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Girl Meets World / April 10th, 2015


Rileyandauggie.tumblr.com did another amazing round up of the writers tweets. To see the previous roundup we posted, you can go here.

Source: RileyAndAuggie.Tumblr.com

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  • First Date:  Thank you for [the] full circle bus scene finale. [Riley] Went from not being able to speak to giving kiss. Beautifully done. How a Cast grows in 21 weeks 😉 “That was the intended takeaway. Thanks for getting it.” (x)
    • I loved the continuity errors reference when it comes to Corpanga’s first date in the last episode! “Yeah. One was purposefully out of continuity.” (x)
    • I was kind of confused when Maya asked Lucas out how did it help Riley? “It pushed Lucas. Maya has been pushing Lucas all along.” (x)
    • okay, one question. When Riley+Maya were sat in the window, did Maya hint that she liked Lucas?! Or was I dreaming it?! “y’know, dreams are manifestations of what people think.” (x Did she hint it or not?! I’m confused! “So are we” (x)
    • Why did Lucas call Maya the other one? Was it lucaya foreshadowing? “No, they already have an interesting relationship. Foreshadowing would be if I said: Look at those leaves in the wind…” (x)
  • DemolitionCan you give me another Corpanga line from demolition please! You know I love them ”You’ll love that [episode]. Lots of Cory and Topanga. Well there’s 1,200 bucks I’m not getting back.” (x)
    • Are we going to see more Cory and Topanga scenes like just them, no kids? “Not their show, but strong in next episode.” (x)
    • Give me a word that someone says in Demolition. Give the word and who says it “Timberlake. Auggie. Last word of episode.” (x)
    • Maya line: “Agg-hugghh” (x)

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Mar / April 10th, 2015


Disney Channel has uploaded a sneak peek/promo for Girl Meets Demolition! Don’t forget to tune into the episode on Friday, April 17th at 8:30PM est on the Disney Channel!

Source: Disney Channel’s Official Youtube

Girl Meets World / April 9th, 2015


Season 1 has ended. The bonus episode “Girl Meets Demolition” premieres next Friday at 8:30PM on the Disney Channel followed by season 2 which premieres on Monday, May 11th with a new episode every night from May 12-May 15th.

First off, a big thank you to Disney, Michael Jacobs, Ben, Danielle and the writers for allowing Girl Meets World to happen.

I have to say, it’s been quite an adventure. Three years ago, when I heard the news that Ben and Danielle signed on, I immediately wanted to launch this website. It was a few months later that I met a friend named Mar on Twitter and asked her to help me get it going. We never expected our website to get this big and we can’t thank the fans and cast enough for their continued support. It is hard to believe that we went from waiting for season 1 to start filming/airing on TV to it now being over and season 2 almost ready to air in May.

Here are my thoughts on Season 1. I loved it. It must have been a difficult task for the writers to balance out the show to make both the generation that grew up with Boy Meets World and the new generation happy. I think they did a fantastic job with it, and the show grew quite a bit from the pilot to the season finale.

We learned a lot about the characters: Riley, Maya, Farkle and Lucas.

Riley is a bright student and is a perfect mix of Cory and Topanga. The only downside is, I haven’t seen her be by herself without Maya tagging along with her. I also would like to see her in bad situations. Other than that, it’s good and I love how her character has evolved. At first she was scared to talk to Lucas in the subway due to having such a crush on him and then in the season finale you see where she has gained so much confidence that she kisses him.

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Mar / April 9th, 2015


Girl Meets World’s season 1 will premiere in Germany on May 11th!

Source: @FancyRowbrina on Twitter

Mar / April 8th, 2015


Variety has changed their article saying that Will Friedle’s episode airs on May 15th, not the 14th. We are not sure if this was a mistake on Variety’s part or if Disney changed the episode order at the last minute. Earlier, the writers had tweeted the episode order and titles as well as adding that Will’s episode aired on the 15th instead of the 14th. It was when we noticed that Variety had changed the air date for Will’s episode that we decided to make a post to let you all know that it has in fact changed.

Source: Variety.com and @GMWWriters on Twitter

Mar / April 8th, 2015


We finally have a date as to when Season 2 of Girl Meets World is going to premiere as well as an air date for Will Friedle’s (Eric Matthews) episode! Variety.com has posted on their website the shows second season will premiere on Monday, May 11, 2015! This means that there will be new episodes every night that week Monday through Friday from May 12-May 15. Will’s episode will air on May 14 and it is one that you won’t want to miss!

Update: Will Friedle’s episode airs on May 15th, not the 14th now. Please check our new post on this here(Click here).

Below is a quote from Variety’s article:  

Disney Channel has set Monday, May 11 as the season 2 premiere date of “Boy Meets World” spinoff “Girl Meets World,” Variety has learned. As an additional treat, one new episode of the show will debut each night May 12-15, totaling five new episodes throughout the week.

Episode description for the Season 2 Premiere “Girl Meets Gravity”: (from Variety)

The season premiere, which guest stars Cloris Leachman, follows Riley and Maya as they embark on a new year at John Quincy Adams Middle School and are eager to transfer out of Cory’s class. The change, however, doesn’t offer the excitement and independence they hoped it would. Meanwhile, Riley’s little brother, Auggie, learns what it means to say goodbye to a very close friend.

The May 14 episode will likely especially intrigue “Boy Meets World” fans, as it marks the return of Cory Matthews’ brother Eric. Will Friedle will make his first guest appearance on the show on that episode.

Source for picture and news info: Variety.com

Girl Meets World / April 7th, 2015

Anthony Tyler Quinn

Yes, you heard that right – Anthony will be reprising his role as Mr. Turner on Girl Meets World!

The writers and Anthony himself confirmed today via Twitter that Mr. Turner is going to be returning to Girl Meets World. The episode that he is going to be in will be called “Girl Meets the New Teacher“. We are so excited to see Mr. Turner again. Are you guys excited?

Mr. Turner was in a motorcycle accident in Season 4, Episode 21 “Cult Fiction”. Then in Season 5, Episode 24 “Graduation” Minkus said “Hey, Mr. Turner, wait up” across the hall but Mr. Turner was off-screen. You can see the clip below underneath the tweets.

Source: @GMWWriters and @TheAnthonyTylerQuinn on Twitter 

Source on episode title: Tweet 1 and Tweet 2 

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Girl Meets World / April 5th, 2015

Will Friedle Feeny call

Corey Marsh (Disney Channel Development Executive) tweeted a video of Will Friedle (Eric Matthews) doing the Feeny call on the set of Girl Meets World. This video was taken at a Season 2 taping.

Source: @Corey Marsh on Twitter and Instagram

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