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Girl Meets World / February 13th, 2015

Interview with Sabrina

CelebSecrets4U interviewed Sabrina at the Bad Hair Day Premiere. She was asked about what can be expected for Season 2!


Interviewer: And for Girl Meets World, what can we expect coming up for it?

Sabrina: Season 2 is, uh, at a level where we are very, very, very proud of it and we are jumping out of our feet for you guys to see it. I don’t even think that’s an analogy jumping out of your feet, I just made it up, but very excited, nonetheless.

She also talks about what she does when she has a bad hair day, who she wants to guest star on Girl Meets World, and about the new album she has coming out. Check out the interview below!

Girl Meets World / February 13th, 2015

Rider Strong

Looks like we are going to being seeing a lot more of Shawn on Girl Meets World! The writers have confirmed via Twitter that Rider will be hanging around in a semi-regular role. Check out their tweets below:

Girl Meets World / February 10th, 2015

Rileyandauggie.tumblr.com did another amazing round up of the writers tweets. To see the previous roundup we posted, you can go here: http://bmwsequel.com/2015/02/04/part-8-of-the-girl-meets-world-writers-round-up/

[one] [two] [three] [four] [five] [six] [seven] [eight] [shawn&angela] [q&a]


  • The TruthIn my opinion I don’t think Riley had her first kiss with Farkle on Girl Meets The Truth. Can you explain why Maya said that? “She was being sarcastic, which she almost always is” (x)
  • SmackleWill Maya’s vision issue ever be followed up on? ”She sees fine. That was a joke for the episode.” (x, x)
  • Flaws: What is Lucas’ flaw “Mr. Perfect” supposed to mean? “That he isn’t.” (x)
    • When Lucas says”I thought this was what you wanted Maya?” Why does he care about her opinion on him? “He cares a lot about his friends.” (x)
  • Master Plan: Will we ever find out what Maya wished for her birthday in “Girl Meets Master Plan”?? “I think you know. Girl Meets Pluto and Girl Meets Hurricane continue the story.” (x)
  • First Date: is about “everybody” (x)
    • Describe First Date in 3 words “summer rain shitzu” (x)
    • Lucas says “Wow” (x)
    • Lucas and Maya line: “We goin’ out or what?” (x)
    • Stage direction: “Cory holds on to the door.Lucas opens it and slides him across the floor.” (x)
    • “In the finale, there is a completely alternate class. Very funny.” (x)
    • How is Josh going to be towards Maya after Girl Meets First Date? “You’ll find out in Girl Meets The Tell Tale Tot.” (x)


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Girl Meets World / February 10th, 2015


Thank you to Sarah on Twitter for letting us know that the Girl Meets World taping on February 18th has been rescheduled. For those that had tickets, the taping will be a week from today on Tuesday, February 17th.

Source: http://tvtickets.com/changes.htm

Girl Meets World / February 10th, 2015


Will Friedle (Eric Matthews) has filmed more than one episode. Check his tweet out below:

We’re so excited to see his episodes! How about you guys? Comment below!

Girl Meets World / February 10th, 2015


Looks like we won’t have to wait that long for new episodes. The writers confirmed via Twitter that season 2 will premiere in June!

Girl Meets World / February 10th, 2015


Last year when Ben and Danielle were interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, they discussed the upcoming season finale episode “Girl Meets First Date“. With the episode airing next month (which the writers confirmed here) we thought now would be a great time to bring this interview back out. It answers the one question that everyone has been dying to know “Who’s Riley’s date?” For those that may not have read it, check out the quotes below:

(There are also interviews by Shineon-Media.com and OKMagazine.com below)

Entertainment Weekly:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What are you working on today? Last time I was here, you had dried milk on your face.
BEN SAVAGE (Cory Matthews): Cereal! Well, this episode is Riley’s first date, and it’s sort of the parents – really Cory – terrified that his daughter is going on her first date.
It’s basically how he’s handling it and then the date, and then Topanga’s character is a lot cooler and a lot more confident and happy.
DANIELLE FISHEL (Topanga Matthews): Yeah, all season long, the kids have been a foursome. They’re a group. But there are obvious flirtations between our daughter and her crush Lucas (Peyton Meyer). It’s the end of seventh grade, and people are starting to show an interest in coupling up. So this episode is really about Lucas getting up the nerve to ask Riley (Rowan Blanchard) out on a date, and it is Riley dealing with her first foray into a real adult situation like dating.

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Girl Meets World / February 9th, 2015


One of the biggest concerns that the fans have had with the show being on Disney is that the network will make it difficult for them to cover mature topics. A fan tweeted the writers about this subject not long ago. Check out what the writers had to say about it. I think many of you are going to be very pleased with what they had to say.

Here are two other tweets that we thought were interesting:

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