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17 November 2015
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I am so excited to be able to say that the episode I saw at the taping back in May has finally aired! It was so surreal for me to watch it on TV knowing I saw the scenes actually being filmed live. The scenes that we saw at the live taping were the opening scene with Maya and Riley in the hallway, the scene that followed that one of

21 September 2015
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Girl Meets World drew in 2.423 million viewers and 0.6 adults from last Fridays episode. Source:

16 September 2015
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Photo Credit: Corey’s Instagram Written by Sef and Mar This episode was about Autism Asperger’s syndrome and we thought they did great on this episode. It was a heartwarming and emotional and it spoke to the kids with Autism. This episode was about Asperger’s Syndrome, a disorder on the Autism spectrum. We think that they did a great job on this episode and Mark Blutman wrote it beautifully. It was

24 August 2015
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We love how the writers spoke in this episode about how important art and music is in schools. In this episode the school board of Riley’s school wanted to get rid of art and music. We loved the way the kids used creative ways by singing, dancing and taking down the paintings from the wall to show everyone that the world would be dull without art and music. Maya painted

20 August 2015
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This episode was written by Will Friedle, who by the way, did an absolutely fantastic job writing the episode. There were some really good emotional moments. We were re-introduced to Matthew Lawrence (Jack) in this episode. I have to say – what a wonderful way to bring him back to Girl Meets World. The storyline was perfect with Riley’s dilemma. It seems every time a Boy Meets World cast members

12 August 2015
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Girl Meets Yearbook entered a new ground for Girl Meets World. It was mainly about the core group – Riley, Maya, Lucas and Farkle.  It was an hilarious episode and a great message. They find out that the 7th grade voted Maya and Lucas the favorite couple (a bit later after the opening), Riley was voted for smile herself to death, and Farkle was voted for “Most likely to be

29 July 2015
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For those of you that don’t know, Girl Meets Fish was a season 1 episode but was moved to season 2 due to the “Who dun it” theme weekend that Disney wanted to do. This episode was for the young audience. Riley was bringing the goldfish home but before she even got to do that, the fish died in the classroom. Auggie was narrating the episode (such a cutie) and

23 July 2015
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We’ve all waited impatiently for this episode – Mr. Turner returned! Bravo to the Girl Meets World writers, cast, and crew. It was an incredible episode and a brilliant statement to the world. As a fan stated on our Facebook, all school administrators should watch the episode. We cannot agree more with that. This episode was connected to Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight”. A new teacher (Tania Gunadi, who played “Harper

22 June 2015
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Picture Credit: Watch Disney Channel Girl Meets Hurricane.. the anticipated episode that we had all been waiting for has finally aired! This episode included the return of Shawn Hunter, Shawn Hunter’s dad, and Angela!