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Mar / January 4th, 2016

Photo Credit: Rowan’s Instagram

In a new interview with Teen.com Rowan talked about all things ranging from life to Girl Meets World. We have included the parts where she specifically talks about Girl Meets World. You can read the rest of the interview by going here: http://www.teen.com/2016/01/03/celebrities/rowan-blanchard-girl-meets-world-nintendo-partnership-interview-quotes/

Let’s talk a little bit about Girl Meets World. Right now, Riley, Lucas and Maya are in a complicated love triangle. Is that something that we’ll see resolved by the end of the season?

“In real life, our feelings get so confusing that I don’t think you ever specifically figure them out; I don’t think there’s ever a specific answer, and it’s the same with Riley, Lucas and Maya. They’re all learning how to deal with their feelings because they’ve never experienced those feelings before. They’re all playing it by ear and kind of just slowly understanding what it means to like someone romantically, and still keep the friendship aspect of it. It’s definitely how I think people go through it in real life, when you don’t have all the answers, especially when it’s the first time that you ever felt that way about someone.”

Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation in real life? What was that like?

“I’ve never been in a relationship, but I’ve watched my other friends and have given them advice from a third person’s perspective. I’ve seen it happen with people when they’ll have a crush on somebody and that person will lead them on, but actually won’t like them back; it sucks, and I’m usually always there for my friends when that happens to them.”

Like Riley, Maya, and Lucas, a lot of our readers are just diving into the dating world, too. What are some things you’ve experienced yourself that you want to share with them?

“Like I said before, I’ve never been in a relationship, but from what I can understand, there’s definitely something that’s equally as powerful. We always talk about relationships limited to romantic relationships, but I feel like it’s really important, if not more important, to have those relationships with yourself and be able to know yourself first before you get to know someone else that deeply. I think that’s something that I’ve learned, and that people are learning around me. You need to learn to love yourself, before you fall in love with someone else.”

Riley and Lucas have shared adorable kisses, but in real life, those scenes are all planned out and down to every move. What’s it like to film those scenes?

“Of course it’s weird to film, because you’re kissing someone on screen. That’s always a little weird, but I feel like when it first happened I was a little uncomfortable with it because I didn’t know how to differentiate the two, but now the entire cast and I are all so close that we could all kind of kiss each other and I don’t think it would matter (laughs). Honestly, we all trust each other and it’s a great relationship that we have, so it makes it feel like a much safer place.”

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