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Mar / June 3rd, 2016


Young Hollywood went behind the scenes of Girl Meets World with Ben, Rowan, Sabrina. Corey, and Peyton in a new interview! Make sure to check it out! They give you a set tour of the new High School set etc! 🙂

Kendra / May 31st, 2016



Photo Credit: Corey’s Instagram

Corey Fogelmanis will be at Funplex water park in Omaha, Nebraska this Saturday June 4th. All the details can be found in the link below.


Source: Corey’s Twitter

Mar / May 28th, 2016

12145525_146734629013160_359363193_nPhoto Credit: Corey’s Instagram

Corey is on the cover of the upcoming issue of LVLten Magazine! There isn’t an article yet but if one comes out we’ll share it with you guys on the website. Until then you can check out a picture of the magazine cover below!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/lvltenmag/?fref=ts


Kendra / May 12th, 2016


The Teen Choice Awards are coming up Sunday July 31st and it’s nomination time!  Pick from a variety of categories to nominate our favorite cast and show. You can even nominate GMW Fans as Choice Fandom!!  Nominations close this Sunday May 15th at 3pm Eastern/12pm Pacific.



RP and tweet the hashtags #TeenChoice #ChoiceFandom #GirlMeetsWorld #FeenysFamily pic.twitter.com/AhO1WH3TFv

— MEBBS (@MEBBS5) May 10, 2016


Sources: teenchoice.comMEBBS  Twitter

Kendra / May 12th, 2016

12063135_1652204708384080_1523717777_nPhoto Credit: Corey’s Instagram

Corey was interviewed by ladygunn.com. He talked Girl Meets World, photography, as well as many other interests. You can read the full interview below.

What do you think it is about Girl Meets World that makes it appealing to all ages?

I know a lot of people watch the show because they were fans of Boy Meets World and want to see what Cory and Topanga are up to now. Also, fans of the original show who now have families are watching it with their kids and can relate to what they’re going through as parents.

Do you ever find yourself still in character once filming is done for the day?

Since I’m going on my third year of playing Farkle, I know him pretty well so it’s easy to jump in and out of character.

Source: http://ladygunn.com/people/corey-fogelmanis

Kendra / May 1st, 2016


It’s finally here!!! Season 3 of Girl Meets World premieres with a big 2 part episode airing in June. Check out the promo for Girl Meets High School below!

Source: RileyandAuggie on Youtube/ Disney Channel

Mar / April 12th, 2016


Hey guys I screwed up the date on the post about Corey meeting fans in Michigan! He’s doing a meet and greet on April 16th in Michigan not May 16.

Corey Fogelmanis (Farkle) will be meeting fans in Michigan on April 16!

Mar / April 12th, 2016

Photo Credit: Corey’s Instagram

Corey is going to be meeting fans this coming weekend (April 16) in Birch Run, Michigan! The event is at the Birch Run Expo Center on Saturday April 16 from 10AM to 4PM. For more information on the event go here: http://www.abc12.com/familyexpo?device=phone&c=y&c=y&device=phone

Source: Corey’s Twitter and abc12.com 


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