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Sef / October 20th, 2015 / 5 Comments


Girl Meets Texas was a 3-part episode event that premiered each night at 8:30PM on the Disney Channel from October 16 – October 18. Even though parts 2 and 3 went up on the WATCH Disney Channel  application and On Demand the ratings were still very impressive. Girl Meets Texas Part 3 was the highest rated episode out of the three but parts 1 and 2 still did incredible drawing in almost 3 million viewers. Congratulations to the Girl Meets World cast, crew, and writers! The cast did a phenomenal job and were brilliant in their performances!

Part 1 drew in 2.939 million viewers and 0.6 million adults.

Part 2 drew in 2.876 million viewers, 0.61 in adults 18-49, and a 0.65 in adults 18-34.

Part 3 drew in 3.124 million viewers, 0.69 in adults 18-49, and a 0.75 in adults 18-34.

Source: Showbuzzdaily.com (Part 1 ratings) and HeadlinePlanet.com (Part 2 and part 3 ratings)

  • Arin Teater

    Are WATCH Disney views used?

    • kaktusz

      No, those are usually almost irrelevant towards renewal decisions, what most networks care about is C3 ratings, which is the amount of viewers who have seen the commercials that aired on the show during a 3 day period from the time it aired.

  • newsball

    i think so as neilesen seems to be using dvr as well, and you the go sites, that all of them have a watch app disney, disney xd, abc, espn, junior

    • kaktusz

      DVR ratings are irrelevant for renewal decisions in case people skip through the commercials. C3 (and rarely C7) ratings are the important ones. Apps really don’t mean anything, since the biggest money comes from the commercials that air during the show.

  • kaktusz

    Part 1 drew in 2.939 million viewers, 0.57 in adults 18-49, and a 0.55 in adults 18-34. 1.0 rating point is about 1.2 millions of adults in the 18-49 demo.

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Also don't forget to send in those Paper Airplanes! Info on Planes4GMW Campaign.
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