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Mar / December 18th, 2016

Last week we took on Twitter. This week let’s take on the rest of the social media world. Can’t stress enough that we can get renewal news ANY DAY! Last week we watched Disney renew another show and odds are they’ll give us news by New Years too! We also watched them post 2 throwback GMW pics on two very random days to post a throwback on. WE ARE CLEARLY ON THEIR MIND. Let’s finish the job we started the day season 3 wrapped and we trended #GMWSeason4WeNeedMore.

To accommodate everyone from across the world these days this week won’t have any specific times. 24 HOURS (whenever the day starts for your time zone) of MAKING AS MUCH NOISE AS POSSIBLE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION is the plan. LET’S GO CRAZY!

Monday the focus is @DisneyChannel @DisneyChannelPR Instagram. Simply comment any of the Girl Meets World hashtags that we’ve used up to this point. Specifically #SaveGMW and #GirlMeetsWorldSeason4 get our message across clearly but if you have another fave go for it. PLEASE don’t forget to tag @DisneyChannel @DisneyChannelPR in every comment so they see each one.
Comment on the most recent pic they post and DEFINITELY LIKE AND COMMENT on the most recent GMW related posts!

Most posts don’t even get 1,000 comments and last week we showed we can top 3,000 easily. Let’s shoot for 5,000. Let’s make sure GMW posts have more comments than every other post because we are stronger than every other fanbase.

Wednesday is very simple. Just go to Disney Channel’s Facebook page and leave comments on their most recent posts using #SaveGMW and #GirlMeetsWorldSeason4.

Friday (if we haven’t received good news by then) we will return to Twitter with the first hashtag we started with #GMWSeason4WeNeedMore. This will take place at 5 PM PT/8 PM EST in America. To find your time zone use Google or ask us. As always DON’T FORGET TO TAG @DISNEYCHANNEL and @DISNEYCHANNELPR

Let’s prove our worth and work hard to make #GirlMeetsWorldSeason4 happen!

We’ve done an AMAZING things so far so let’s continue to DO GOOD. Don’t lose HOPE!

Mar / December 16th, 2016

Girl Meets World fans, it seems like our efforts are working! Since the start of our #SaveGMW campaign, in just one week the total combined efforts of the various Girl Meets World hashtags have created over 20 MILLION IMPRESSIONS just on Twitter alone! INCREDIBLE! And it seems like Disney Channel has noticed! According to the Disney Channel Canada website, it had listed Girl Meets Goodbye as the SERIES FINALE, but they have now taken that down! (See pictures below!) Is this proof that Disney Channel is now OFFICIALLY CONSIDERING ordering a season 4? We sure would like to think so! Girl Meets World fans, keep on tweeting, posting, and using those hashtags! Disney Channel sees you!

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Mar / December 15th, 2016

Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Facebook

Make sure you grab next weeks issue of Seventeen magazine as Sabrina is the cover story! She looks absolutely beautiful as always. You can check out the article about her cover story as well as the pictures of her modeling prom dresses by going here:


Below is a quote from the article where she talks about Prom (the source for this quote is the above link): 

Sabrina Carpenter has been dreaming about prom since she was a little girl, and her gorgeous cover shoot for Seventeen Prom is the next best thing.

Until the 17-year-old Girl Meets World star gets to go to prom IRL, she’s sharing her own dance night #goals, tried-and-true confidence tricks, and date advice.

“Prom is supposed to be a good experience and an amazing memory,” she says. “It’s okay to not have a date, especially if you’re going with a group of people. (For the record, my dream date would be Lin-Manuel Miranda or Emilia Clarke.) When it comes to parties, I don’t think, I’m going to meet boys, or I need to bring a boy. For me, it’s more like, This is going to be a really fun party and I’m going to get dressed up and feel special — and who knows what could happen?”

Mar / December 15th, 2016

Photo Credit: Rowan’s Facebook

Rowan wrote this beautiful post pertaining to the tragedy going on in Aleppo and she shared information on how you can help Aleppo civilians. We wanted to share her posts with you all to pass this information along. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Aleppo.

Mar / December 15th, 2016

Join us on Saturday December, 17th at 3PM EST/12PM PST on Twitter for a save Girl Meets World event. We need you to tweet @DisneyChannel and @DisneyChannelPR with the hashtag: #SaveGMWBecause and then say why you want it saved. Lets get this to trend worldwide. Shout out to riarklyaf on tumbler for this brilliant idea.

If you are unsure what time it is for you in your country all you have to do is google “What time is 3PM EST” and then the name of your country afterwards. For example “What time is 3PM eastern in the UK” and it will tell you the time as to when the event will start. Please tell everyone that you know about this event.

Time is running out. We need to be vocal now! FreeForm and Netflix are out. It is up to Disney now. I can confirm that any rumors that are out there are about the show going to FreeForm or Netflix  completely 110% false. I have ran this website for 4 years and have never let you guys down. Please put your trust in me when I say this. Please help us on Saturday and get your friends to help us as well! Please spread the word! Riley taught us never to give up hope in Pluto! So lets not give up. 🙂

Photo Credit: Disney/ABC Press Site

Mar / December 13th, 2016

Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Instagram

Sabrina has a show in Charlotte tonight so while in the city she’s doing some press for 96.1 radio station. They are taking fan questions for her so make sure you start tweeting her now. Make sure that when you tweet questions you use the hashtag: #AskSabrina961 It sounds like she’s doing a periscope as well so we will link you as soon it goes live.

Source: 96.1 Radio Station Twitter

Mar / December 12th, 2016

World Meets Girl will air on January 6th, Girl Meets Sweet 16 will air on January 13 and the season finale Girl Meets Goodbye will air on January 20th. According to TVLine Disney still hasn’t come to a decision on if the show is going to get a 4th season! Keep tweeting and posting to them that you want a season 4.

GMW returns with new episodes on Jan. 6 and 13, with a season finale set to air on Jan. 20. The finale, ominously titled “Girl Meets Goodbye,” features the show’s biggest Boy Meets World cast reunion yet. (That’s right, we’re getting both Morgans!)

Disney Channel maintains that there is no news to share about the show’s future.

Source: TVLine.com

Mar / December 11th, 2016

Photo Credit: Sabrina’s Facebook

An incident took place in St Petersburg Florida last night where something was made for her by a fan (it was artwork related) ended up in a dumpster. Sabrina’s team has made as statement on this and we are letting everyone know that Sabrina had no knowledge that this happened and that her team is working to find out what happened. Usually fan gifts are taken right to the bus. It goes without saying that Sabrina wouldn’t have had knowledge of it. She values her fans and they are one of her greatest loves. She keeps everything given to her so please don’t blaming Sabrina for any of this. 🙂

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