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Besties, Buds Bros weekend


There will be a 3 hour marathon of Girl Meets World tomorrow, Friday, March 20, 2015. It will start at 7PM and it will end at 10PM.

According to Auggie’s Facebook, you might even get to see the promo for “Girl Meets First Date”.

Source: August’s Facebook


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It has been confirmed by Auggie’s mom that the clip floating around today is indeed from Girl Meets First Date!  We were waiting on some confirmation before posting! Hope you all like the small teaser!

Source: https://instagram.com/p/0awoDbCr9L/

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Peyton shared this photograph of him with Leilani a little girl who is need of a heart transplant. According to Auggie’s mom, the 9 year old wanted a signed picture. So instead of mailing one out, Peyton flew to Ohio to hand deliver it to her. What a sweet and generous thing that Peyton did for this little girl. I’m sure it made her day.

Source: Peyton’s Instagram and Auggie’s Twitter 

Girl Meets World / March 18th, 2015 / 2 Comments

Behind the scenes

This picture was taken by a friend of a fan who attended a season 2 taping of Girl Meets World. This is a new/old picture since they’re currently on a hiatus. Filming is set to resume on April 28, 2015 (Credit for the information on filming schedule goes to TVTickets.com ).

Source: _girl_meets_world_forever_’s Instagram account

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Will Friedle with fans

A fan named Andrew shared this picture on Twitter/Instagram of him and another fan with Will Friedle.

Source: Andrew’s Twitter

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Sabrina shared a behind-the-scenes video of “We’ll Be The Stars” on Twitter. You can check it out below.

Source: Sabrina’s Twitter 

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Popstar  posted this picture of Rowan and Sabrina on their Instagram today.

Source: Popstar! Instagram’s account


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Peyton Meyer

Peyton Meyer was interviewed on “The Morning Brew”. He talked about how he got into acting, Girl Meets World, a little bit of Boy Meets World, and also revealed that he has a new movie called “Gibby” coming out this summer!

Check out the interview below:

Source: Trojan Vision’s YouTube account

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