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Mar / December 18th, 2014


We found an article from June 2014 with quotes from Michael. However some of this information is new so we wanted to post it.

Quoted from Shineon-media.com:

14. This is a show for the “every man” and “every girl.”

Over the years, you are going to fall in love with Riley the same way you fell in love with Cory. “Every show gets tested and we go through focus groups. What we were hearing is “who do you want to be?” Maya, Maya. Everyone was Maya. Everybody got nervous and we were like is Riley testing high enough?,” Jacobs revealed. “I said, don’t you understand? Every Riley in the audience wants to be Maya. It’s Ben all over again. In the beginning of “Boy Meets World,” Cory was never the highest testing character. It would be Shawn, it would be Topanga, it would be Feeny, it’d be extra #7. After year 3, it was Cory, year 4, Cory. He became the aspirational character. He showed the vast, predominant every man audience that “we are going to have a life.” Most shows on TV now, it’s hard to look like that, it’s hard to sound like that, it’s hard to have a girlfriend or boyfriend that looks like that as well. We want to do it real. I want a stumbling, gawky, unsure of herself child to grow up in front of us again. We did it once and we were successful.”

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Mar / December 11th, 2014



We came across a really awesome post on Riley and Auggie Tumblr where a fan put together some of the things that the writers have tweeted. We thought it would be great to share! Also please be aware there is spoiler info ahead.

[one] [two] [q&a]


  • On Maya and Shawn’s scene from Home for the Holidays: “Shawn was saying that if he had a daughter he would dedicate himself to her. Maya was just absorbing it.” (x,x)
  • “Josh is 16, turning 17. Maya’s 14th birthday is in Master Plan.” (x) I thought they were 12.  “Time flies when we don’t care about continuity.” (x)
  • The working title for the special episode airing after First Date is Girl Meets Demolition (x) “It’s about what people really want.” (x)


  • The sixth episode they’re filming is called Girl Meets Commonsim (x) Brief synopsis: “The John Quincy Adams Honor board. Crime and punishment.” (x)
  • Lucas is the oldest in class. It’s revealed why in The Secret of Life (x)
  • Feeny will interact with Maya and Riley (x) and teach them a life lesson (x)
  • We will see Evelyn Rand (Jackée Harry) again (x)
  • Is the bakery going to be the “Chubbies” for Riley and her friends to hang out at? “We will answer that very early next season.” (x)
  • The puppet from The Tell Tale Tot is not the Feeny puppet. “Much crazier than that” (x)
  • Does Lucas’ secret have to do with family problem or school problems? “His own problem” (x)
  • Hurricane is around 8 or 9 episodes in (x).

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Mar / December 10th, 2014


Source: https://www.twitter.com/GMWWriters

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Mar / December 8th, 2014



Robin on our Facebook writes:

I want to take a moment and say how amazing everyone is on the cast of Girl Meets World. My daughter Keira was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer, stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma on May 16, 2014. Her favorite TV show is Girl Meets World, which is wonderful because mine was Boy Meets World, and last week she received a very special gift from Peyton Meyer. Peyton not only sent Keira a personalized, autographed picture of himself , an autographed picture of the rest of the GMW cast, but he also sent her a Build A Bear puppy named Paris! (Stuffed animals are her favorite) This last month has been very difficult for Keira as we spent 25 days in the hospital with a very serious infection. She is now on the upswing but her spirits have still been down. Last week when she received this package she was so excited! I don’t think I have seen her smile that big in a long time!! So, I am not sure if the cast from Girl Meets World sees this page but I somehow wanted to say thank you to them for making my little girl so happy!!! #keirastrong

Girl Meets World / December 8th, 2014


Girl Meets Home for the Holidays guest-starred Uriah Shelton as Joshua Matthews as well as former “Boy Meets World” alumni Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter), Betsy Randle (Amy Matthews) and William Russ (Alan Matthews).

The episode drew in a total of 2.493 million viewers and 0.8 million adult viewers on Fridays premiere.

Source TvByTheNumbers

Girl Meets World / December 6th, 2014

Girl Meets Home for the Holidays

Picture Credit: Watch Disney

Shawn, Alan, Amy and Joshua return!

This was the episode that every Boy Meets World fan was waiting for since they filmed it back in March. It was the Boy Meets World reunion with Shawn, Alan, Amy and Joshua coming over to Cory and Topanga’s house to celebrate the Holidays with them. Cory was so excited to see Shawn as he hadn’t seen him in a while. It was awesome seeing Alan, Amy and Joshua come through the door then a minute or two later, we see Shawn do the same which was awesome as well.  It was great seeing Cory’s reaction when Shawn returned because it was as if we the time hadn’t changed at all. Shawn didn’t really interact much with the kids and that made Riley feels as if Shawn didn’t like her. She would ask him when her birthday was but he wouldn’t answer. Later on in the episode Shawn brought Riley and Maya to the bakery and finally answered the question that she’d been repeatedly asking him. He told  Riley when she was born, how tall she was, how much  she weighed, and that he was at the hospital all night waiting for Riley to be born.  Before leaving the bakery Riley told Shawn to look her. Once he did he said  “You’re Cory with Topanga’s hair. You got lucky.” which was a fantastic line.

During dinner Shawn and Maya got to talking to each other and they learned that they have some things in common. Shawn told her that he is a writer and a photographer who likes to travel, and Maya told him that she likes to draw. After this episode it seems that Shawn could quite possibly be a father type figure to Maya just like Mr. Turner was to Shawn in Boy Meets World.

I loved that in this episode Shawn and Cory passed the friendship torch down to Maya and Riley by telling them that they are the new “Cory and Shawn” for this generation.

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Girl Meets World / December 5th, 2014

Girl Meets Home for the Holidays

Picture Credit: TVLine and Disney Channel

Quoted from TVLine:

TVLine has an exclusive first look at two of the night’s disasters, beginning with Cory’s mom shading Topanga for her inability to work a stove. (Whatever, Amy.)

This is followed by a weirdly uncomfortable interaction between Riley and Shawn, who either doesn’t know how to communicate with kids, or just doesn’t feel like doing it.

Watch the sneak peek Here!

Girl Meets World / December 4th, 2014


Picture Credit: TVGuide and Disney Channel

Quoted from TVGuide:

“It’s nice to be surrounded by familiar faces that feel like family,” Fishel says in the exclusive behind-the-scenes video below.

Which old favorites are returning for Girl Meets World Season 2?

“It’s almost like reliving a chapter of our childhood,” Savage adds.

But what was it like for Girl stars Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter? Watch the video to find out.

Watch the video below!

Girl Meets World Home for the Holidays airs tomorrow at 8PM Eastern on the Disney Channel.

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