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Sef / November 11th, 2015


“Forgiveness is one of our finest qualities as human beings”

Girl Meets the Forgiveness Project was very emotional, and we’re sure it hit close to home for many people. Kudos to Matt Nelson for doing such an incredible job on it. He and the other writers have been doing a fantastic job writing this show. Before I start the recap, I’d also like to say bravo to Sabrina on her outstanding performance as well as Cheryl, David and Ben on theirs.

This episode was about forgiving people Cory wanted the class to do a project on Forgiveness. Each student was to to write a letter to someone that they needed to forgive. Lucas and Zay chose Farkle because it really annoyed them when he would he would spoil the endings to the movies that they would watch together. We find out later in the episode that the reason Farkle spoils movies for them is because he tries to impress them with his mind. The person Riley chose was Auggie because he ripped the face of her teddy bear. We find out that the reason Auggie did that was because she never spends time with him due to always being with Riley.

A lot of this episode was focused on Maya who was encouraged by her friends to forgive her dad for leaving her and her mom. Maya took their advice and decided to write Kermit a letter inviting him to town so that they could talk face to face. Katy who was working at Topanga’s Bakery at the time of his arrival was not happy at all to see him there (Side note: There is a funny scene with Topanga when she realizes Cory was behind the idea then later on realizes it was actually a good one). It is revealed shortly after that Kermit has another family which was a bit heartbreaking to hear. I thought this was fantastic that they wrote it this way as it is something that happens quite often. Maya felt Cory was wrong about the project and ended up leaving the bakery because she realized she was not going to be able to forgive her dad.

The next day in class Cory tells them that they are not going to be able to do this project right unless they actually ask the person why they did what they did. Lucas and Zay asked Farkle right in class why he spoils everything, and Riley talked with Auggie after school to get her answer from him. Later on Maya is surprised when her dad returns to the bakery as she assumed that he had left. She finally agrees to talk with him once he tells her that he didn’t want to leave because of what she said in the letter about not wanting to be angry anymore. Maya agrees to go outside and talk to her dad. Kermit reassures Maya that it was NOT her fault that he left. He explains that he couldn’t provide for her because he would blow money on everything else instead what was really needed. He said that he felt he wasn’t good enough. Maya didn’t understand what she did to make him leave and felt it was her fault because he is there for his other family. He told her that he has changed (as in got a new job, got his life around etc) and the people he is now with think he is good enough. She tells him that his job was to stay and that she can’t find it in her to forgive him but that it makes her feel better to know that it’s not her fault. Before going back into the Bakery she thanks him for coming. Once inside Maya apologizes to Cory for failing her project. Cory explains to he never expected her to forgive him because that kind of forgiveness doesn’t come easy. Maya doesn’t understand what he wanted from her then and that is when Cory asks her if she forgave herself then she ran to hug Cory and broke down at the same time. Ben and Sabrina were amazing in that scene. It was heartbreaking to see Maya so upset but also nice to see that Cory has such an impact on her (we’ve included the scene between Cory and Maya at the end of the post.).

At the end of the episode there is a funny scene at the Matthews with Cory, Topanga, Auggie and Maya. Topanga wrote four letters to Cory about things he has done that she needed to forgive. Haha, they are too cute and it’s fun seeing them interact like that. I hope we get more of Cory and Topanga in the future.

Iconic lines:

Maya: You found a job?
Kermit: I did.
Maya: Your job was to stay.

Maya: You were there for your new family, aren’t you? What did they do that I *didn’t* do?



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