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Sef / October 7th, 2015 / 10 Comments


Photo Credit: Laurie Heaps on Instagram

Fanlala interviewed Rowan about “Girl Meets Texas”.  Here is what she said about the episode:

Girl Meets Texas is probably one of my favorite things we’ve ever done, ever, on the show, ever. It’s a very psychological episode because there’s a lot of layers, at the end of day I mean, yes, the episode is about addressing all these relationships but it’s also about human nature and what we’ll do for other people and what we’ll do for ourselves and how we’re selfish and how we’re, you know, trying to protect other people and I think its very interesting to watch the dynamics that Riley and Maya go into, um, because its them and the Peyton story. It’s REALLY cool to watch.

Clevver News interviewed Sabrina about her second upcoming album, Girl Meets Texas and more.  Here is what she had to say about Texas:

A LOT of stuff happens in the relationship area and a big development part of the show.

She also talked about Girl Meets Forgiveness.

My favorite episode is the Forgiveness Project where you meet Maya’s dad for the first time in 9 years. A lot of emotion in that episode and it’s very special for me.

Girl Meets Texas parts 1-3, premieres next Friday, October 16 through Sunday, October 18th. Each episode is on at each night at 8:30PM on the Disney Channel.

Source: FanLalaTV’s YouTube account  and Clevver News YouTube account

  • May
    Posted on October 07, 2015

    I have a question that relates to the upcoming three-part episode “Girl Meets Texas” regarding this scene from “Girl Meets Yearbook” that I was hoping some fellow GMW fans could answer for me:

    (Katy tells Topanga that when you become someone else, even though you’re just acting, it’s impossible not to discover something you didn’t know before)

    Topanga: “Do you ever do Maya?”

    Katy: “Ooh, I can’t.When you have strong emotions for someone, it’s like you’re too close to see straight.”

    If this is true, how was Maya able to emulate Riley and discover something about her feelings for Lucas? Shouldn’t Maya have been “too close” to Riley “to see straight.”?

  • Poppy
    Posted on October 12, 2015

    A parent knowing a child is a much different and deeper level than a friend knowing a friend – even if they are best friends.

  • Spina & Luqui Facts
    Posted on October 28, 2015

    Maya and Riley are like sisters and a lot closer than Maya and Katy are.

  • Nakia Caesar
    Posted on October 18, 2015

    After seeing all three parts of “Girl Meets Texas”, I think Maya was too close to see Riley straight. She thinks Riley likes Lucas as just a brother but she doesn’t. I think Maya was just projecting her own thoughts because she thinks that Lucas and Riley are so similar, they’re like brother and sister. Plus, she has feelings for Lucas. That alone would distort her view.

  • Timothy Schafer
    Posted on October 10, 2015

    can i ancwer that for you , i think normaly maya knew riley for a long time she thought wate i know what is going on, same in girl meets creativity when riley knoticed some thing in side of maya in the bay window she got it out. it is impossible to write a show to follow life exactly. there will be erores . you cannot consider every thing

  • Hailey
    Posted on October 12, 2015

    I would like to know what Maya was talking about when she said Lucas was like Riley’s brother in girl meets yearbook, because even though they are really similar, they have a connection from the beginning that no brother and sister could ever have, not to menshon brothers and sisters usually fight alot, and actually most of the time totally different, not the same.

  • Idil Yusuf
    Posted on October 17, 2015

    Wait I have a question about ¨Girl Meets Forgiveness¨ we actually get to see Maya dad? That is awesome. When is the episode coming out?

  • David Swindall
    Posted on October 19, 2015

    Ok here goes a question that I have not heard asked. Everyone talks about Maya/Lucas/Josh but why is it no one says Maya/Farkle? Look at “I am Farkle”, the speed date episode, and in “girl meets Texas”; all three episodes (and others like when Farkle got bullied himself) seemed to show deep emotion from ‘Maya’ to ‘Farkle’.

    Is it just me or do others see the writers possible hinting at something?

    Smackle and Farkle are cute together but it seems rushed or like something is being set up. Thoughts?

  • Spina & Luqui Facts
    Posted on October 28, 2015

    Because people tend to forget all about the Farkle storyline, from him liking both to him openly stating he did. People are all about “Farkle is hiding his feelings” or ” Farkle likes Riley” when he never hid anything and, in fact, did like both. He also said it was different with Smackle, even though I do prefer Riarkle over Smarkle.

  • Timothy Schafer
    Posted on November 20, 2015

    david do mind mind if i tell you my thoughts? i think it is the same as when lucas road the bull, riley got bullied, and farkle got bullied, she cares about them all.how ever i ws surprised to see she got bent out of shape when lucas road the bull.

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