Welcome to BMWSequel.com, an unofficial fan website for the cast members, writers, and crew of Boy Meets World spin-off series "Girl Meets World". Since Girl Meets World is officially not coming back BMWSequel.com will now be used to support the cast, writers, and the crews other projects. We will bring you the latest news, photos and media updates on all of them.

Girl Meets World / May 30th, 2013 / 1 Comment


Hey guys we are excited to announce that we’ll be doing an interview with Trina Mcgee (Angela) from Boy Meets World! We are taking some fan questions so if you have a question for her go to our Facebook page and ask your question on this post!


Girl Meets World / May 23rd, 2013 / No Comments

Trina Mcgee (Angela on BMW) tweeted a picture of her and Maitland Ward (Rachel) at lunch.  Beautiful girls! =)

Girl Meets World / May 23rd, 2013 / No Comments

Just a few things that we would like to make clear to all of you. First thing is we are NOT an official Girl Meets World Website. Our website is ran by two very big fans of the original series “Boy Meets World”.  We are not affiliated with Disney however they did put us on their emailing list for announcements and press release.

Secondly “Girl Meets World” has NOT been picked up by Disney yet. Rowan Blanchard (Riley on GMW) confirmed via Twitter that the show has not officially been picked up. If you are seeing on the Wikipedia page for Girl Meets World that Disney has picked it up I can assure you that it is false. Please remember anyone can add anything to the Wikipedia page.  Once the show gets picked up, the cast and Disney will let us know. We will also make a post on here telling everyone that it has been picked up.  We have noticed that a lot of people are asking this.  We wanted to make a post letting you all know that the rumors are untrue!

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Check out our exclusive interview with Maitland Ward. Thank You Maitland for taking the time to answer questions for us! Scroll down for the interview!


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Look who I ran into at an event tonight 🙂 #boymeetsworld #mrsmatthews

Source:  http://instagram.com/amaitlandbaxter/

Her tweet:

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Teo Halm
We here at bmwsequel.com would like to wish Teo Halm a very Happy 14th birthday!! Enjoy your day!


Mar, Twitter handle; @lionandthelamb2

Sef, Twitter handle; @GMWFan

Alicia, Twitter handle; @dazzlingtopanga

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Source @ATXFestival on Twitter.

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This was posted on twitter back in February by @kbuzzy who I assume is a costume designer for Girl Meets World.  “Click on read the rest of this entry” to see the tweet about it.

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