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Sef / October 20th, 2015 / 3 Comments


The writers put out a series of tweets today about upcoming episodes, Season 3, and also thanked us for tuning into Girl Meets Texas. Check out the tweets below to see what they had to say:

Source: @GMWWriters on Twitter

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  • Nicole Parody

    The whole point of watching the boy meets world spin off is watching a love blossom between to characters I was so excited when came out with girl meets world I always said they should with Cory and tapanga married.. I love girl meets world and was so anxious but I am so disappointed and will not watch anymore if the whole Riley and Lucas blooming romance ends.. Mya and Lucas are way to different for each other and is just a huge disappointment to me and a lot of fans.. just stating my opinion and don’t think i will watch anymore

    • MajinTrunks

      Not saying your opinion is wrong or anything, but I think it might be a bit premature is all. Nothing worth having is without struggle, and it makes it all the more sweet when you finally get it. Their telling a story here, watch it through and you’ll likely be surprised. Michael Jacobs knows what he’s doing, he’s done it many times before.

  • Holly Fulton

    I have Been watching girl meets world and I impressed with the show and all of the episodes inculding the episodes of Being Bullied and here’s the thing I’m against Bullies and Being Bullied…….I would actually Love to be Best friends with them

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