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Mar   Thursday, August 11th, 2016   6:19 pm EST   3 Comments


This letter was written to Gary Marsh by a 19 year old fan named Taylor.She is a huge fan of Girl Meets World, Boy Meets World Ben, Danielle, Cory, and Topanga. It is so wonderfully written and explains so beautifully why Girl Meets World should not only get another season but many more seasons. I really wanted to share this with you all.

Mr. Gary Marsh:

I am writing to express my concern about the possibility of Disney Channel deciding to cancel “Girl Meets World.” I’m not quite sure why this would even be a possibility, considering the show’s place on your channel, as the number one show, but I am very shocked and distraught by this news. I would like to explain to you, though the feat may be impossible to put into words, why “Girl Meets World” should definitely not be canceled.

This show is, to be simply put, everything. I have never in my lifetime seen another show that can accomplish what it does in every episode (besides its predecessor, “Boy Meets World”). No other show on your channel, or on television for that matter, can teach such amazingly important lessons while completely entertaining the audience. This show has me rolling over with laughter and yet learning things that my college courses are only beginning to cover. Exposing children to these kinds of lessons is very important, as they are our future. They need to see these ideas brought to life so they can do as children do, and imitate what they see. If all the world were to see “Girl Meets World,” we would be in a much safer, more beautiful place. I cannot begin to thank Michael Jacobs and the writers, cast, and crew for what they do.

While I have learned many important lessons from the show, two in particular stand out to me. The first is that people change people. This can be expanded to, as the show put it, “what ‘us’ does for them.” Teaching the world this one lesson alone could save so many people. We are taught to realize how fortunate we are. Even those we see as perhaps, “poor” or “unlucky,” are among the most blessed. It is our job to do everything we can to help those who have less than us. No matter what we do, it can end up changing someone.

I try very hard to apply this to my own life. We don’t know what struggles other people are facing, but we can do everything to try to lessen burdens. I currently work as a cashier at a store. As you can imagine, all kinds of customers come through my line. There are the very polite and happy people, who make my job easier. Then there are the people who don’t want to smile, and who won’t respond to anything you say, whether it be a, “hello!” or a “how are you today?” Most people would simply ignore those who don’t respond. I, however, take this as a challenge. I know that people change people. Maybe that person has had a very hard life. Maybe someone they were very close to has just passed away and they don’t know how they’re going to continue with life. We never know. Perhaps all they need is a small act of kindness to give them a renewed hope. “Girl Meets World” has taught me this. I have a different worldview because of this show. I know that its continuation means more different worldviews for many more people. That alone is enough reason for me to fight for a season four. This show has literally changed lives. I cannot comprehend why this isn’t reason enough to renew it for infinite seasons.

The second lesson that has impacted my life is to have hope. This is something that I have difficulty with, as I have struggled with anxiety. My brain tries to say that if I hope in something, it will just fall around me and I will be left disappointed, with nothing to show for my hope. This is similar to Maya’s belief that hope is for suckers. Riley has taught me, however, that hope is a good thing. Having hope gives you a brighter future, as you begin to see all the good that can happen in your life. Why look at things so negatively when you could look at all the positive possibilities? Have hope in Pluto, a metaphor for having hope in the seemingly impossible. This has completely changed my view on the future. Because of this, I will always have a perhaps irrational hope for Pluto to become a planet again, and I have hope for a season four. I have hope that this wonderful, amazing show will get to continue. Please do not let my hope be for suckers.

I understand that there may be issues with money at some points. But I also understand that in no way is your company losing money with this show. If it does not hurt your company to keep this show going, and it changes people’s lives like this, it seems worth it. Mr. Feeny taught us to “Dream, try, do good.” Perhaps it is time to do good. I know that at your company’s origin, Walt Disney yearned to entertain and teach children, without talking down to them. He wanted programming made especially for them. You have clearly succeeded in children’s programming. I hope you never forget that original goal. He wanted children to be able to watch his programming and be better because of it. I beg you and your company to renew “Girl Meets World” for another season, and for as many seasons as Michael Jacobs would like to do. I have hope that your company will decide the right thing to do.

If anyone at all has read this letter, I would like to sincerely thank you. I understand that Mr. Gary Marsh is probably a very busy man, with many letters to read, and mine is probably just another one added to the pile. But let me assure you that this show means so very much to me and I want to do everything I can to express that to you. While this may just be a piece of paper to you, this is my heart poured out in a letter. I cannot even imagine a world without this show. I can already feel my heart drop at the idea of it ending so prematurely. It has completely changed my life in so many ways. I hope I can continue to learn from it and do my small part to change the world.

Thank you so much for your time.

With hope in Pluto,


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I'm Mar and I'm the website owner of My favorite shows include: Once Upon A Time, Girl Meets World, Switched at Birth, Baby Daddy, Scream Queens and Pretty Little Liars. In my my free time I love working on this website to keep you all updated on everything Girl Meets World, the cast projects what the writers are up to. I also love spending time with my family and two cats. My 4 year old nephew is my whole world. <3 Side Note: I've been able to visit the set of Girl Meets World twice now and that cast is SO wonderful and welcoming. They are the most kindest people I have ever met. 🙂
  • Kirsten Wallace

    Yes im 22 years old this the only show other than kc under cover that i actually look foward to seeing and got upset to even think bout cancel this show with all the good lessons they have been teach and there so many more after highschool

  • rmax

    I stand with “Taylor” who wrote that beautiful letter. This show is so much to so many. I am soon to be 34 years old and this show and BMW is near and dear to my heart. These two shows are very unique and like nothing i have watched ever. I hope they continue GMW for many seasons to come. This world could really use kind words, friendships ,hopes and dreams right now….

  • Lina

    I am a 41 yr old who just loved watching BMW. To me GMW is a continuation of BMW. And I would love to see interaction between the cast and kids with disabilities. And how they would handle themselves around these kinds of people. My disability is not notice but I do have one. Because people with disabilities do not get noticed as much as anyone else.