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Mar / March 11th, 2018

Photo Credit: Auggie’s Instagram

There is some awesome news regarding Auggie and I personally couldn’t be more proud of him! He is playing the lead role in an indie movie called ‘Sheperd: Story of a Jewish Dog’ .  Auggie’s character’s name is Joshua and he is playing the dogs Master.  If you guys remember he was in Budapest for several weeks more than a few months ago doing a project. We knew he was filming something but didn’t know exactly what. Here is a synopsis of the movie:

The story follows Kaleb, a beloved German Shepherd, who is separated from his original master, a young boy played by Maturo, and his Jewish family when the Nuremberg Laws are enacted in World War II Berlin. Kaleb is then adopted by an SS Officer, who trains him to attack and round up Jews at a concentration camp. When the boy arrives as a prisoner, the dog rediscovers his unwavering loyalty to the boy, and the two work together to escape the camp and ultimately, make a safe passage to Israel.

Source: Variety.com 

Mar / September 18th, 2017

Auggie has posted a video on his Instagram that contains a powerful message about dangerous poisons in foods that can kill people who have food allergies with one bite.  Also go to his Instagram post and comment on it! He is currently responding to fans on there. Lets help Auggie raise awareness and also donate!

Link to Instagram Post


Source and Photo Credit: Auggie’s Instagram


#partner – #WouldYouEat food that may contain POISON? This #PSA from @endallergiestogether shows what it’s like for the 220 million people like me living with #foodallergies One bite can kill us! Help find a cure by texting CURE to 80077 to donate $5 #EndAllergiesTogether

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Mar / September 13th, 2017

Photo Credit: Ben’s Instagram

First off Happy Birthday to Ben Savage! We hope you have such an amazing day. In honor of Ben’s birthday Auggie has shared a never before seen interview with him, Danielle, and Ben that was done before the Girl Meets World came out.  Look how little he was and how insane is it that he predicted the show would end when he was 10 years old?

Source: Auggie’s Instagram

Happy birthday @bensavage! Here is our very 1st unpublished interview PS Sorry for predicting the end of the show ❤️you!!

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Mar / August 28th, 2017

Photo Credit: Auggie’s Instagram

Happy 10th and 6th Birthday, Auggie and Ocean! You boys have grown up so much. I’m so proud of you. I hope you had fun at your birthday party yesterday! It sure looked like a blast.You guys need to stop growing! Bet Mommy is wishing she could stop time. Have a wonderful day today. Here are some birthday messages from your fans. 🙂

From Cindy:

Happy birthday Auggie & Ocean! I hope you have the best birthday ever! May all your
wishes come true and that your birthday is as special as you are! You both are so
awesome and amazing at everything you do! Love you guys!
Your biggest fan,Cindy (insta and Twitter @sweetcindyR5)


Zanndis Chambers

I wish you Auggie and Ocean the best birthday wishes! You two have lots of fun on your birthday, August 28th!

Tonya Caudill

Happy birthday guys you 2 share the same birthday as my ,well soon to be 9 year old son. Hope you guys have a good one.

Zanndis Chambers

I wish you Auggie and Ocean the best birthday wishes! You two have lots of fun on your birthday, August 28th!

Tonya Caudill

Happy birthday guys you 2 share the same birthday as my ,well soon to be 9 year old son. Hope you guys have a good one.

Barbara Pierce

??????Happy Birthday Auggie and Ocen?????? Hope you guys have a magical day! ??

Denys Hernandez

Happy Birthday to August and Ocean…may you grow up to be awesome and handsome young men. Dream big! ??????

Danielle Jacinto

Happy Birthday to two very special people–Auggie and Ocean. The world is better with you in it! Hope you have the best day! ??

Janilise Rivera

Happy B-Day Auggie and Ocean! I really hope that you guys enjoy your special day with your family and friends! ??????????

Nicea Scheeler

Holy cow! Happy birthday guys!! I will admit that I am super sad about GMW ending.
Hopefully I see Auggie around in other stuff! Again, happy birthday! Hope it’s lit???

Laura (@JustSayinTee on Twitter)

Mar / July 29th, 2017

Photo Credit: Auggie’s Mom’s Instagram

Hey guys!

Auggie and Ocean’s birthday is on August 28th! I would love to get as many birthday wishes/messages as possible for them! You can send them to me a few different ways.

  1. Email:  birthdays@bmwsequel.com
  2. Comment below on this post
  3. Tweet me at @BMWSequelDotcom
  4. Or comment on the websites Facebook post or Wall!  The post will be pinned on FB

We hope to get them lots of messages so that we can make their 6th and 10th birthday special for them! Thank you all!


Mar / May 20th, 2017

Photo Credit: Auggie’s Instagram

There is going to be a new Dancing With The Stars spin off called “Dancing With The Stars Junior” which will be for younger celebrity kids. Just Jared Jr has made a post on their site with their dream list and Auggie is first on the list! Who else thinks it would be awesome to see Auggie on there? I personally love Dancing With The Stars so I would totally be down with this!


Mar / May 20th, 2017

As many of you all know Auggie and his family do a lot to raise awareness for Food Allergies. Auggie himself has an allergy to peanuts, tree nuts, sesame coconut and sunflower. This week is Food Allergy Awareness week.  Turn it Teal was unable to get places in the Los Angeles area to light up in teal to honor Food Allergy Awareness so Auggie tweeted from his account asking the US Bank Tower to light up and they agreed to it as long as he got some pictures and coverage of it! Big congrats to Auggie and Turn it Teal for being able to do this.  This is the first building in Los Angeles to ever turn it teal for Food Allergy Awareness Week! I have included a little note to Auggie on this post because I want him to know how proud of I am of him! Check out the pictures below of the tower! 🙂

Source and Photo Credit: Auggie’s Twitter and Instagram

Dear Auggie,.

Hopefully Mommy will read this out loud to you. It’s Mar and I just want you to know how proud I am of you for all you are doing to help to raise awareness for Food Allergies. You have accomplished so much already at such a young age! It’s amazing what you have done and continue to do. You are teaching alot people including myself a lot about food allergies! I didn’t really know much about any of this stuff until you so THANK YOU to you and your family (as well as everyone else) for all you are doing and continue to do! I love seeing the  tower in teal and also seeing your excitement to it being lit up. Congratulations on being able to do that it’s so awesome!  🙂


Mar / May 16th, 2017

As you all know Auggie suffers from peanut food allergy. He and his family do a lot to raise awareness for those who suffer from Food Allergy’s as well. I wanted to share this video that he did for this week since it is food allergy awareness week. I’m so proud of Auggie for all he does at such a young. Thank you Auggie for making a difference and teaching us all important things about Food Allergy’s!

Source and Photo Credit: Auggie’s Instagram

Over 15 million Americans have food allergies, and Auggie is one of them. He is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, coconut, and sunflower. May 14 – 20th is #FoodAllergyAwarenessWeek and Auggie is excited to be working with FARE @foodallergy to help raise awareness about food allergies. #tealtakeover #reactwithrespect #foodallergy

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