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Mar / May 18th, 2017

Photo Credit: Rowan’s Instagram

Hey guys!

I know that I am super late in posting about this and for that I truly apologize to all of you and to Rowan as well. I was unsure of what episodes of The Goldbergs that Rowan was going to be on and on top of that got the nights confused as to when the show aired. I promoted two out of the four episodes and they were first two that she was in. As for the other two I had every intention on making a post about them. I feel so bad about it. The one night I was going to make a post about it because I thought it was on Friday but when I had seen her tweet about it I was busy at the time and when I went to make the post later I saw where it had already aired. As for last nights episode I didn’t know she was going to be on that episode until I saw a tweet after it aired!  Anyways if you guys would like to see her her episodes you can do so by going to the link below. 3 out of the 4 episodes are on there. I’ve also included the episode names that she’s in! The only one you are unable to watch since it expired is “A Night To Remember” and that’s the very first episode she appeared in.


Graduation Day

Jedi Master Adam Skywalker

The Day After the Day After

A Night to Remember  (You are unable to watch this one)

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