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Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Facebook Page

Sabrina visited Kiss FM Phoenix yesterday and today she 97.1 AMP Radio for part of her small radio tour. She did a small question and answer while at both places You can watch them below.

Source: KissFM’s Facebook page and 97.1 AMP Radio Facebook Page

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Photo Credit: Corey’s Instagram

Corey talked with SweetyHigh about Girl Meets Worlds final episode “Girl Meets Goodbye” which is set to air on January 20th at 6PM EST. You can watch the video of him talking about it below.

Source: SweetyHigh Facebook

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Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Instagram

Sabrina will be doing a live event with 93.7 KRQ on Facebook at 2PM EST/11AM PST. The event is set to start in an hour and you can go here to their Facebook page to watch it:

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Shout out to theowldetective on tumblr for this wonderful post that has all information you need to know about when it comes to what the fan base is doing to try and save the show. I have copied her post in in full with her permission. She is going to be sending me another one that’s a new campaign fans are doing.

Source: theowldetective on tumblr

Until we get a final absolute answer either way, we need to keep up the momentum as long as we can. I know there are many more pressing things happening in the world today (and if you’re like me you’re probably already spending part of your morning on the phone with Congress almost every day), but fighting for a show that brings you hope and joy (and if you’re like me, delightful intellectual stimulation) is totally worth it. So here’s some stuff you can do EVERY DAY to attempt to save our beloved show. You can do all of it or some of it (but please don’t sleep on hulu!).

Sign and/or share the petitions:

• Live Chat with Netflix: (You need to either download Chrome to live chat while mobile, or do this from a desktop).
• Call Netflix: 1-866-579-7172
• Tweet at @Netflix & @Netflixhelps #NetflixSaveGMW
• Recommend “Girl Meets World Season 4 (Netflix Original)“ in their suggestion box:
• Search for “Girl Meets World” on Netflix
• Watch Girl Meets World on Netflix

• Live Chat with hulu:
• Email
• Call hulu: 1-888-265-6650
• Tweet at @hulu and @hulu_support #HuluSaveGMW
• Search for “Girl Meets World” on hulu

• Tweet at @DisneyChannel asking them to sell the rights if someone offers.
• Call Disney Audience Relations at 1-818-460-7477 and tell them you want them to sell the rights.

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Mar   Sunday, January 8th, 2017   5:17 pm EST   8 Comments

Hey guys,

This was posted on our Facebook wall by a fan who was part of a campaign for another show that Netflix ended up picking up. He said that as a group what they did to save the show was streamed it and he thinks we should do this with Girl Meets World. I agree with him on this and think we should do this as a group this coming weekend Jan 14 and Jan 15. Although feel free to do it before then as well. I think if we can get the streaming views up it would be another great way to show Netflix how much we want them to pick up the show. You all have shown over the past couple of days how strong this fandom is. He said that Netflix plays close attention to the streaming numbers and that how much a show is streamed is what gets their attention the most.  Please share this post with all of your friends and tell them to stream Girl Meets World as much as possible.



Mar   Friday, January 6th, 2017   9:12 pm EST   No Comments

Photo Credit: Auggie’s Instagram

Auggie wrote a very sweet thank you letter to his cast, the crew, Michael Jacob’s, and the fans in regards to Girl Meets World’s cancellation. The letter we posted the other day was written by his mom. This one was actually written by Auggie. You can read his sweet letter below. He’s such a sweet boy. Absolutely adorable.

Source: Just Jared Jr

To my cast: Girl Meets World has been the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and I’m really sad about the show ending, but we still have and love each other though. All of you are my friends and love me and care for me so I don’t have to be afraid. And whenever I’m sad, then I could always come to you to help me through life. All the life lessons in the show actually teaches me, and if I have any questions, I could go to my cast mates for help.

To the Fans of Girl Meets World: You guys are the ones that loves our show and made it great and we appreciate that so much! I love you, you are the best because you love us, and we love you! You are AMAZING and you keep us up and we thank you for that!!!! 😉

Also to the Crew of Girl Meets World: All of you writers write the best scripts I’ve ever seen! And I thank the Casting Department for casting lots of great friends. I thank the A.Ds for having so much fun with walking Shiloh the dog. I thank the Wardrobe department for having fun with your dog Loki with me and also the clothes! I thank Mike and Jeremy in props department for being great friends. I thank Tara the seamstress for also being a great friend! Everyone on the crew became a second family to me. I love all of you guys.

And Finally, I thank Michael Jacobs for believing in me, giving me GREAT advice, and letting me sit right next to him in run thru and network run thru!!! :* I love you so much and I will never forget my time on Girl Meets World.

Mar   Friday, January 6th, 2017   9:04 am EST   No Comments

Uriah and Cheryl have both released statements in regards to Girl Meets Wrold being cancelled. I’m a little late in posting Uriah’s but Cheryl just recently posted hers on Facebook.

Source: Uriah’s Instagaram and Cheryl’s Facebook

Cheryl’s Statement:

Girl Meets World has come to an end – but the story it leaves behind is timeless.

Michael Jacobs created an incredible show that transcends generation after generation and I’ll forever be indebted to him for giving me the opportunity to play Katy Hart-Hunter.

To the cast, thank you for welcoming me with open arms into your world and for being insanely fun to play off of.

To the best crew in town, thank you for always smiling, laughing and occasionally shedding a tear if a performance moved you so. It kept us actors on our toes and more humble than you may ever know.

And finally, to the fans – I’m continuously blown away by your outpour of love and thoughtful emails, messages and tweets broadcasting your support.

I’ll never forget this wonderfully special chapter of my life and regardless of what lies ahead, I’ll forever be grateful I got to be a part of #GirlMeetsWorld!

Uriah’s Statement

Thank you Girl Meets World. #GMW

A video posted by Uriah Justus (@uriahjustus) on

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Mar   Thursday, January 5th, 2017   9:51 pm EST   No Comments

Photo Credit: Corey’s Instagram (I think)

Corey and Ceci have released statements as well in regards to Girl Meets World being cancelled. Very heart warming messages. I’m so thankful for being able to meet them.

Source: Just Jared JR and Ceci’s Instagram

“To all of our fans, friends, cast, and crew that have created and gone on this journey with us, we are forever grateful,” Corey wrote to us.

He adds for the fans: “I can’t thank you guys enough for the love & support you have given us as you watched us grow up on screen. These past years have given me experiences that I will never lose and a platform to grow not only as an artist but also as a human being. I can’t wait for the next chapter.”

Ceci’s Statement: 

For those of you who haven’t heard, Girl Meets World has been cancelled. Being a part of this show has been a fantastic and unique experience. I love every single member of the cast and crew with all my heart. I sincerely hope that this show has touched all of you, and that you are inspired to do good. Please enjoy the January episodes that we are so proud of. Thank you all❤❤

AndresA   Thursday, January 5th, 2017   8:34 pm EST   1 Comment

“Tomorrow, Friday Jan. 6 2017, marks the 6:00pm airing of the third-to-last episode of our one and only Girl Meets World.

Join us in watching our show together tomorrow and over the next two weeks! We’ve made many special memories with you guys, and we intend on making more. We plan on making these live watch parties warm, engaging, and above all else an environment to share our love for this amazing show.

So join in and share your favorite GMW moments with us! You might find a couple of surprises in there 😉 Jump into the HotSwitch live chat by downloading the app here:

Can’t wait to see you tomorrow, guys!