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Mar / May 11th, 2016

13151215_203957779997015_2069998765_nPhoto Credit: Sabrina’s Instagram

Happy Birthday Sabrina! Kendra and I hope that you have a wonderful birthday! We cannot wait for your album to come out and we will see you next week! Have a wonderful day princess!

Mar / May 5th, 2016


Happy Birthday, Danielle! We hope you have a wonderful day. For your birthday you requested that fans do a random act of kindness and then share their stories of what they did. We got several stories from fans  have done a random act of Kindness. Thank you to everyone who sent theirs into us!

Mar’s Story – 

Hi Danielle, I hope you have a wonderful day! <3 My random act of kindness is that sometimes when I have my cousins kids after school I take them and my nephew down to the local store to get ice cream.  Also another thing I did was back in October for Rowan’s 14th Birthday I was able to gather her fans and raise $1000 in her name for U.S National Committee for UN Woman. 🙂


BMWSequel Admin Kendra’s Story – 

Hey Danielle! I wanted to first wish you a Happy Birthday and hope you enjoy your day. 😊 Back in February when Sabrina released her single Smoke and Fire she was also selling a limited amount of shirts. I bought myself one and then got to talking to a fan who said she really wanted one but couldn’t afford it. I decided to buy her one as well. I sent her the shirt along with some artwork I made soon after her shirt arrived. She was so grateful she cried about the joy it brought her that someone would do that for her.

Sunehra’s Story-

I noticed a lot of kids in my class were often unprepared for school. When I asked them why, they said their parents don’t care enough to go shopping for school supplies. So, I saved up on my allowance and bought pencils, pens, and notebooks for my classmates so they never get points taken off their grade for being unprepared again. I carry around extra pencils in case someone forgets theirs.

Trisha’s Story-

A few weeks ago, I was heading to school in the morning, and I was walking through the shopping centre and at one of the crossings between buildings there was a homeless man. I then went into a store and bought him a bread roll (I didn’t have much money on me), I walked out and went back towards the crossing and gave him the roll. I felt a lot better knowing that he would be able to at least get a little bit of food. It really bothers me, there are all these office people walking past and they have the money, but they don’t offer much or even by food for someone who can’t afford it themselves. I generally hesitate to give money in case they use it for drugs/alcohol/cigarettes, but if I can afford to, I will buy some food.

Donna’s Story –

I work at McDonald’s at there’s always an elderly man who comes in with a walker so I let the man pay and then I tell him to take a seat and I will bring him his food

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Mar / March 31st, 2016

CegUnG4W8AAXYc6Photo Credit: Lin’s Twitter

Happy 89th Birthday, Bill! We hope you have a wonderful day and hope to see more of you on Girl Meets World! Thank you for playing such an amazing influential character! Mr. Feeny has taught us so much!


Sef / December 11th, 2015

tumblr_mztadvMlB21rmdw8yo1_500Picture Credit: Auggie’s Instagram

Happy 36th Birthday, Rider! You have been doing a brilliant job directing Girl Meets World and we can’t wait to see more episodes with Shawn in them!  Have an amazing day!

– Sef and Mar

Mar / November 24th, 2015


Happy Birthday, Peyton! We hope you have an awesome day and can’t wait to see what is in store for Lucas on Girl Meets World. Keep up the amazing work!

-Mar and Sef

Sef / October 28th, 2015



Happy Birthday, Mar! I approached her on Twitter nearly three years ago for her to help me run our website. She’s such a great friend and the best website partner. I hope you have an amazing day, Mar!

– Sef

Sef / October 22nd, 2015

CR8RY4gUsAAwUFu.jpg large

Photo Credit: Auggie’s Twitter account

Happy Birthday, Wesley! We hope you have an amazing day on your birthday!

Sef / October 20th, 2015


Picture Credit: Our friend Natalie


Happy Birthday, William Russ! You’re a very respected actor and have so much talent. We hope to see you back on Girl Meets World in the future. We hope you have an amazing day!

– Bmwsequel.com Team

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