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Mar / November 25th, 2016


Auggie and his friend Mattie have released their rendition of “Away In a Manger” on iTunes. I couldn’t be prouder of Auggie as well as his friend. They do both such an amazing job on the song. Go buy it on iTunes all the proceeds go to to #endepilepsy. Go here to download the song:



Source and Photo Credit: Auggie’s Twitter

Mar / November 21st, 2016

14592073_1474422479240425_8106758897278124032_nPhoto Credit: Auggie’s Mom’s Instagram

Hey guys follow Auggie and his mom on Snap Chat. He and his family are going to see Darby on The Voice tonight! Also make sure that you vote for Darby tonight so we can get her to the next round again! We want her to win this thing! Below are the snap codes you can use to add Auggie and his Mom as well as a tweet on how to vote for Darby tonight!

Source: Auggie’s Twitter and Darby’s Twitter




Mar / November 19th, 2016

Photo Credit: Auggie’s Instagram

Grab your family and go see Auggie in Encino, CA on Tuesday November 22nd at a taping of the John Kerwin Show. Tickets are free and you go to this link to get them:


Source: The John Kerwin Show Twitter

Mar / November 16th, 2016

auggiePhoto Credit: Peta Kids Youtube video

Auggie and his best frined McKenna visited an rescued animal sanctuary. They got to meet several animals there. They also sat down with Peta2 and talked about why they became vegiterian and how much they love animals.

Source: Auggie’s Twitter and Peta Kids Yotube


Mar / November 11th, 2016


Auggie is attending FARE Teen Summit this weekend and you will be able to meet him. I didn’t realize that it started today but he will be there tomorrow November 12 and Sunday November 13. He’s very excited to meet you all! We are so proud of Auggie for all hes’ doing in raising awareness for Food Allergies. For more information on FARE Teen Summit go here:


Source and Photo Credit: Auggie’s Twitter 


Mar / November 6th, 2016

14727645_1783529645268156_399332925172088832_nPhoto Credit: Auggie’s Instagram

I came across this interview with Auggie from last month and wanted to share. He told a funny story about how him, the cast, and his mom did some pranking last year & how they almost forgot Sabrina during one of the pranks. It’s a funny story.

Source: Mingle Media TV Network Youtube

Mar / October 31st, 2016


Tune into TONIGHT at 9:30PM EST on CBS to see Auggie on the Halloween episode of “The Odd Couple”. He will also be live tweeting during the episode!

Source and Photo Credit: Auggie’s Twitter


Mar / October 29th, 2016

csbidmcxeaa2ap5-1Photo Credit: Auggie’s Twitter 

Auggie sat down with iamm.com to talk about Food Allergy’s. He also talked briefly about Girl Meets World and his role on The Odd Couple. We have quoted osme of the interview but you can read the rest by going here:

Source: iaam.com

iaam: What is the best part of being on the ‘Girl Meets World’ TV show?  Would you like to share your funniest memory from the show?
August Maturo:
The best part was we all became a family. We love each other so much. It’s hard to pick a funniest memory because funny things happened every day. I really loved when Ben would tackle me on the couch and tickle me.

iaam: How excited are you to be a guest star on “The Odd Couple” for their Halloween episode? What is your role about?
I’m so excited! The show was so much fun and everyone was so nice to me. My role is a little boy named Simon who lives in the building. He’s like a mini Felix, smart and nerdy.

iaam: When did you start having allergies? What foods are you allergic to?
I’ve had allergies my whole life, but I didn’t find out about them until I was 3 years old when I ate a cashew. I started to choke and gag, and I threw up. I went to the hospital. I’m allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, coconut, and sunflower.

iaam: How do you cope with stress which comes with having allergies?  Do you check food labels of everything you eat?
Yes we check everything; I have to always be careful. I always carry my epinephrine auto injector everywhere I go. As long as I’m prepared and careful I don’t stress.

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