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Mar / May 15th, 2015


Leanne Aguilera just posted her exclusive interview with Will Friedle where she talked with him about his return to Girl Meets world. We have copied some of the article and have included the video interview as well. If you would like to read the rest of the interview them please go here.

Stop whatever you’re doing because this video will make your day!

Will Friedle is headed back to TV on tonight’s all-new episode of Girl Meets World – and only ETonline has your exclusive extended sneak peek of Eric Matthews’ return.

“It’s being back but it’s not being back,” Friedle spills in our first look featurette above. “It’s being back, but on a different set — it’s great!”

“It’s a heck of a lot of fun to come back,” the actor adds, “Being with Ben and Danielle, we spent every day together for seven years so that’s like going back with your family.”

Source: ETOnline

Girl Meets World / May 15th, 2015

Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels

TVLine has shared a sneak peek of Eric reuniting with Cory and Topanga, and seeing his “niche” and nephew. Go here to watch the clip:  http://tvline.com/2015/05/15/girl-meets-world-eric-episode-video-season-2/

Episode Description:

When Riley and Maya get into a fight, Cory enlists the help of his brother, Eric, to be a mediator.
Guest starring Will Friedle as Eric Matthews

Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels premieres tonight at 8:30PM on the Disney Channel. The Season 2 premiere week ends after tonight’s episode (it was a fantastic week!).

Remember, let’s make sure to trend #ProudOfWill and #GirlMeetsMrSquirrels tomorrow. Credits to @JonaAlmostFame on Twitter for this idea.

Source: TVLine.com

Mar / May 14th, 2015

Will Friedle

Disney Channel has aired a sneak peek of Will’s return to Girl Meets World! Make sure you tune in tomorrow at 8:30PM to see Eric!

Episode Description:

When Riley and Maya get into a fight, Cory enlists the help of his brother, Eric, to be a mediator.

Guest starring Will Friedle as Eric Matthews

Let’s make sure to trend #ProudOfWill and #GirlMeetsMrSquirrels tomorrow. Credits to @JonaAlmostFame on Twitter for this idea.

Source: Disney Uploads

Mar / May 14th, 2015


Girl Meets World ratings are in for the first three episodes of Season 2.

Source: @RatingsDisney on Twitter 

Episode 1 (Girl Meets Gravity)

Episode 2 (Girl Meets the New World)

Episode 3 (Girl Meets Secret of Life)

Girl Meets World / May 14th, 2015

Girl Meets the Secret of Life

Written by Sef

The lesson of this episode:

People change people.

It starts off with Riley and Maya in the school hallway wanting to sing a happy song. They go to class and Cory asks the class if they finally want to learn what actually happened in Belgium, 1831. Farkle gets annoyed as someone or something always interrupts Cory while he teaches so he asks the gang if anything happened to them first before Cory can actually teach. All of them said no except for Maya who had fallen asleep during the class. Farkle is happy when everyone says that they don’t have anything to share because that means no more class interruptions. Cory starts off the lesson when the new comes to class and interrupts. Turns out he is someone who knew Lucas. Farkle annoyed by another interruption tells the kid to get out.

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Girl Meets World / May 14th, 2015

TVLine.com shared a first look of Cory, Topanga, and Shawn’s reunion with Mr. Feeny! There is also a cute picture of the girls with him as well.

In the episode, titled “Girl Meets Pluto,” the original BMW-ers return to their childhood stomping grounds to dig up a 15-year-old time capsule, inspiring the next generation to bury one of its own.


Girl Meets Pluto premieres tonight at 8:30PM on the Disney Channel! 

Source: TVLine.com 

Mar / May 13th, 2015


Disney Channel aired a promo for Girl Meets Pluto tonight! Thanks to Disney Uploads for putting it on Youtube. Make sure to tune into the all new episode tomorrow at 8:30PM EST on the Disney Channel!

Episode description:

Cory, Topanga, Shawn, Riley and Maya travel to Philadelphia to dig up a time capsule that Cory, Topanga and Shawn buried 15 years ago which prompts the kids decide to create and bury one of their own.

Guest starring Rider Strong as Shawn Hunter and William Daniels as Mr. Feeney

Source: Disney Uploads

Girl Meets World / May 13th, 2015

Girl Meets The New World promo

Written by Mar

The lesson of this episode:

Stay young while you can, and don’t fall into peer pressure at a young age when it comes to dating.

The episode started off with Riley and Maya sitting in the bay window in Riley’s room. In an attempt to get Riley to talk about the kiss she shared with Lucas, Maya started making fun of her that was until Farkle showed up in the window saying he needed to make a decision on who to take with him to a concert. He decides on Riley because he liked the way she hugged him. After Farkle left Maya started in again and tried to get her to talk again but Cory and Topanga decided to come to her room to tell her that they needed her to babysit Auggie. Riley was thankful they asked her to babysit because that meant it would be another day where they wouldn’t have time to talk about the kiss. Cory and Topanga told her that they didn’t need her until tomorrow. After they left, Maya continued to try and get Riley to talk about the kiss but was once again interrupted – this time by Auggie. Riley thankful for another interruption quickly went over to Auggie, picked him up and brought him to the Bay window to talk to him. He told his sister that his friend Dewey was coming over to play and was worried about Topanga ruining the fun like she has in the past with Ava. After, Auggie left Maya tried one last time to get Riley to talk about the kiss. This time she finally broke and asked Maya “What happens now?”.

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