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Mar / October 1st, 2015


This episode was by far my favorite of the season. As someone who has been bullied both in school and online, I appreciated it so much that they touched on this topic in Girl Meets World. The acting in the episode was fantastic as the actors really outdid themselves. Rowan Blanchard especially showed us what she can do and her acting had me tearing up.

The episode starts out with Maya coming to Riley’s room before school. When Riley doesn’t want to get out of bed Maya is confused and tries different things to get her to get her moving. When Maya makes a comment about her being in Rileytown, Riley gets upset and calls her a bully leaving Maya even more confused than she was before.

While in class, Cory is doing lesson on Conflict Resolution: Hamilton vs Burr when Riley’s cell phone goes off. Cory tells her that she shouldn’t be texting during class and Riley agrees before putting her phone away. She tells Cory that she needs to learn how to resolve a conflict and when Cory asks what it is Maya explains that Riley thinks she is bullying her. Cory says that a bully isn’t someone who says something you don’t like ,that they are someone who uses power and intimidation to hurt others. He explains there is a difference and to not throw that word around. As Maya and Riley continue to go back and forth Riley finally stops and asks Maya why they have to keep talking about it. Cory explains because the way to solve conflict is though words. Instead of talking it out Riley challenges Maya to a duel.

After school Riley, Maya, Lucas, Farkle and Zay go to Topanga’s Bakery. Riley and Maya begin to duel it out with Ice Cream but Riley ends up leaving after Maya says to Riley that she’s a sweet weird little goofball and that she loves her just the way she is. After Riley leaves Maya realizes that something more is going on with Riley. She tells Cory and Topanga that they have a conflict but wants them to stay out of it so they can resolve it on their own. Maya, Zay, Lucas and Farkle are all in Topanga’s Bakery talking when Farkle tells Maya that Riley wants to be left alone or be heard because a bully is making her feel like a nothing. Maya doesn’t understand why Riley won’t talk to her. Farkle tells her the reason Riley is yelling at her is because its her way of trying to get her to hear her.

Maya goes to the Matthews and confronts Riley on what is going on. She tells Riley that it doesn’t matter if they have a conflict that they will always work everything out because that is what friends do. When Maya asks her why she didn’t come to her when someone was bullying her Riley starts crying and tells her it was because she was humiliated. Riley and Maya end up talking things out and working out their little conflict which is what Cory was trying to explain in the lesson. Riley broke down crying and it was making Maya cry as well and Riley showed anger towards the bully. Maya comforts her and Riley finally tells her what is going on.

Zay and Farkle fill Lucas in on what is going on with Riley which in turn makes Lucas angry that Riley didn’t tell him. In the meantime Riley and Maya built a wall hoping that Lucas couldn’t get in but he did anyway. He tells her was angry that she didn’t tell everyone what was going on. There was a hilarious line with Zay saying it is impolite to just walk in whilst holding a bowl of cereal that he got.

The next day in school Cory confronts Riley saying that he knows something is going on and that he hasn’t told him. Cory explains to the class that there is always someone you can turn to if you are being bullied. You can confide in your teachers, friends, a parent, or another adult. He then names all of the students in the class by their name. He stresses that he is always there for her and the whole class if they ever need anything.

After school they are hanging out in Topanga’s Bakery again. Lucas tells Riley he can help take care of the situation if she wants. Riley is trying to figure out what she has to do about this cyber bully who is putting videos of Riley online. In the next scene Riley is confronting the bully at school. She tells them she will continue to be who she is and that the bully won’t stop her from being herself. She also says that she will do the dance now in front of the school. The last scene was a very strong message as it shows that you shouldn’t let the bully win and you should never stop being yourself. In the very last scene Cory is telling the kids at Topanga’s Bakery that whatever conflict happens next they will figure it out.

How did you like the episode? Discuss it below!

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