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Mar / June 2nd, 2017

Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Instagram

Sabrina and Corey recently met up while they were in London, UK. Together they filmed this cute video that Sabrina says is a deleted scene from her On Purpose video. It’s adorable!

Mar / June 2nd, 2017

Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Instagram

When Sabrina was in the UK she met up with LOVE magazine to do an interview. They had her do a question and answer while she was planking. It’s funny and cute! Go here to watch:


Mar / June 2nd, 2017

Photo Credit: Corey’s Instagram

Corey has landed the lead role as Jasper Perkins a crowd-sourced killer in FullScreens new thriller show “PrankMe”. It sounds like a very interesting show/role that he’s going to be playing as its obviously very different from his Farkle Minkus role! The show is currently being filmed in London! Below is a summary of what the show is about:

Jasper Perkins is a social media star, growing in popularity due to the increasingly extreme pranks on his channel. When a high profile stunt doesn’t go according to plan, Perkins, encouraged by his growing viewership and crowdsourced victims, blurs the line between audience and accomplice.

Source: PopWrapped.com

Mar / May 28th, 2017

Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Instagram

Sabrina was interviewed recently while she was on tour in the UK. She talked about her music, her fans, and the tour life. You can listen to her interview below. I always love to hear what Sabrina has to say. I couldn’t be more proud of her for all she’s accomplishing.

Source: madeleinemae.co.uk

Mar / May 26th, 2017

Photo Credit: Rowan’s Instagram

Rowan is going to be honored next month for her activism at the Children Mending Hearts 2017 Empathy Rocks Fundraiser! I’m so beyond proud of you Rowan! You deserve this so much. Keep the great work. I truly believe you are changing lives and helping your generation. <3

The young actress and activist will be honored for her commitment to empowering communities and changing lives at Children Mending Hearts’ 2017 Annual Empathy Rocks Fundraiser next month. Rowan‘s honor recognizes young humanitarians who believe in empathy and equality, pursue causes of social justice, and inspire young people to become change-makers within their own communities to help change the world.

Source: Just Jared Jr

Mar / May 20th, 2017

Photo Credit: Auggie’s Instagram

There is going to be a new Dancing With The Stars spin off called “Dancing With The Stars Junior” which will be for younger celebrity kids. Just Jared Jr has made a post on their site with their dream list and Auggie is first on the list! Who else thinks it would be awesome to see Auggie on there? I personally love Dancing With The Stars so I would totally be down with this!


Mar / May 20th, 2017

As many of you all know Auggie and his family do a lot to raise awareness for Food Allergies. Auggie himself has an allergy to peanuts, tree nuts, sesame coconut and sunflower. This week is Food Allergy Awareness week.  Turn it Teal was unable to get places in the Los Angeles area to light up in teal to honor Food Allergy Awareness so Auggie tweeted from his account asking the US Bank Tower to light up and they agreed to it as long as he got some pictures and coverage of it! Big congrats to Auggie and Turn it Teal for being able to do this.  This is the first building in Los Angeles to ever turn it teal for Food Allergy Awareness Week! I have included a little note to Auggie on this post because I want him to know how proud of I am of him! Check out the pictures below of the tower! 🙂

Source and Photo Credit: Auggie’s Twitter and Instagram

Dear Auggie,.

Hopefully Mommy will read this out loud to you. It’s Mar and I just want you to know how proud I am of you for all you are doing to help to raise awareness for Food Allergies. You have accomplished so much already at such a young age! It’s amazing what you have done and continue to do. You are teaching alot people including myself a lot about food allergies! I didn’t really know much about any of this stuff until you so THANK YOU to you and your family (as well as everyone else) for all you are doing and continue to do! I love seeing the  tower in teal and also seeing your excitement to it being lit up. Congratulations on being able to do that it’s so awesome!  🙂


Mar / May 18th, 2017

Photo Credit: Rowan’s Instagram

Hey guys!

I know that I am super late in posting about this and for that I truly apologize to all of you and to Rowan as well. I was unsure of what episodes of The Goldbergs that Rowan was going to be on and on top of that got the nights confused as to when the show aired. I promoted two out of the four episodes and they were first two that she was in. As for the other two I had every intention on making a post about them. I feel so bad about it. The one night I was going to make a post about it because I thought it was on Friday but when I had seen her tweet about it I was busy at the time and when I went to make the post later I saw where it had already aired. As for last nights episode I didn’t know she was going to be on that episode until I saw a tweet after it aired!  Anyways if you guys would like to see her her episodes you can do so by going to the link below. 3 out of the 4 episodes are on there. I’ve also included the episode names that she’s in! The only one you are unable to watch since it expired is “A Night To Remember” and that’s the very first episode she appeared in.


Graduation Day

Jedi Master Adam Skywalker

The Day After the Day After

A Night to Remember  (You are unable to watch this one)

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