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Mar / October 14th, 2015


Photo Credit: Rowan’s Facebook

Even though you are 14 you inspire us on a daily basis. The kids of today’s generation are so lucky to have such an amazing role model such as you. We can’t wait to see more of you on Girl Meets World and are looking forward to seeing where the writers take your character and storyline.  Keep up the good work and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We hope your day is as special as you are.

-BMWSequel Team

Sef / October 8th, 2015

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Picture Credit: Cheryl’s Twitter

Happy Birthday, Cheryl! We hope you have an amazing day! Ever since your character was introduced to us in Girl Meets World, we fell in love with you. You do an amazing job portraying Maya’s mom. We are very excited to see what else is in store for your character, Maya and Shawn.

– Bmwsequel.com Team

Mar / September 18th, 2015

Photo Credit: Rowan’s Instagram

In honor of Rowan’s birthday on October 14th we would love if all of her fans would donate to https://www.unwomen-usnc.org. If you remember back a few months ago, Rowan did an incredible speech at the UN Woman’s Conference. We think that this is something that would really touch her heart if her fans got together and donated in honor of her 14th birthday. I’ve spoken to the director who spoke to someone else who thinks this would a be a great idea. They are going to keep a tally of how many donations they receive that are in honor of Rowan’s birthday and then eventually Rowan will get word of it. This would be a fantastic way to help change a woman’s life and also support Rowan in something that is near and dear to her heart. If you would like to donate, it’s very simple. All you do is go to: www.unwomen-usnc.org/donate and fill out the form. At the very end of it, there is a part you can fill out in memory/honor of which is where you will put: Rowan Blanchard’s birthday. They will gather all the donations up and Rowan will be notified about how many of her fans donated in her name. You can see the images below on how to donate.






Mar / September 13th, 2015


Happy Birthday, Ben! I  hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for returning to our screens as Cory Matthews on Girl Meets World. I love to see all the life lessons that Cory teaches just like Mr . Feeny did to our generation and can’t wait to see what he teaches next. You’re amazing, funny, and I adore you. It was such a pleasure to meet you back in May. I hope to be able to make it out there again once season 3 is green lit because we all know it’s going to be!




Girl Meets World / September 13th, 2015

COwUr3dUsAMp_VK.jpg large

Photo Credit: Ben’s Twitter


Happy Birthday, Ben! We hope you have a fantastic day and a great 35th Birthday! We will always know you as Cory Matthews, you’re both like each other, haha. Thank you for coming back to do Girl Meets World. Boy and Girl Meets World are fantastic shows. We have no doubt season 3 will be ordered soon.

– Bmwsequel.com Team

Sef / September 8th, 2015

COSArHpUcAAMY6cPhoto Credit: @djjazzyjeff225 on Twitter

Happy Birthday Amir Mitchell-Townes (Zay)! We hope you have an amazing birthday and a great day! We can’t wait to see you in more episodes of Girl Meets World.

Source: Auggie’s Twitter account

Mar / September 2nd, 2015


Happy Birthday to Sef, the mastermind and owner behind BMWSequel.com! Without him we would not have this wonderful site to go to for Girl Meets World! I hope you have a fantastic day, Sef! Eat lots of cake for me.


Mar / August 28th, 2015


Photo Credit: Auggie or Ocean’s Instagram

Happy 8th Birthday to August Maturo and Happy 4th Birthday to his little brother, Ocean. We hope you have had a fantastic birthday filled with lots of love and laughter! Enjoy your day.

-Mar and Sef

Source for the image below: Auggie’s Twitter

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