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Girl Meets World / January 5th, 2014

This is a bit old but it’s still great to watch this.

Girl Meets World / December 18th, 2013



We received a video from Jennifer H from last nights taping. She also sent us a picture and is going to send us her experience later in the day. Until then enjoy the video that she sent us! We’ll add her experience later!

Watch the video here

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Girl Meets World / November 17th, 2013



Since there has been no news this weekend we thought we would share this.

Girl Meets World / November 14th, 2013



More and more fans are finding about Girl Meets World. It’s also been a while since we last updated you guys on what’s going on with the show. Before we get into deep detail on what we know, the biggest question is when and what channel will it be on. Girl Meets World will premiere on the Disney Channel sometime this summer(2014). As soon as we get an air date, we will let you all know.

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Girl Meets World / November 13th, 2013


Brett Gursky Writer/Director/Producer put this picture on Instagram of Ben and Danielle’s parking spots. You can follow him on Instagram here:  http://instagram.com/brettgursky


Girl Meets World / November 13th, 2013

Ben posted this on Instagram. He shared: Our classroom


Follow Ben on Instagram here: http://instagram.com/bensavage
Follow Ben on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/BenSavage

Girl Meets World / November 13th, 2013



Collider recently had an exclusive interview with Ben Savage. Ben Savage talked about what it’s like to revisit this show, 20 years after it first premiered, what it meant to him then versus what it means now, his concern about returning to the character of Cory Matthew for Girl Meets World, what eased his mind about the new series, what he enjoys most about playing this character, what he remembers about shooting the final episode of Boy Meets World, and how he’s looking to direct episodes of the new series.

Were you nervous about actually reading the script?

SAVAGE:  You know what?  I knew I was in good hands.  We have Michael Jacobs at the helm.  He did every episode of Boy Meets World, and he’s doing Girl Meets World.  We have a lot of the same writers from Boy Meets World, all back again.  That’s very comforting to me, just to know that they’re all back.  It feels good.  A lot of these guys grew up with me and saw me grow up, and they know how to write for me.  I think we’re in pretty good hands.  So, I wasn’t nervous.


What’s it like to have your first kiss in front of a live studio audience? 

SAVAGE:  I was nervous, but Danielle is pretty cute.  I could have done a lot worse.  I was in good hands.  She’s a pretty girl.


Check out the rest of the interview over at Collider here: http://collider.com/ben-savage-boy-meets-world-interview/


Girl Meets World / November 11th, 2013


Photo Credit: Ben’s instagram


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