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Photo Credit: Rowan’s Facebook

Rowan was given the amazing opportunity to co-host Instagram’s #MyStory event that was held on Monday, October 26 in Los Angeles. EW.com was able to catch up with her while she was there. In this new interview she talks about Boy/Girl Meets World,  Feminism, and the mean things people say about her online.

Rowan’s thoughts about the mean comments said about her online:

Before Rowan learned not to look herself up on the Internet, she found a lot of mean comments about her casting in Girl Meets World. “People would just say really horrible things when the show hadn’t even come out yet,” she recalls. “I don’t understand how it makes a person feel better, to get the kind of comments that I get. I mean, I understand that it must come from a place of …” she trails off. “No, I don’t understand.”

She also said that GMW’s connection to BMW is one of her favorite things:

“I feel like that’s so cool, the fact that we’re able to create this bridge between people my age and people who are in their 30s,” she says. “It gives me chills! Because they grew up watching Boy Meets World with their parents, and now they’re watching it with their kids. That just makes me feel so happy.”

She also talked about feminism:

“I think it’s important for girls to recognize feminist issues because it directly affects them,” Rowan says with urgency, her eyes wide.

“You’re told, when you’re a kid, like, ‘You can change the world,’ ” she says, “but it’s a difficult thing to speak out.”

“I think every female actress knew it, and they all knew that it was happening, but nobody wanted to say anything because they were just like, ‘Okay, you know what, I still got paid; it wasn’t as much, but I still got paid,’ ” Rowan says. “Society was telling them if that if you speak out you’re going to be labeled, like, this feminist crazy person, difficult, difficult to work with — and that, in itself, is very sexist. All these female actresses are literally labeled difficult to work with because, God forbid, they have an opinion.”

Source: EW.com

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