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Girl Meets World / April 30th, 2013



We are proud to say that we will have an upcoming interview with an actor from ‘Boy Meets World’.  It will be posted on here, so stay tuned!

Girl Meets World / April 30th, 2013


Picture credit Rowan’s Instagram.

Rowan and Sabrina attended the 2013 Radio Disney Awards on April 27th! Click on see more of the entry for more photos. Brooke Hyland from the LifeTime TV Show ‘Dance Moms ‘ is the girl in the picture of Sabrina holding the phone! You can follow her on twitter via @BrookeHyland1. Rowan is really good friends with her. 🙂

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Girl Meets World / April 30th, 2013

Pic Credit Sabrina Carpenters Instagram.

For those of you that don’t know this and want to know what he is up to since ‘Boy Meets World’ Rider Strong (Shawn) is part of a pod cast called “Literary Disco”. If you would like to listen to him you can do so by going here:


And don’t forget you can follow him on Twitter as well www.twitter.com/RiderStrong



Girl Meets World / April 29th, 2013


(Click on the picture to see it in full size.)

Picture credit @shallstone on Twitter. He met Danielle and shared this picture with her on Twitter.  https://twitter.com/shallstone

Girl Meets World / April 27th, 2013

BMW Ending
As everyone (or many people) know, Boy Meets World was an unique television show that focused on a young boy who’s name is “Cory Matthews” grows up, and faces problems with friends, family, and school. A talented girl has written an article about Boy Meets World for her college assignment (Great choice!). She gave us permission to publish her article on our website. Her Twitter account is https://twitter.com/@alyssaday. Scroll down to read the amazing article.

How Boy Met, and Conquered, the Small-Screen World

The idea behind Boy Meets World is simple. An average, middle class American boy from Philadelphia learns tough lessons through navigating life and his relationships. Cory Matthews truly met the world he was living in by confronting the harsh realities of the world around him with the help of family, friends, and his teachers. The family situation comedy originally aired in 1993 on ABC and was a staple of the “TGIF” line-up. Using humor in popular teenage situations, Boy Meets World often acted as a platform to inform teens about polarized topics and issues.

While Boy Meets World based many episodes around how Cory dealt with uncomfortable situations or interacted with others, it was definitely not just the Cory Matthews show. Without Cory’s close bonds with friends and family, the traditional familial values the series often portrayed would not be as influential. As time went on, these characters gained bigger and bigger roles. Like Cory’s best friend, Shawn.

Shawn Hunter is the only other character who starred in all 158 episodes alongside Cory (imdb.com). Unlike his counterpart, Shawn is a deeper and darker character, having experienced great wrongs in his life. Having grown-up in a trailer park surrounded by a dysfunctional family, he was left vulnerable with deep emotional scars. No matter how lost Shawn felt, Cory was there to build him up again. Shawn portrayed many realistic views of lower class America, and teenagers who may grow up too fast.

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Girl Meets World / April 26th, 2013

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Girl Meets World / April 20th, 2013

Whats going on

For those of you who might be just finding out about the new show, just heard about our website, or those who might be a bit out of the loop about the ‘Boy Meets World’ sequel. The pilot for ‘Girl Meets World’ has already been filmed. We are now waiting on confirmation from Disney that they picked the show up. Here is what we know about the show and it’s cast so far.

– Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel are reprising their roles as Cory and Topanga Matthews.

– Rowan Blanchard is cast as Riley Matthews. She is playing Cory and Topanga’s on screen daughter.

– Sabrina Carpenter is cast as Maya Fox. She is going to be the Shawn of the show.

– Teo Halm is cast as Elliot. He is playing Cory and Topanga’s son.

– Peyton Meyer is cast as Tristan Friar.

– Corey Fogelmanis is cast as Farkle.

– Mr Feeny is going to be on the pilot! (We’re not sure if hes going to be in any further episodes).

– Rider Strong, Will Friedle and Maitland Ward visited the set. No word on if any of them will be reprising their roles as Shawn, Eric and Rachel later on. We sure do hope that they come on!

– The pilot has been filmed now we just have to wait and see if it gets picked up.

– Trina McGee (The actress who plays Angela) stated that she is in talks to come back.

– Jackee Harry (The actress who played as “Lisa”, the mother in Sister, Sister) has been cast but we don’t know which character she is playing yet.

Girl Meets World / April 13th, 2013


Follow the cast of Boy Meets World/Girl Meets World on Twitter! Below I have listed them by actor and character names. Riley, Elliot, Maya, Farkle and Tristan are the new characters on GMW. The other cast members I am sure you recognize!

Danielle Fishel -Topanga Matthews: https://www.twitter.com/DanielleFishel

Ben Savage – Cory Matthews: https://www.twitter.com/BenSavage

Rider Strong – Shawn Hunter: https://www.twitter.com/RiderStrong

Maitland Ward – Rachel McGuire: https://www.twitter.com/MaitlandNyla

Trina Mcgee – Angela Moore: https://www.twitter.com/realtrinamcgee

Rowan Blanchard – Riley Matthews: https://www.twitter.com/RowBlanchard

Teo Halm – Elliot Matthews: https://www.twitter.com/TeoHalm

Sabrina Carpenter – Maya Fox: https://www.twitter.com/SabrinaAnnLynn

Corey Fogelmanis – Shamus Farkle: https://twitter.com/coreyfogelmanis

Peyton Meyer – Tristan Friar: https://twitter.com/peytonmeyer9

Betsey Randle – Amy Matthews: https://twitter.com/BetsRandle

William Russ – Alan Matthews: https://twitter.com/WilliamRuss_

William Daniels – Mr Feeny: https://twitter.com/BillDDaniels

Jackee Harry – Character unkonwn – https://twitter.com/jackeeharry

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