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Jona / May 31st, 2015


Written By Jona

The Teen Choice Awards are accepting nominations until June 2nd. As a fandom, we are currently working on Instagram and Twitter to get the cast of Girl Meets World nominated in various categories.

This post is a guide to help make nominating process easier. For every nomination make sure you use the hashtag #TeenChoice and tag the cast member and the Teen Choice Account (@TeenCoiceFOX). Retweets count as votes.  There is a definite consensus among fans about who we are nominating for each category.

To nominate Sabrina make sure you use hashtag #ChoiceMusicBreakoutArtist and #ChoiceMusicNextBigThing.

To nominate Rowan use #ChoiceTVComedyActress, as well as #ChoiceSocialMediaQueen and #CandiesStyleIcon.

To nominate Peyton use the hashtags #ChoiceMaleHottie and #ChoiceTVComedyActor.

To nominate August use the hashtag #ChoiceTVSceneStealer.

To nominate Corey use the hashtag #ChoiceTVBreakoutStar.

To nominate Girl Meets World use the hashtag #ChoiceComedyTVShow.

To nominate Ben and Danielle use the hashtag #ChoiceTVChemistry.

And finally, to nominate Rider and Ben use the hashtag #ChoiceBromance.

Use this as a guide for voting. Let’s get the cast and crew the recognition they deserve.

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Mar / May 29th, 2015


Disney Channel will be holding a “Sounds of Summer” programming event where various artists will guest star on Disney Channel shows. Girl Meets World will feature a performance by Sheppard.

August 14: Girl Meets World featuring performance by Sheppard

Source: Billboard.com

Girl Meets World / May 29th, 2015


Ben tweeted a link to the new Girl Meets World promo.

Source: Disney’s YouTube account via Ben’s Twitter account

Girl Meets World / May 29th, 2015

Oh My Disney

Some of the Girl Meets World cast gave Oh My Disney their favorite quotes from Boy Meets World.

Source: Disney’s YouTube account

Girl Meets World / May 29th, 2015


This is a reminder post for next week that Michael Jacobs, Ben, Rowan & Sabrina will be at the ATX Festival on Friday, June 5th at 2PM at the SFA Ballroom. Here is the description of what they’ll be doing at the panel:

Date: Friday 6/5
Time: 2 PM
Venue: SFA Ballroom

A look at tween series from 1990s (before we were using the word “tween”) to the 2010’s, how Michael Jacobs sees the genre changing, looking at a male best friends vs. female best friends, and the landscape of TV in general.

Panelists: Michael Jacobs (Writer/Creator), Cast: Ben Savage, Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter

Moderator: Robyn Ross

You can read all about the panels for other events here: http://www.atxfestival.com/programming/panels/

And another big panel, there will be a Gilmore Girls reunion which you can see on the page above.

The weekend badges are sold out including single tickets for Gilmore Girls.

Source: ATXFestival.com

Mar / May 29th, 2015



Written By Mar

A fan on Twitter tweeted that Girl Meets World was featured in the back of her yearbook that she got at school! Isn’t that cool? I started 7th Grade in 1998 and I can remember in the back of our yearbooks in high school that they would feature what was popular that year. I think it’s awesome that they featured Girl Meets World in this fans yearbook!

Source: @fabkidrauhl’s Twitter

Girl Meets World / May 28th, 2015


Happy Birthday, Danny! We hope you have a wonderful day. We’re so thrilled that you’re back as Harley and can’t wait to see you in more episodes!

Girl Meets World / May 28th, 2015


Teen Choice Awards has officially begun its nomination process! If you have Twitter make sure you join in with nominating the cast and show for the Teen Choice Awards. Once nomination period ends, they will then tally up the votes (whoever got nominated the most) and put it on the official ballot so that you can then vote for them to win the surfboard.

Quoted from Teenchoice.com:

Nominate your faves using #category followed by your nominee on Twitter or Instagram OR click the category below and fill in your nominee! Don’t miss Teen Choice 2015 Sunday, August 16 at 8/7c LIVE on FOX!

Go to Teenchoice.com/nominate and click on what you think Girl Meets World and the cast should be nominated for. It will then open up Twitter so that can you just put in the name.  We are unsure which categories people are nominating them for. We know that people are trying to get Auggie nominated for Male TV Scene Stealer, and that Peyton is being nominated for Choice Hottie.  Our advice is if you follow the cast on Twitter, go check out what they are RTing.

Source: Teenchoice.com

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