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Girl Meets World / May 14th, 2015

TVLine.com shared a first look of Cory, Topanga, and Shawn’s reunion with Mr. Feeny! There is also a cute picture of the girls with him as well.

In the episode, titled “Girl Meets Pluto,” the original BMW-ers return to their childhood stomping grounds to dig up a 15-year-old time capsule, inspiring the next generation to bury one of its own.


Girl Meets Pluto premieres tonight at 8:30PM on the Disney Channel! 

Source: TVLine.com 

Girl Meets World / May 12th, 2015


GIRL MEETS WORLD - Disney Channel's "Girl Meets World" stars Ben Savage as Cory Matthews. (Disney Channel/Bob D'Amico)

GIRL MEETS WORLD – Disney Channel’s “Girl Meets World” stars Ben Savage as Cory Matthews. (Disney Channel/Bob D’Amico)

Vulture.com had the pleasure of interviewing Ben. He talked about growing up through the 7 seasons of Boy Meets World, how it’s amazing to be doing this all over again with Girl Meets World, and what is to come with the show’s second season. One of the things you learn from this interview is that Ben is very protective of Boy Meets World’s legacy, and he wants to make sure Girl Meets World is done right. Below we have included some quotes from the interview. We couldn’t copy all of it due to the copyright law but if you would like to read the rest you can do so by going here.


What’s it like so many years later to talk to full-grown adults like me who are obsessed with what you did as a kid?
It’s flattering. It’s exciting. What really means a lot to me is when people come up to me — and it happens a lot — and say, “I grew up on Boy Meets World, and it means so much to me, and I like that I’m now able to watch Girl Meets World with my kid because it’s like passing the torch between generations.” That’s what we set out to do. We were aiming to teach the lessons of Boy Meets World in an updated context to a younger audience.

Even when we’ve written about it, people have just appreciated that it was being talked about seriously.
They’re very protective of the show. That was one of the things that we got a blowback from initially. It was like, “Oh, it’s on Disney Channel, it’s gonna be ruined!” We’re halfway through our second season — if [only] the fans knew how hard the writers work not only to replicate Boy Meets World but also to tell these new stories in a different context.

I’m so protective of the Boy Meets World legacy. I’m a creature of habit, and superstitious. I even listen to the same music every day that I listened to then (Third Eye Blind, Counting Crows, Tori Amos). So, the two people that I said I wanted back on the show were the original studio teacher who taught Boy Meets World — he taught all seven years of Boy Meets World; he’s now the studio teacher for the girls on the show — and then our script supervisor, Kathy Giangregorio, who was our script supervisor all seven years of Boy Meets World. I was like, “I want to look out and see Kathy, just like we did on Boy Meets World. It’s the most calming presence in the world.” And then it’s all of our old writers, it’s all of our old producers. It’s this incredibly surreal, nostalgic feeling.

The first episode of season two doesn’t just talk about death, which shows have talked about in the past, but mortality and our relative insignificance in the universe. No one does that!
Yeah! We just did a show, “Girl Meets Belief,” which wrapped on Tuesday, about the existence of God and what that determines in terms of how you make your decisions in life, and whether that’s important. Cory delivers this whole speech about a prism and how you think nothing’s there, but if you hold up a prism, you can see the colors of the rainbow. It tells us that God is there. It just shows up in different ways. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. When you look through that wall, you don’t know what’s behind there, but there are people behind there. I’m telling you, it’s deep stuff. It’s deep stuff for me, and I’m 34 years old.

Was there a moment in season one where it was like, yeah, this works?
Yeah, it took a while, and I’ll be the first to admit it. There were a lot of high expectations, and there’s no way that the pilot of a brand-new show could live up to the hype of seven seasons plus 15 years [of] buildup. So our first season was a transitional season. Second season, we’re bringing back a lot of old characters from Boy Meets World, and it’s kind of a nod to the Boy Meets World audience, like, “It’s okay to come back and join us.” And we’re tying up a lot of loose ends that people had lingering questions about for years. We just had Mr. Turner on. He was in a car accident his last episode of Boy Meets World, and we never explained what happened. We took 17 years, but we found him.

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Girl Meets World / May 11th, 2015


TVLine.com has posted an interview with Ben and Rowan! They give us the scoop about upcoming guest appearances from Boy Meets World cast members. There is also an adorable video of Rowan doing the Feeny Call! Below are some quotes from the interview as well as the video of Rowan doing the Feeny Call which we have to admit she’s totally got it down to a tee!

Mr. Feeny: “He has a great role in the premiere, and in ‘Girl Meets Pluto,’” teases Blanchard. “We go back to Pennsylvania and Riley and I do the Feeny call! It was so intimidating. You don’t want to mess that up, so Michael [Jacobs] would show us clips of Will [Friedle] doing it, then we would try to mimic him. Obviously we’re not as good as he was, but we tried.”

Eric: When Cory’s older brother returns in “Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels,” Blanchard says we should expect nuggets of “wisdom” from his famed alter ego. We shouldn’t, however, expect to find out whether or not Plays With Squirrels remained married to that moose with whom he allegedly swapped vows. “I don’t know if we address that,” Savage admits. “Maybe he’s still with the moose. Eric is a character where, really, anything goes.” Adds Blanchard, less hopefully, “Or maybe they went their separate ways.”

Angela: “This is one of the strongest episodes we’ve ever done,” Savage says of “Girl Meets Hurricane,” in which Shawn’s ex-girlfriend re-enters the fold. “We tie up a lot of loose ends.” Adds Blanchard, “We call it a ‘hurricane’ because it’s all these characters thrown into a situation where they have to come to terms with what’s happened in the past.”

To read more about other upcoming appearances head on over to: TVLine.com

Source: TVLine’s Instagram account

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It's official: @RowanBlanchard has mastered the Feeny Call. (And @BenSavage approves!) #GirlMeetsWorld

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Girl Meets World / May 8th, 2015

Hollywood Life interview

Hollywood Life interviewed Ben and Rowan about Girl Meets World. They said that they’re bridging both worlds “Boy Meets World” and “Girl Meets World” in season 2, addressing Riley & Lucas’ love story, and more.

Source: Hollywood Life’s YouTube account

Girl Meets World / May 8th, 2015

Girl Meets World cast photo


ABC News interviewed Ben and Rowan about Girl Meets World about how deep Girl Meets World will go like it’s predecessor, Boy Meets World.

So, if “Girl” has a long run like its predecessor, will this Disney version address adult themes like “Boy Mets World” did?

“At the end of the day we want to be the show that tells real life,” said 13-year-old Blanchard in a recent interview.

“If that time ever were to happen I think we would be the show that would do it. I don’t want to make any promises but (creator, showrunner) Michael (Jacobs) is very, very passionate about writing real life,” she said.

“We want to cover episode topics that kids deal with,” added Savage, “I will say that we’re covering topics about relationships and religion and family life and love and marriage and divorce and parenting so we’re really covering a wide array of issues that kids deal with.”

The second season rolls out more characters from “Boy Meets World” like Cory’s best friend Shawn (played by Rider Strong) and their beloved teacher Mr. Feeny, played by William Daniels, along with Will Friedle who played Cory’s older brother Eric.

Savage said season one was meant to establish the show but they’re now more comfortable mixing in past characters with new ones.

“I think it’s a wonderful thing that we’re able to kind of reintroduce these characters to a new audience while slowly letting our long-time viewers know what they’ve been up to. I think our audience appreciates that.”

Source: ABCNews.com

Girl Meets World / May 7th, 2015


Sheknows.com interviewed the cast of Girl Meets World for season 2. There will be a big character death in the Season 2 premiere episode “Girl Meets Gravity”. Ben, Danielle and August had this to say on how it will affect their characters:

“I would certainly imagine Cory, who doesn’t like change or doesn’t like anything different, would probably not handle that so well,” Ben Savage shared about his character’s upcoming journey in the new season.

Even August Maturo, who plays youngest Matthews kid Auggie, said his character will learn a lot from the passing of this key character.

It will also signal a big career shift for Topanga.

“She gets to take over Mrs. Svorski’s bakery in an unexpected way,” actress Danielle Fishel teased.

Cory and Topanga might be having more children:

Savage shared that Topanga and Cory have indeed talked about having more kids, but he was sure to say, “I don’t know if that’s happening.” But they’ve talked about it, which means it’ll definitely be something that’s addressed in the near future.

Love also finally may be in the air for Shawn.

“Ooh, well, I guess that’s for you guys to find out,” Fishel shared. “I know everybody’s rooting for that.”

Savage added, “Another excellent reason to tune in.”

Source: Sheknows.com

Girl Meets World / May 7th, 2015

Fox and Friends interview

Season 2 Premiere Week begins Monday, May 11th at 8:30PM on the Disney Channel, followed by one new episode each night from Monday, May 11th – Friday, May 15th at 8:30PM!

Fox and Friends interviewed Ben and Rowan today about Girl Meets World. The interviewer asked if it’s true if we’ll be seeing some of the characters from Boy Meets World, if we’ll be seeing Mr. Feeny and Mr. Turner. Ben said “They’re all coming back”. Ben said he thinks the first season was to establish the show, new characters, father and daughter relationship and he thinks the second season is really to welcome everyone back and saying “Come join us”. Ben will be directing a few more episodes. Watch the video to see a sneak peek from season 2 and to find out more about that season!

Source: Video.Foxnews.com

Girl Meets World / May 7th, 2015

Ben and Danielle

Shine On Media interviewed Ben and Danielle on the set of Girl Meets World. They talked about Girl Meets World, season 2 and recreating Mr. Feeny’s backyard. The interviewer mentioned the bakery set and Danielle said that Topanga will be taking over the bakery. It’ll be the new hangout spot for the kids like Chubbies was the hangout spot in Boy Meets World. They didn’t want a lawyer set or judge set as it seemed boring.

Source: Shine on Media’s YouTube account

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