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As many of you all know Auggie and his family do a lot to raise awareness for Food Allergies. Auggie himself has an allergy to peanuts, tree nuts, sesame coconut and sunflower. This week is Food Allergy Awareness week.  Turn it Teal was unable to get places in the Los Angeles area to light up in teal to honor Food Allergy Awareness so Auggie tweeted from his account asking the US Bank Tower to light up and they agreed to it as long as he got some pictures and coverage of it! Big congrats to Auggie and Turn it Teal for being able to do this.  This is the first building in Los Angeles to ever turn it teal for Food Allergy Awareness Week! I have included a little note to Auggie on this post because I want him to know how proud of I am of him! Check out the pictures below of the tower! 🙂

Source and Photo Credit: Auggie’s Twitter and Instagram

Dear Auggie,.

Hopefully Mommy will read this out loud to you. It’s Mar and I just want you to know how proud I am of you for all you are doing to help to raise awareness for Food Allergies. You have accomplished so much already at such a young age! It’s amazing what you have done and continue to do. You are teaching alot people including myself a lot about food allergies! I didn’t really know much about any of this stuff until you so THANK YOU to you and your family (as well as everyone else) for all you are doing and continue to do! I love seeing the  tower in teal and also seeing your excitement to it being lit up. Congratulations on being able to do that it’s so awesome!  🙂


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Photo Credit: Rowan’s Instagram

Hey guys!

I know that I am super late in posting about this and for that I truly apologize to all of you and to Rowan as well. I was unsure of what episodes of The Goldbergs that Rowan was going to be on and on top of that got the nights confused as to when the show aired. I promoted two out of the four episodes and they were first two that she was in. As for the other two I had every intention on making a post about them. I feel so bad about it. The one night I was going to make a post about it because I thought it was on Friday but when I had seen her tweet about it I was busy at the time and when I went to make the post later I saw where it had already aired. As for last nights episode I didn’t know she was going to be on that episode until I saw a tweet after it aired!  Anyways if you guys would like to see her her episodes you can do so by going to the link below. 3 out of the 4 episodes are on there. I’ve also included the episode names that she’s in! The only one you are unable to watch since it expired is “A Night To Remember” and that’s the very first episode she appeared in.


Graduation Day

Jedi Master Adam Skywalker

The Day After the Day After

A Night to Remember  (You are unable to watch this one)

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As you all know Auggie suffers from peanut food allergy. He and his family do a lot to raise awareness for those who suffer from Food Allergy’s as well. I wanted to share this video that he did for this week since it is food allergy awareness week. I’m so proud of Auggie for all he does at such a young. Thank you Auggie for making a difference and teaching us all important things about Food Allergy’s!

Source and Photo Credit: Auggie’s Instagram

Over 15 million Americans have food allergies, and Auggie is one of them. He is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, coconut, and sunflower. May 14 – 20th is #FoodAllergyAwarenessWeek and Auggie is excited to be working with FARE @foodallergy to help raise awareness about food allergies. #tealtakeover #reactwithrespect #foodallergy

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Sabrina has a new single called “Hands” coming out on Friday May 19 that she is featured on with The Vamps and Mike Perry! She actually shared a video the other day where she joined the Vamps on stage and sang this song with them. It sounds like it’s going to be a great song and I was really hoping it would be released on iTunes! I’m so glad that it is. You will be able to purchase on May 19th!

Source and Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Twitter

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BMWSequel.com would like to wish Sabrina a very happy 18th birthday! We hope you have a wonderful day Sabrina. You are a true gem and watching you these last 4 years evolve career wise and into a beautiful young woman has been a pure joy. So very proud of you for all you have accomplished so far in achieving your dreams. In honor of your birthday me, my friend Rhia, and a bunch of your fans have raised almost $800 so far to my charity water. We started this back in April before you posted about the Ryan Seacrest Foundation! We just thought this would be a wonderful way to honor you as you have tweeted before about people needing clean water. We love you!

For those that want to donate you still can by going to the link below:


Happy birthday precious girl!



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If you are in the LA area make sure you get tickets to see Corey in his play “Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead”.Corey will be in the June 18th and June 23rd shows so when you get your tickets to see him make sure it is for one of those dates!  Go here for tickets:


Source and Photo Credit: Corey’s Instagram 

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Dear Danielle,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a wonderful day. I just want you to know that I admire you so much and you are truly one of the nicest most kindest inspiring people I have ever met. I’m so thankful that I can say I met “Topanga”. It is something I will truly never forget. Today on your birthday I have put together this post of random acts of kindness stories sent in my a bunch of your fans. My story for you is that twice a week I have been volunteering at my mom’s hospital. I volunteer on the Long Term Care Unit which is the nursing home part of the hospital and then on another day I in the lab where my mom works and I help bring up specimens from the downstairs lab. It’s been so much fun to be able to help out over there. I especially love volunteering with the elderly patients. 🙂  I hope that you truly enjoy the rest of the stories from you fans. I have put them below. 🙂


Faith writes:

I’m not sure if this counts as a random act of kindness, but I recently saved someone from suicide. I got her the help she needed right away. There’s so much to live for. And I always try to help people at school with little things they may be dealing with. Like, I’ll try to make them laugh if they’re having a tough day, or I’ll help them with a question they’re stuck on, or I’ll just encourage them to keep pushing, because nothing bad lasts forever.

Hoor wrote:

I am your huge fan and for the random act if kindness i bought a pair of boots and gave them away to a girl with the same size of shoe i had but that girl was poor and it was winter so i gave the boots to her

Cecia wrote:

Well first of all I’d like to say happy birthday and I hope you have an excellent day and I’d like to say you’re the best tv mom ever. My acts of kindness were I opened the door for two strangers and I helped a grandmother cross the street.

Dakota wrote:

A few years ago I went with a youth group to repair houses for those who needed repairs but were unable to do them. The trip lasted a week, but the lesson I learned from it will last forever.

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Yesterday Michael put out a series of tweets saying how he would have done season 4 if there was one and he also thanked the fans for the support. We are going to miss Girl Meets World so much but are so thankful for two wonderful shows that we were left with. Check out Michael’s tweets below:

Source: @GMWWriters Twitter

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