Welcome to BMWSequel.com, an unofficial fan website for the cast members, writers, and crew of Boy Meets World spin-off series "Girl Meets World". Since Girl Meets World is officially not coming back BMWSequel.com will now be used to support the cast, writers, and the crews other projects. We will bring you the latest news, photos and media updates on all of them.

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@hewywestside and @AlyssaSchlink Met Rider on October 6, 2012.  Click on “Read the rest of this entry”  to see the tweets that came the pictures.

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@BiggK757 on twitter shared this picture of him with Danielle Fishel on May 10th of this month.  Lucky guy. The picture was posted via instagram to his twitter. Click on “Read the rest of this entry” to see the tweets.

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We here at bmwsequel.com would like to wish Sabrina Carpenter a very Happy 14th birthday!! Enjoy your day beautiful girl! =)


Mar, Twitter handle; @lionandthelamb2

Sef, Twitter handle; @GMWFan

Alicia, Twitter handle; @dazzlingtopanga

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Check out our exclusive interview with Maitland Ward. Thank You Maitland for taking the time to answer questions for us! Scroll down for the interview!


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Hi everyone,


We had a custom skin for our Homepage a few weeks ago as you see here.


We felt our forum skin wasn’t good and it felt dull, so we decided to convert the Homepage skin onto our forums so now when you go on our forums, its like our Homepage. You can see our forums at http://bmwsequel.com/community or click “Forums” on top of our Homepage.


We hope everyone likes the new forum skin!


– Bmwsequel and Staff

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Picture credit @gwatsky on Instagram

Ben surprised George Gwatsky on Saturday May 5th by going to his show.  He rocked out with him and met fans while there.  Check out the tweets below.


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Check out Sabrina Carpenter singing Rihanna’s “Stay”. She is amazing! Check out her Youtube Channel below to see other covers she has done.


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We now have a Gallery where all the pictures of Girl Meets World are neatly organized. In the future we may add new albums for “Fan Pictures” and such.

Check out our Gallery here: http://bmwsequel.com/community/index.php?/gallery/

You can also click “Gallery” on top of the Homepage!

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