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Mar / December 11th, 2016

Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Facebook

An incident took place in St Petersburg Florida last night where something was made for her by a fan (it was artwork related) ended up in a dumpster. Sabrina’s team has made as statement on this and we are letting everyone know that Sabrina had no knowledge that this happened and that her team is working to find out what happened. Usually fan gifts are taken right to the bus. It goes without saying that Sabrina wouldn’t have had knowledge of it. She values her fans and they are one of her greatest loves. She keeps everything given to her so please don’t blaming Sabrina for any of this. 🙂

Mar / December 11th, 2016

Photo Credit: Auggie’s Twitter

Happy 37th Birthday to Rider Strong! We hope you have a fabulous day. Shawn is such a great character and we love watching you bring him to life. Have a wonderful day!


Mar / December 10th, 2016

Tonight on the Facebook page I asked for everyone whether you are a teacher, a parent, young viewer, or regular young adult viewer to comment on why they feel Girl Meets World deserves another season. My reasoning for doing this is I wanted those without Twitter or Instagram to be able to use their voice as well. I would like to say thank you to all of you that left comments on our post on the Facebook page. I have compiled some of my favorites. The majority of comments we received were from parents who watch with their children however there are some younger viewers, and teachers that commented as well! I have embedded the Facebook post on here so that you can read the other comments that were left.

Maryam White

The show has become more than just a regular show it has become a part of everyone’s family just like Boy Meets World did this show has not only taken it a step further and taught the True Values and a true look at life that you don’t understand even as an adult and teaching today’s society about morals values and how to be human with compassion love and understanding is way more important then the almighty dollar and way more important then ratings but with this show and all its true fans the only hope we can have is that it does continue not just to season 4 past that and can show that everything we do in life we should do to our full potential this show gives everyone a chance to help deal with real issues and not make people feel out casted for veing diffrent

Tonya Manning Douglas

I grew up watching BMW. My
Children LOVE GMW. It is one show my children can watch that is good wholesome fun. Every episode has a lesson every child needs to learn and there is no sugar coating it. I love that it also shows what a traditional family is like and that they are not perfect with their own lessons each and every day. We need this kind of television. More seasons please!!!!

Melissa Bloom

Its a really amazing family sitcom my parents and i watch it all together every friday and its the only show all three of us watch together i also love how now that they’re getting older the issues are starting to get more serious please give it a 4th season BMW went all the way through college GMW can do the same thing

Danielle Marlene Nebel

I watched Boy meets world since episode 1. I now watch Girl Meets World. Its important to me as a loyal viewer and I would like to pass on these wonderful shows to my daughter. They are funny, sweet and always have a moral. They don’t make quality shows like this often

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Mar / December 9th, 2016

Photo Credit: Rowan Blanchard

Rowan was nominated for Celebs Gone Good for her using her voice to bring attention to Black Lives Matter, the LGBTQ rights, and Feminism. Make sure you vote for her as well. She’s also very deserviing to be on the list.


Mar / December 9th, 2016

Photo Credit: Auggie’s Instagram

Auggie was also nominated for Celebs Gone Good list. He was nominated for his work in raising awareness for Food Allergies as well as releasing a single that goes towards the The Epilepsy Foundation. Make sure that you vote for him as well as he also deserves to be on the list!


Mar / December 9th, 2016

Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Facebook

Celebs Gone Good is basically a list of celebs that use their fame and influence to create a positive change! It goes without saying that Sabrina should be on this list. I always say that she the best role model and positive influence that my 4 year old nephew and little cousins(aged 8,9 and 5) who adore her and is the best idol that they could ever have. Go to this link and please vote for Sabrina so that we can get her on the list.


Mar / December 8th, 2016

Photo Credit: Rowan’s Instagram


Hey guys Rowan is going to be on Food Network Channel tonight at 10PM EST on Bobby Flay. Make sure you all tune into see her.

Source: Bobby Flay’s Facebook

Mar / December 7th, 2016

Sabrina will be opening for The Vamps during the UK and Ireland tour this coming April and May! If you would like to see her in concert check out the tweet below which all has all tour dates and info on where you can get your tickets! We couldn’t be more proud of her. Definitely go see her in concert if you are able to. She’s incredible live.

Source and Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Twitter


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