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Mar / February 19th, 2016 / 7 Comments


Hi guys,

Various fans who have attended tapings are reporting to us that they are being told many viewers are “spoiling” the episode, and essentially making it very difficult for the cast to tape live in front of an audience. As you have all observed previously, there are a handful of episodes that were not filmed in front of an audience. Fans who attend tapings have been told that this behavior is why they alternatively taped without an audience. If this behavior is long-term, they may not shoot episodes with an audience in an purposeful way and take a more permanent route…

I feel this episode spoiling is extremely disrespectful to the cast, writers and all of those in the background who work diligently for us to create episodes. If more people would think before they spoke, maybe others would have a shot at attending a future taping. Please keep all of this in mind and respect them. I’d hate to see things ruined for those who may want to attend a taping in the future.



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I'm Mar and I'm the website owner of BMWSequel.com. My favorite shows include: Once Upon A Time, Girl Meets World, Switched at Birth, Baby Daddy, Scream Queens and Pretty Little Liars. In my my free time I love working on this website to keep you all updated on everything Girl Meets World, the cast projects what the writers are up to. I also love spending time with my family and two cats. My 4 year old nephew is my whole world. <3 Side Note: I've been able to visit the set of Girl Meets World twice now and that cast is SO wonderful and welcoming. They are the most kindest people I have ever met. 🙂

  • Mahesh Prasad

    The quality of this show reflects that the writers do NOT “work diligently.” It’s like they don’t even care. Laziest excuse for “writing” I’ve ever seen. Awful show with awful writing and dialogues that has managed to completely tarnish Cory and Topanga’s characters beyond repair. The writers should be ashamed of themselves. So, there is absolutely nothing for “fans” to “spoil,” as we know that each episode is just full of awful content that writers are lazily trying to pass for TV. This “show” needs to be canceled.

    • Megan

      That’s both extremely hateful and just ridiculous. The show is amazing; it’s my favourite TV show, and while I did not grow up with Boy Meets World, I have seen every single episode of it and the writing by no means messed up Cory and Topanga. The episodes are full of great content, and honestly everything you’re saying is just a very harsh and generally hateful opinion you’re somehow putting out like it’s fact or shared by anyone else. Besides, even if it were the worst show on TV (which it is not), that doesn’t warrant people spoiling what most definitely does take work, time, and money. Spoiling any show is disgusting and very selfish, and incredibly disrespectful, even if that show be terrible (which again, Girl Meets World is anything but).

      • Mahesh Prasad

        You must have very low standards if you think this show is even remotely adequate. It’s awful-they just rely on cheap “fall out of your seat” humor rather than the smart witty humor of BMW. Storylines are awful and artificial. Dialogues are horrendous. Cory and Topanga are shells of themselves. Cory just speaks in an awfully artificial tone with a smug look on his face 100% of the time. He’s lost everything and every quality that ever made him Cory. All Topanga does is say “how you doin” over and over and over. There is nothing to her character anymore. Shameful and disgusting what they’ve done to these characters’ legacies. The writers are just lazy greedy scumbags who are using a cheap marketing trick to draw in an audience. If this show were standing on its own, it’d have been canceled after the pilot. BMW fans need to protest and do everything we can to get this show off the air and make sure these writers never have another job for as long as they live.

    • XyngotheclownfromtheCELLblock

      I agree with your opinions on how this show is turning out, but I’m not so sure it’s because of the writers. Times have changed since Boy Meets World.

      The acting is, imo, subpar…off-set, Rowan is already starting to change and not in a good way. Sabrina is using the show as a platform to launch her music career (we’ve seen this before). The dialogue is forced, the lessons are forced. The kids are not cast well, imo. Payton looks quite a bit older than the other kids and his acting style is…bleh.

      There have been some funny moments, but for the most part, it has not really been terrific.

      Couple that with some questionable messages (the whole Maya/Shawn thing…Lucas’ temper issues….)

      I’m pretty disappointed overall.

      • Mahesh Prasad

        Definitely agreed. Acting is completely artificial, especially Rowan. Hearing her talk in real life, I can’t help but think she’d do a much better job if she’d just stop trying too hard to “act” and just played the character as herself. But at the same time, I still think the writers are at fault for writing such awful undeveloped dry characters that the actors are just doing what they can with what they’ve been written into. Especially Ben and Danielle-we know from BMW that they’re amazing actors and yet, they’re awful on this show because the writers have completely messed up their characters and they’re just doin what the writers tell them to do.

  • Neerav B. Trivedi

    I agree completely. I wish to see the episode and see what happens……a few clues would be nice, but outright spoiling it? Unacceptable!

  • Melissa Mitchell

    Even though everyone is entitled to their opinions. If you dont like it, then quit watching it. I grew up on boy meets world and IMO Girl meets world is just as great. And over half the writers are the original ones from boy. So leave this page to the old and new fan base that is growing with every episode. Do i agree that people who attend the tapings are ruining it. NO. I watch it regardless and i like to look at the pictures and clips and the Autograph signing that everyone posts. JS

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