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Mar / February 11th, 2017

Huge congratulations to Matt Nelson for being a finalist for 2017 Humanitas Prize in Children’s Live Action category. He is nominated in this category for the “Girl Meets The Forgiveness Project” which is a season 2 episode Girl Meets World. This episode is personally one of my absolute favorites of the entire series. Fingers are crossed for Matt! We hope he wins. 🙂

Source and Photo Credit: @HumanitasPrize Twitter


Mar / February 11th, 2017

Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Instagram

Hello everyone,

My friend Mimi is putting together and incredible project for Sabrina that I wanted to tell you all about. The project she is doing is a fan video of Sabrina’s fans each singing a lyric of of her new single #Thumbs. She needs 67 more fans to participate in it. We encourage you all to get in on this. Sabrina is going to absolutely love it and it will make her smile. I don’t know if many of you know this but Sabrina was recently the victim of online bullying and I know this project will make her smile big time so I hope you guys get in on it. Here is all the info:

Google Doc: (This shows what spots are open for you to choose from so check it out)




Mar / February 10th, 2017

Sabrina’s video for Thumbs is officially out and you need to go watch it! Absolutely love the video and the song. She looks beautiful in it.

Source and Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Vevo on Youtube

Mar / February 9th, 2017

Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Instagram

Sabrina is joining Revlon make ups to help with their social reach when it comes to their influencer program. Revlon loves that Sabrina is helping them because she can reach more of the younger crowed through her social media platforms.

Carpenter, the more traditional celebrity of the bunch, has a relatively diverse following of young fans and their family members — “It really gives us the possibility to tap into that younger Gen Z consumer,” Rohrbaugh said.

“At my age, you don’t want to spend $100 to have nice eyelashes,” 17-year-old Carpenter said. Working with Revlon marks the musician and actress’ first beauty deal — she’s previously collaborated with Coach. “I’m in love with the world of fashion and the world of art,” Carpenter said. “To be able to jump into the world of beauty was something I was really excited about because it really connects with people.”

Source: http://wwd.com/

Mar / February 9th, 2017

Photo Credit: 101.AMP Radio Twitter

Sabrina sat down with 101.9 AMP Radio. She talked about her music, acting, Girl Meets World, and more. Always love her interviews. You can listen to it below.

Source: 101.9 AMP Radio

Mar / February 9th, 2017

Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Instagram

Sabrina was recently interviewed on The Bert Show where she talked about her music, how she got started singing, Girl Meets World and more. One of the things that they asked her about was the Netflix rumor. She says she doesn’t know whats going on with the show at this point and says there is a lot that goes into but she didn’t seem against Netflix at all. Actually sounded supportive of the idea and obviously for her she’d have to talk with people etc before commiting again. The Netflix part starts at like 5 minutes into the interview which you can listen to below.


Source: audioboom.com

Mar / February 8th, 2017

Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Instagram

Sabrina vaguely teased on her social media that her video for her new single “Thumbs” will be dropping soon.  The video was filmed in CBS Studios in California and involves the subway. We can’t wait to see. There is no date yet on when the video will be dropped but we just wanted to post about this so you could be on the look out for it. Once she releases it we will make a post here on the website!

UPDATE: Sabrina has now posted to twitter that the video will drop on Feb 10th!

Source: Sabrina’s Twitter

Mar / February 6th, 2017

Photo Credit: Rowan’s Instagram
Congratulations to Rowan who has landed a guest star role on ABC’s comedy series “The Goldbergs”. TVLine is reporting that she will be in at least one episode in the shows 4th season playing a character named Aliza! We are so excited and can’t wait to see Rowan on the show. For more information on the role see the quote below.

Blanchard will appear in at least one Season 4 episode as Aliza, the editor of William Penn Academy’s student-run sci-fi/fantasy magazine. Her debut is slated to air in late winter or early spring of 2017. New episodes of the ABC comedy air Wednesdays at 8/7c.

Source: TVLine.com

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