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Girl Meets World / March 22nd, 2013

Danielle Fishel Interview

Today, OK! Magazine has interviewed Danielle Fishel. Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter also stopped by in the video! Check out the lovely interview and check out Topangas dance they did from “Donut in the Sky” – So cute!

Check out the interview below:

Girl Meets World / March 21st, 2013

Here are some pictures from Twitter on March 20, yesterday (March 21) and today (March 22) from Rowan Blanchard’s (Riley Matthews) Twitter account, and Maitland Ward Baxter (Rachel from Boy Meets World) Twitter account, Danielle Fishel (Topanga Matthews) and Ben Savage (Cory Matthews) Twitter Account:

As more pictures pop up, we’ll post them here!

End of wrap pictures (Filming ended for now. I’m sure the series will get picked up):

John Whitesell – Director of Girl Meets World

John Whitesell

Michael Jacobs – Creator and Executive Producer of Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World

Michael Jacobs and Rowan Blanchard



thats a wrap

Cast Pictures:

First class



Cory and Topanga

Mr Feeny



Small Reunion



It made me very happy to see Mr. Fenny, Eric, Shawn and Rachelle in these pictures. I’d love to see them in the Pilot. I hope that happens. It would be awesome to see Allan, Amy, Jack, Morgan and the others!


Girl Meets World / March 20th, 2013


Will Friedle hasn’t commented on Girl Meets World until yesterday! Many fans of Boy Meets World including me were waiting to see if Will Friedle were waiting to see if he would be involved in Girl Meets World. He was Eric Matthews on Boy Meets World. He had an interview with Comicsonline.com yesterday. Everything below is what he had to say about Girl Meets World.

CO: So we just had a big announcement that a certain series is coming back… Boy Meets World, now, Girl Meets World-

WF: Yes, Girl Meets World, you know you’re the only person I’ve spoken to about this.

CO: Really?

WF: You really are, I have not said anything and to be honest, I don’t know what I’m going to say about it now.

CO: Are you excited to see that the franchise is continuing?

WF: Absolutely! Absolutely excited to see it. I’m very happy for Ben and Danielle. I can’t wait to see what they do with it. I can’t wait be really involved as a fan.

CO: If you were presented with the opportunity, would you jump back in and be Cory’s brother again?

Read more here: http://comicsonline.com/2013/03/comicsonline-exclusive-interview-with-will-friedle-boy-meets-world-and-batman-beyond/

That was a great interview. I do have to agree with him that the new cast should have their opportunity to learn their characters and grow up with them. I do hope he does at least make a comeo. It would be amazing to have him back as Uncle Eric!

Girl Meets World / March 20th, 2013


Provided from Ben Savage on his Instagram which is here.

How much more excited does this make you? This made me very excited!

Girl Meets World / March 16th, 2013

GMW Pilot2

It was only a couple of months ago when Disney was reported to make a Boy Meets World Sequel which is Girl Meets World. They were in talks with Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel for them to reprise their roles as Cory Matthews and Topanga Matthews. Three weeks later Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel have signed onto Girl Meets World.

For those who haven’t seen Boy Meets World, the show was about Ben Savage (Cory Matthews) facing the world with problems with his family, friends, and school. It was a big hit as many people were able to relate to Cory as he was a normal child growing up.

Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel are now both parents and have two children whose names are Rowan Blanchard ( Riley Matthews ) and Teo Halm ( Elliott Mathews ). It was stated by the creator of “Boy Meets World” Michael Jacobs, that Cory and Topanga are now learning how to parent their children and it is difficult to parent.

Several months later, its finally coming to be a reality! Time really does fly by. You can see the live taping of “Girl Meets World” on Wednesday, March 20 2013 at 5:00PM Sunset Gower Studios, Hollywood, CA

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 is a rehearsal / run-thru and may not be a taping of the entire show as quoted from Tvtickets.com. If you are going to watch the live taping of “Girl Meets World” on March 19 (As said above, it may not be a taping of the entire show) or March 20, feel free to share your experience on our forums here. Many fans will surely appreciate it 🙂 .

Are you excited for Girl Meets World? Comment below!

Girl Meets World / March 14th, 2013

UPDATE: Congratulations to Sandra! She has won the Giveaway!

The answer was: The girls name was Claire. She got abused by her dad so Shawn let her sleep at his house for a few nights

Welcome to our new revamped website! The reason why we decided to do this are because of the following:

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Now, for our….


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It’s going to be great to watch Girl Meets World from beginning to end. I’m sure many of you are excited to see Girl Meets World!

We may be needing writers in the future.

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