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Mar / November 28th, 2015


The long awaited episode which was in continuation of Girl Meets Texas has finally aired. This was another heavy episode full of emotions. Mark Blutman did a fantastic job writing it and the kids did a fantastic job in acting it out. I even had to go dig out my moms Jane Austen book so that I could start reading Sense and Sensibility! So kudos to you Mark for making me want to read. 😉

The episode opens up with Riley and Maya eating mac and cheese at Riley’s house. Maya is trying to avoid talking about what happened with her and Lucas in Texas when Riley tries to get her to open up about it. Riley, however, assumes that they kissed but Maya tells her that is not what happened that he just simply grabbed her face and looked into her eyes.

In English class, Ms. Harper’s lesson is about Jane Austen’s novel “Sense and Sensibility.” Harper explains that Sense and Sensibility focused on the multiple loves of two young woman and how Jane Austen felt there were two approaches to love which are Sense and Sensibility. Sense meaning good intelligent judgment and sensibility when feelings get in the way of that. Maya and Riley realized that what she is explaining kind of sounds like what is going on with them and Lucas so they ask her different questions about it.

Later on after school while at Topanga’s Bakery, Riley and Maya are reading Sense and Sensibility when Riley decides that she wants to have a New Years party. Charlie overhears the conversation and asks if he’s included on it so Riley invites him. He leaves and then Lucas and Farkle enter a few seconds later. Lucas tells Riley that Charlie told him that she is having a party. He explains that he told Charlie he didn’t know about any party to which Riley replies that of course he (as in Lucas) was invited to it. Lucas tells her that he doesn’t want to be a last minute invite. Riley tells them that everyone was invited and that she was just talking about it. Charlie comes back in and makes a comment about who will be with who at midnight. Farkle pulls Riley outside and tells her that she cannot start the New Year off with a lie and that she has until midnight to tell everyone the truth about her feelings for Lucas otherwise he’s going to do it himself.

The next day in class Cory’s lesson is on feelings. Cory tells his students you form friendship before you know what friendship means, and grow before you know what growth means, and that finally you feel but you don’t know anything from feelings. He also tells them that with feelings you have to be careful with feelings because they can tear a part friendship and growth. In the next scene they are in Harper’s class. Her lesson is still on Sense and Sensibility. Farkle points out that you need both in order for a relationship to work.

In the next scene it is New Years Eve and Riley is having her party. Topanga tells her to look around and that all the friends she has here will be with her for a long time, to treat them right and make the right decisions. Smackle, Farkle and Lucas arrive shortly after. Later on Charlie introduces himself to Cory and Topanga. Cory shows him the games that they have and Charlie says he wants to play the couples game to which Cory tells him it is not a good idea (Reference to the Ski Lodge episode of Boy Meets World). There is also a really cute scene with Cory and Topanga wishing each other a Happy New Year. The gang begins to play the couples game which makes things start to turn awkward because of questions that each of them get. In fact Lucas and Maya don’t even answer theirs they just eat their cards. Side Note: There is a funny moment between Lucas and Smackle.

After they get done playing the couples game, Riley takes Farkle to the rooftop where she tells him that she needs more time however he tells her once again that if she doesn’t tell her secret by Midnight that he will. Smackle comes up later. Back in the apartment everyone but Maya had left. Cory and Topanga join her in the living room where they talk to her about her feelings. Maya tells them that she is confused and they tell her to stick close to the friends that care about her (Side Note: this is one of my favorite scenes out of the whole episode). Out on the rooftop Riley tells Charlie that he deserves more and she basically cuts the relationship part off with him. Maya arrives and she walks over to Lucas and tells him that after the start of the New Year she is no longer going to be mean to him. Auggie and Charlie start counting down as the New Year is about to arrive but Auggie falls asleep before the clock strikes midnight. Right after the clock strikes midnight, Riley starts to walk away and Farkle blurts out to everyone that Riley still loves Lucas. Everyone leaves and the episode ends with Lucas, Maya and Riley sitting on the bench in silence.

Sef’s opinion on Girl Meets the New Year:

This episode was brilliant. There were so many heart strings pulled and there was great humor, especially between Lucas and Smackle. I personally feel that it outbeat Texas by a long shot. The acting was fantastic as well!

I see on social media that there’s some people that are annoyed that the love triangle didn’t get resolved in this episode. Feelings can never get resolved easily, especially in a few episodes. It doesn’t work like that in real life either. We have confused characters here who have no idea how to handle their feelings. Its new for them. Riley likes Lucas but she’s hiding it as she obviously wants Maya happy. Maya likes Josh but she also likes Lucas.

How did you like the episode? Comment below!

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