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Mar / October 15th, 2015 / 4 Comments


When the episode opens up we learn that Riley wants to try out for cheerleading. Cory has Maya try to convince her not to but it doesn’t work. When they get to school Maya is still trying to convince Riley not to try out because every time she does the coach doesn’t let her. She tries to explain to Riley that the coach already has her team picked out. During day one of the try outs Riley is asked to catch one of the girls but fails at it. The next thing she is asked to do is the flying in the air thing but also fails at that. As Cory was doing a lesson on Thomas Edison, Riley walked in with a bag of ice and put it on her chair and sat on it as she was in pain. Lucas realizes that Maya hadn’t convinced her to not try out yet and Maya gets frustrated when Cory in teacher mode encourages her to try out.

In the next day of try outs Riley is asked to do cartwheels and the coach tries to bully her but she does them anyway. Lucas, Maya, Farkle and Zay are there cheering her on. When they get home Riley is hiding under her covers and doesn’t’ want to come out. Maya along with Lucas, Farkle and Zay are trying to convince her to come out when Cory, Topanga and Auggie come in. Maya asks Cory why would she encourage her to try out at school but tell her not to at home. Cory explains because as her teacher her never wants her to give up on what she wants and at home he wants her to just stay there under the covers and not be out in the world.

The next scene is day three of the try outs. Lucas, Maya, Farkle and Zay are there to be with her again. They do a quick routine and then the coach puts Riley’s name on the board. Riley thinks that she made the team but Maya explains that’s not what it means that it means she didn’t make the team. Riley said she was really tired (embarrassed but it hit our feels). Maya asked if she wants to go home and Riley replied yes.  The next day Riley and Topanga are in her room (we’re so glad we got a scene with Topanga and Riley) when Auggie comes in and tells Riley that he’s proud her of her trying out. Topanga tells Riley that she’s glad that Riley didn’t give up and continued to go for something she wanted to do. After Topanga leaves, Maya comes in through the window and then the two of them head off to class.

Cory explains that as a teacher it’s his job to encourage his students that if they want to do something to do it. He says that if you don’t’ do that then you aren’t a good teacher. Riley decides to go back to the cheerleading practice and she stands up to the coach and much to her surprise the other cheerleaders want her on the team. They tell the Coach that Riley just hasn’t learned everything yet because she’s not been coached on how to do it. The coach then decides to let Riley on the team.

At the end of the episode there is a cute scene with Riley and Perez Hilton where Perez says if you want to do something to go for it and not ever give up.

Comment below and let us know what you thought of the episode.

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  • Okay, I’m not gonna say that it’s bad because it wasn’t. But I felt like the point was missed. Those cheerleaders WORKED a lot to get to where they are. But Riley? She just Really, Really, REALLY wanted it, but it was evident she hadn’t trained in preparation for the try outs.

    I feel like the fact that she just showed up so out of shape was disrespectful to cheerleaders everywhere. They are athletes, they do gym and practice. Having spirit is important but Riley ran out of breath doing three cartwheels.

    Thomas Edison (horrible human being aside), worked really hard to produce the lightbulb, he didn’t just “Try” he researched, built prototypes and tested them, it was hard work.

    • Destinie;P

      But we learn that that was the coach’s fault. Those girls have been training since 7/8 years old. The coach was suppose to train Riley, not put her down in 3rd grade. Riley probrably did work hard and had to teach herself in her room. As you could see at the end, Riley had all the steps, just lacking in technique.

  • Idil Yusuf

    Iḿ glad that Riley made the cheer leading squad. But what im most satisfied about is that she didnt give up. She kept trying. But Iḿ upset that the coach didnt give her a chance. Aren’t they supposed to encourage young spirits to achieve their dreams?

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