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Mar / February 9th, 2015


The writers were asked on Twitter how many seasons they think Girl Meets World will be. We thought that we would make a post about this since we see fans talk and ask about it quite a bit.

Girl Meets World / February 9th, 2015

Girl Meets World Logo

Girl Meets World drew in 2.254 million viewers and 0.5 million adult viewers from last Fridays episode.

Source: TvByTheNumbers

Girl Meets World / February 7th, 2015


Boy Meets World references:

The introduction, it seemed like it was Cory and Shawn doing a radio show but also when Topanga was an anchor for the news at school. Both of those seemed as a mix for me.

When Topanga said “well-rehearsed” it reminded me of Mr. Feeny saying that about Eric making Morgan trained when Mr. Feeny’s niece was at his house.


Girl Meets Farkle’s choice opened up with Riley and Maya doing the morning announcements for school. Maya kept laughing at Riley who was messing everything up. Farkle ending up joining them and show them that he had two tickets to the Buggy Awards. He told said that he wanted to take one of them as his date. The next scene is them in the classroom. Cory asks the class who the United States ally is and then ask Farkle if he knows the answer. Farkle seemingly not himself replies telling Cory that it’s Canada and that he’s not himself because has to make the hard decision on who he is taking to the awards – either Maya or Riley.

The next scene is with Topanga and Auggie. They are having a book party at the house with some other kids and Ava is there with her Mom. Ava’s mom starts talking a in a British accent and Topanga asks her if she’s British. Ava’s mom tells her that she isn’t and as they are getting ready to start the reading comments on what a cute girl Auggie is. Topanga corrects her and tells her that Auggie is a boy. You can tell that Topanga is not a fan of Ava’s mom who seems a bit on the rude side. Ava’s mom starts reading and then when done it is Auggie’s turn. Auggie says he wants Mommy to read to him and Ava’s mom makes a comment that he’s a little too old to be read to and Topanga says “No he’s not.“ Ava’s mom says to her that it’s okay because it is scientifically proven that boys develop at a different pace. The camera then pans to Cory who is hilariously playing with the juice box that he has in his hands. (that part was so funny that I actually laughed out loud.)

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Girl Meets World / February 6th, 2015

Rider Strong

laurieheapshair (hair stylist) posted on Instagram a picture of Rider Strong today. It seems this was taken when he was filming a scene.

“So happy to be working with my good friend Rider Strong again. Love this haircut. ✂️ #girlmeetsworld #riderstrong #boymeetsworld #shawnhunter”

Mar / February 5th, 2015

10983662_411502245678785_1003323904_n B9HfqbUCUAEpVRn

Danny and Will were on the set of Girl Meets World today!

Source 1 and Source 2

Girl Meets World / February 4th, 2015


Picture Credit ETOnline.com and Disney Channel

Quoted from ETOnline.com :”

 On Tuesday, ETonline was the first to report that Trina McGee will be guest starring in the second season of Girl Meets World, and now we have your exclusive first look at Angela (McGee) and Shawn’s (Rider Strong) highly anticipated reunion.

But wait, there’s more — we also have fans’ first look at the Hunter family back together again! Blake Clark, who played Chet Hunter, Shawn’s dearly departed father, will appear in the same Girl Meets World episode as McGee.


Michael Jacobs talked to ETOnline. “We decided that we wanted to run Shawn through an evolution [in Girl Meet World‘s first season],” Jacobs explained to ETonline. “We’ll first see him in the reunion episode during the holidays and then we’ll see him in another episode later this season that actually sort resolves what happened between Shawn and Angela.”



Picture Credit ETOnline.com and Disney Channel

Read the rest of the interview here http://www.etonline.com/tv/159177_exclusive_your_first_look_at_shawn_and_angelas_adorable_girl_meets_world_reunion/

Girl Meets World / February 4th, 2015



Rileyandauggie.tumblr.com did another amazing round up of the writers tweets. To see the previous roundup we posted, you can go here: http://bmwsequel.com/2015/01/30/part-7-of-girl-meets-world-writers-tweet-round-up/


[one] [two] [three] [four] [five] [six] [seven] [shawn&angela] [q&a]


  • Farkle’s Choice: Maya and Riley “realize something that’s always been true about Farkle.” (x)
  • First Date: Riley will be watching when Maya gets kissed (x)
    • Farkle will be “seriously close by” (x)
    • Is Riley gonna be mad at Maya after the kiss? “No. Riley will be thinking about something else.” (x)
    • Will Riley and Lucas kiss? “One will kiss. One will get kissed.” (x)
    • Will Rucas fans be disappointed? “As long as we tell a good story, no one should be disappointed. Things will happen honestly.” (x)
    • Maya says “Yeah. Okay” then Farkle faints (x)
  • Demolition: “Riley and Maya change somebody’s life. And you all know who she is.” (x)
    • It’s for a special Disney Channel weekend (x)


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Mar / February 3rd, 2015



ET Online has exclusively learned that Angela and Chet Hunter are going to be returning to Girl Meets World for Season 2! Here are some details on Angela’s return via Michael Jacobs the shows creator:

“We know that [Shawn’s] relationship with Angela Moore was a very important relationship to the audience, but we also know something more which is that with Shawn, nothing good ever really happened to him,” Jacobs explained to ETonline.

“He lost his father, he lost his mother, he lost his girlfriend,” Jacobs said. “She left him, and her rationale for leaving him was that she had a mother who had left her. That plagued so deeply in [Angela] that she never thought that she would be a good parent, a good wife, a good anything, but clearly she cared very deeply for Shawn.”

Those quotes were basically the biggest part of the article. I’m sure Shawn’s dad will be returning as a ghost. To read the full article go here:



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