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Photo Credit: Rowan’s Facebook

In an all new interview with TVLine Rowan dishes on the big love triangle with Riley, Lucas, and Maya, and the upcoming season 2 finale episode Girl Meets Legacy.

On the way that the Texas episodes were done:

[Laughs] I mean, it’s obviously a lie. She’s clearly putting that on, but I do think it was an interesting way to resolve it. You can only do the love triangle thing so many times on TV, and I feel like we had an interesting take on it, where Riley’s basically trying to shut down her feelings for him. I liked how it was really about human nature, what we will and won’t do for people.

Rowan’s thoughts on the shipping wars between Lucaya and Rucas fans:

In a way, it’s flattering that fans are getting possessive over these characters, since it clearly means we’ve created characters worth getting possessive over. But at the same time, everybody needs to chill and not fight with each other. Everything is temporary in every single section of life. Who knows, maybe we’ll be in exact opposite positions in our fourth season. So just don’t fight with each other.

Details about season 2’s finale episode “Girl Meets Legacy”.

The finale is very interesting. It’s about the legacy we all want to leave behind in middle school — not only about what you’re physically going to leave behind, but also what thoughts you’re going to associate with middle school. Riley and Maya both know that going to high school will take their relationships to a new level, as dating is going to become a real thing, which puts everybody in an awkward position.

To read the rest of the interview go here: https://tvline.com/2015/11/13/girl-meets-world-love-triangle-interview-season-2-finale-spoilers/

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