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Sef / March 1st, 2016


Hey everyone,

I normally don’t like putting myself out there, but I am Sef, the creator/owner of Bmwsequel.com

When I heard Boy Meets World was being developed into a sequel series ‘Girl Meets World’, I was so eager because we didn’t have these types of shows anymore on the air. I was also so thrilled that it was the series creator of Boy Meets World, Michael Jacobs, returning to the helm.

I was so beyond happy about it and decided to create a fan website for the show. I learned about the show during reruns when I was 16 years old. I know practically almost every line from the episodes, along with the one-liners/catch phrases. Yes, you can call me slightly obsessed.

Fast forward 2 years later and Girl Meets World is now on the air. Watching Girl Meets World is such a fantastic show which teaches lessons, has great humor, great heart, and it’s entertaining. Lately, there have been a lot of shipping wars, and a lot of extreme bullying in the Girl Meets World fandom. All of these things combined made me lose interest from running the website which made me come to a decision to step down from the website. My partner Mar will be taking over from now on.

I haven’t been involved with the website along with the website’s social media since December which made me reach this decision. I’ll be watching Girl Meets World along with Fuller House, but I won’t be involved with the website anymore.

It’s been such a blast administrating the website with Mar and getting involved with the fans for 4 years, but it’s time for me to step down now. Mar has always been a great partner and friend to me, and she’s also great with the fans. I have no doubt the website will be great under her hands. I learned a lot while running this website. I won’t ever forget this experience. If you use Twitter, you can follow me if you’d like. Click the URL here:


Thank you everyone for such a fantastic journey!

– Sef

Sef / February 23rd, 2016


Girl Meets Commonism drew in 1.746 million viewers and 0.4 million adults from February 19th’s episode. Girl Meets The Bay Window drew in 1.702 million viewers and 0.3 million adults from last Fridays episode.

Sources: Tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com (Girl Meets Commonism), Tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com (Girl Meets The Bay Window)

Sef / February 19th, 2016


There are live taping tickets available for March 15th on TVTickets.com . You can get your free tickets by going here: http://www.tvtickets.com/fmi/shows/browserecord.php?&Show=girl+meets

Make sure you hurry to get your tickets as they run out of them pretty fast!

Sef / February 16th, 2016



Linda Ge who is a reporter from TheWrap.com, is going to be interviewing Michael Jacobs (Creator of Boy / Girl Meets World) this week. Make sure you tweet her any questions that you may have before Thursday February, 18th. Her Twitter handle is: https://twitter.com/lindazge

Source: Lindazge’s Twitter

Sef / February 6th, 2016




Disney Channel released a promo for Girl Meets Commonism. This episode premieres Friday, February 12th at 8:30PM on Disney Channel.

Episode description:

Maya and Farkle are caught cheating on a test and have to face the school honor board! Meanwhile Auggie tries to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up.

Source: RileyandAuggie’s YouTube account

Sef / February 4th, 2016



Photo Credit and Source: Ben’s Twitter

Ben recently shared a picture of himself, Sabrina and we believe a makeup artist from the set of Girl Meets World confirming that filming for Season 3 has officially begun with the caption: “Class is back in session.” So exciting!

Note: You can get free tickets for Season 3 tapings once they become available here: http://www.tvtickets.com/fmi/shows/browserecord.php?&Show=girl+meets


Sef / February 4th, 2016


Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Twitter

Congratulations to Sabrina! She has landed a voice role in Disney XD’s upcoming comedy series “Milo Murphy’s Law”, created by the creators of Phineas and Ferb. She’ll be voicing the role of “Melissa Chase”. “Milo Murphy’s Law” premieres this fall.

“Milo Murphy’s Law” will follow the adventures of Milo and his best friends Melissa and Zack as they attempt to embrace life’s catastrophes with positive attitudes and enthusiasm. Melissa and Zack will be voiced by Disney alums Sabrina Carpenter (“Girl Meets World”) and Mekai Curtis (“Kirby Buckets”), respectively.

“Weird Al” Yankovic will voice the lead character in Disney XD’s “Milo Murphy’s Law,”.

In addition to voicing the main character, Yankovic will sing the show’s opening theme song and perform other songs throughout the duration of the series.

We’re so proud of you, Sabrina!

Sources: Variety.com, Deadline.com

Sef / February 2nd, 2016

CKsO70mUYAAUUx7.jpg largePhoto Credit: Will’s Twitter

Great news for those of you are a fan of Will! He is going to be at the Dallas Comic Con for both days, February 13 and February 14th. We quoted the fees and disclaimer from their website:







Guests subject to cancellation or schedule change, due to professional commitments.

Although most guests are available for the duration of the event, due to limited availability some guests are only available for a portion of the event, i.e. a single day.

Appearance day(s) will be posted on the website as soon as we know.

All events have limited seating capacities and are offered on a first come, first served basis.

Read more here: http://dallascomiccon.com/guests/will-friedle/

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