Topanga and Auggie. They are having a book party at the house with some other kids and Ava is there with her Mom. Ava’s mom starts talking a in a British accent and Topanga asks her if she’s British. Ava’s mom tells her that she isn’t and as they are getting ready to start the reading comments on what a cute girl Auggie is. Topanga corrects her and tells her that Auggie is a boy. You can tell that Topanga is not a fan of Ava’s mom who seems a bit on the rude side. Ava’s mom starts reading and then when done it is Auggie’s turn. Auggie says he wants Mommy to read to him and Ava’s mom makes a comment that he’s a little too old to be read to and Topanga says “No he’s not.“ Ava’s mom says to her that it’s okay because it is scientifically proven that boys develop at a different pace. The camera then pans to Cory who is hilariously playing with the juice box that he has in his hands. (that part was so funny that I actually laughed out loud.)

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