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Photo Credit: Auggie’s Instagram

Ibtimes interviewed Auggie recently and he talked about how Cory and Topanga are the most famous people on Earth, what he thinks of Rowan, who he admires, and he teased the last few episodes of Season 2.

Cory and Topanga:

“They were on ‘Boys Meet World,’ now they’re on ‘Girl Meets World,’ (referring to Cory and Topanga) they’re the most famous people on Earth,” Maturo told International Business Times of his on-screen parents. He’s also the brother of Riley, who he said he loves. “I love Rowan, she hugs and kisses me so much, we’re really like sister and brother,” he said.


On Will Friedle:

“He’s (Will Friedle) super funny and does things that aren’t even in the script, but they’re funny so it adds to what’s already written,” Maturo dished.

August teases the last five episodes of Season 2:

There are five episodes left in Season 2 of “Girl Meets World” and the young star says the best is yet to come. “Fans can expect lots of laughing, crying, feelings and amazing acting from the whole cast,” he teased. “Our best episodes haven’t even aired yet!”


Read the rest of the interview here: http://www.ibtimes.com/girl-meets-world-star-august-maturo-talks-about-being-son-cory-topanga-teases-final-2122959#.Vg1eaEz4zMA.twitter

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