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Mar / January 8th, 2017 / No Comments

Shout out to theowldetective on tumblr for this wonderful post that has all information you need to know about when it comes to what the fan base is doing to try and save the show. I have copied her post in in full with her permission. She is going to be sending me another one that’s a new campaign fans are doing.

Source: theowldetective on tumblr

Until we get a final absolute answer either way, we need to keep up the momentum as long as we can. I know there are many more pressing things happening in the world today (and if you’re like me you’re probably already spending part of your morning on the phone with Congress almost every day), but fighting for a show that brings you hope and joy (and if you’re like me, delightful intellectual stimulation) is totally worth it. So here’s some stuff you can do EVERY DAY to attempt to save our beloved show. You can do all of it or some of it (but please don’t sleep on hulu!).

Sign and/or share the petitions:


• Live Chat with Netflix: https://help.netflix.com/help (You need to either download Chrome to live chat while mobile, or do this from a desktop).
• Call Netflix: 1-866-579-7172
• Tweet at @Netflix & @Netflixhelps #NetflixSaveGMW
• Recommend “Girl Meets World Season 4 (Netflix Original)“ in their suggestion box: https://help.netflix.com/en/titlerequest
• Search for “Girl Meets World” on Netflix
• Watch Girl Meets World on Netflix

• Live Chat with hulu: https://help.hulu.com/contact
• Email support@hulu.com
• Call hulu: 1-888-265-6650
• Tweet at @hulu and @hulu_support #HuluSaveGMW
• Search for “Girl Meets World” on hulu

• Tweet at @DisneyChannel asking them to sell the rights if someone offers.
• Call Disney Audience Relations at 1-818-460-7477 and tell them you want them to sell the rights.

If you are NOT currently a hulu or Netflix subscriber, let them know when you talk to them that you WILL subscribe (assuming you’re able to do so) if they save Girl Meets World.

And for all us geriatrics, it may be a good idea to mention your age when you talk to Netflix/hulu. Let them know that GMW actually has a broad demographic, with tons of adults (aka people with credit cards/buying power) who may not be fully reflected in the cable ratings since so many of us are cord cutters who watch the next day on Amazon or iTunes.

If you’re a younger fan, maybe talk about the impact GMW has had on you in terms of what it means to you as you grow up alongside these characters (grown ups can do our version of this too, but we have the buying power angle while the kids mostly don’t). Stress that you would be loyal. Mention that you will BEG your parents for a Netflix/hulu subscription if you don’t already have one.

Grown-ups and kids alike: activate your casual viewer friends! This may be especially effective with the GMW fandom adults, since I know most of us have friends our age who are casual viewers as opposed to being ubergeeks like we are. If you can, get THEM to do anything on this list, especially contacting Netflix and hulu.

Again, the older end of the GMW viewership—casual and uberfans alike—may not actually be present in the regular ratings since so many of us (and our casual viewer friends) are cord-cutters who watch the next day rather than live. If that applies to you or your friends, be sure to mention it when you talk to Netflix/hulu! Let them know we’re here, because while this show is very important to and beloved by millions of kids and that should absolutely be a major, major factor in this campaign…grown-ups have credit cards and money talks!

This is probably either gonna be a short run to a definitive “no deal” or a long marathon to getting what we want. But we HAVE to keep the push going until we know either way! You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, and this is worth a shot. If it doesn’t work out, at least we tried. 💛

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