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28 November 2015
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The long awaited episode which was in continuation of Girl Meets Texas has finally aired. This was another heavy episode full of emotions. Mark Blutman did a fantastic job writing it and the kids did a fantastic job in acting it out. I even had to go dig out my moms Jane Austen book so that I could start reading Sense and Sensibility! So kudos to you Mark for making

11 November 2015
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“Forgiveness is one of our finest qualities as human beings” Girl Meets the Forgiveness Project was very emotional, and we’re sure it hit close to home for many people. Kudos to Matt Nelson for doing such an incredible job on it. He and the other writers have been doing a fantastic job writing this show. Before I start the recap, I’d also like to say bravo to Sabrina on her

15 October 2015
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Follow @lionandthelamb2 When the episode opens up we learn that Riley wants to try out for cheerleading. Cory has Maya try to convince her not to but it doesn’t work. When they get to school Maya is still trying to convince Riley not to try out because every time she does the coach doesn’t let her. She tries to explain to Riley that the coach already has her team picked

8 October 2015
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Photo Credit: Auggie’s Twitter The show opens up with Auggie, Ava, and Doy dressed up as characters from The Wizard of Oz. Auggie is the scarecrow, Ava is the Wicked Witch and Doy is the Cowardly Lion. Auggie narrated but there was also a part where Ava talking to the audience. I think this was the writers way of acknowledging the fans by having Ava say that she is not

1 October 2015
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This episode was by far my favorite of the season. As someone who has been bullied both in school and online, I appreciated it so much that they touched on this topic in Girl Meets World. The acting in the episode was fantastic as the actors really outdid themselves. Rowan Blanchard especially showed us what she can do and her acting had me tearing up. The episode starts out with

24 September 2015
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The episode starts off with Cory and Topanga in the kitchen doing late night work when Riley comes out pretending that she’s sleep walking. Riley wants to know what they are doing up so late and Topanga tells her that people are trying to kick out the owners of a bookstore so that they can put in a new fast food restaurant. Riley then says to her dad “Mom’s trying

15 May 2015
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Written by Sef and Mar This episode was most likely written for the Boy Meets World fans. A lot of references and of course we get to see Philly and Mr. Feeny. It was so wonderful! The episode opened up with Cory teaching a lesson about history. Riley starts reading a book and she reads about Pluto. She didn’t know Pluto wasn’t a planet and was upset about it. Maya

12 May 2015
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Written by Mar Last night (May 11th) Girl Meets World’s second season premiered with an episode titled “Girl Meets Gravity”. This episode was fantastic and really hit close to home for me. The episode started off with Riley introducing herself and telling where she’s from as well as the name of her school which she says is where she and her friends are the center of the universe or so

13 October 2014
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“Girl Meets the Forgotten” On Friday, October 10th 2014, Disney Channel aired what is in my opinion the most stand out episode of Girl Meets World that we have seen so far from season one. In this episode we got to see Danny McNulty return to his “Boy Meets World” role as Harley Keiner. The history lesson was called “The Forgotten” which the kids were given a lesson by Cory and Farkle